How to Make a Simple Driftwood Planter

This quick project uses a combination of collected and store-bought driftwood for a charming planter that is full of texture and will look great year round!
driftwood planter
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Good morning beautiful friends! Hope you are doing well today! Are you ready for a new DIY project? One that takes about 10 minutes and costs under $20 (that includes the plant!!)? I'm excited to share this DIY driftwood planter with you today.

I love the beach, but I have a reallllly hard time just sitting still! I like to scavenge. Shells, beach glass,'s all there for the taking! When we lived in Florida, there was one beach we frequented that had sharks teeth...just lying there in the sand, waiting for my greedy little hands to pick them up! Here in Texas, I've collected a huge mason jar of white and aqua beach glass! I love to display these finds in jars. But today I'm showing you how to use driftwood to make something else!

A driftwood planter is always in style! Found driftwood has texture and that wonderful patina that comes from months? years? of rolling around in the sand and water. 

farmhouse kitchen and driftwood planter

It adds character to a project that something shiny and store bought just can't.

I made a video to share this project with you. It's easy! If you have access to a beach, whether river, lake or ocean (it doesn't really matter), keep an eye out for driftwood so you can make a planter too! Or, you can purchase driftwood online and I'll share a few sources below.

I'll share the supplies list at the end of the tutorial.

I didn't mention in the video, but the plant I purchased is live! It's called a Dracaena They required moderate light and are apparently very difficult to kill 😃 Sounds like the perfect houseplant right? Originally I was going to buy a fake plant, but I wanted something larger and they were too much for my budget. I have been successfully growing plants in our sun room, and so I hope I can keep this guy alive too!

Right now I've got him in the kitchen, and he's on my scheduled Monday watering list (yep, I schedule it into my phone so I don't forget!!). If he starts to look a little droopy, I'll move him to the sun room.

driftwood planter with dracaena plant

And even if he ends up dying (said in a whisper), it was $5 well spent for these photos!

close up of driftwood planter

Look at the patina on that driftwood...isn't it awesome? The pieces I purchased stand out a bit but I'm going to hunt for more driftwood next time I'm at the beach, and see if I can't make it all blend a little better. I know on the video I mentioned dry brushing them with some paint, but I really don't want to do that. I like this project natural!

neutral kitchen with DIY driftwood planter

Supplies needed to make a driftwood planter

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DIY driftwood planter

Tomorrow is August 1 and I'm officially bringing down my pumpkins and Fall decor! I don't care, I can't wait anymore! #excited 🍂

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