Simple Fall Tablescape Decorating Ideas

Do you need fall tablescape ideas? I'm sharing my colorful fall table and showing you how to keep it simple with several ideas that you can easily replicate! 
colorful Fall table

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Hey friend, are you looking for some Fall decorating inspiration? Oh good, you are in the right place! Today I'm joining Angie of Postcards From the Ridge and a whole bunch of decor loving bloggers for our annual Fall Ideas Tour! We're sharing fall mantels and fall porches, fall tables and fall DIYs! There's so much inspiration that is going to wow you! You'll find all the links at the end of my fall tablescape.

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Simple Fall tablescape with color

Want to know a secret? Sometimes even veteran home decor bloggers get stumped! That's what happened to me this year when it came time to put together my fall tablescape. 

It's not like I've never decorated a fall table before! I've done this neutral fall table with copper accents and this fall table with dollar store pumpkins, and this neutral fall table with Rae Dunn accents and soft colors. The one thing my fall tables all have in common is that they're mainly neutral. 

But this year I was craving rich autumn colors for my fall table. Maybe that's what threw me off?! I tried a few different things but realized they were getting too elaborate and that was just taking the fun right out of what should be a FUN thing...decorating should be fun, not stressful!

So I gave myself a stern talking to, took everything off the table, and started over. Keeping my fall tablescape simple was the way to go!

Fall table inspiration

Sometimes when you're decorating, it helps to have an inspiration piece, something that sets the mood and tone for whatever you're decorating.

My inspiration this year came from a set of beautiful salad dishes that I found at Walmart. They're by Better Homes and Gardens and are the Autumn Botanical plate set of 4. They're currently out of stock, but hopefully they'll get more soon! The rich colors in these salad plates really stole my heart. Two of the plates feature pumpkins and two feature fall leaves. 

Frugal decorating tip: purchasing seasonal salad plates is a great way to keep your decorating costs low while still giving your table an updated look!

colorful Fall table setting

Set the table with layers

I love layers on a table because it creates interest and depth. I started with a woven table runner that I got for 60% off at Hobby Lobby. You can find similar neutral runners here.

Each place was set with a white charger, then a neutral fringed cotton napkin, a white ironstone dinner plate and then one of the new salad plates. Those new plates took my place settings from neutral to wow with one simple step! Look at that beautiful color!

fall table decor

I really wanted to purchase some matte gold or copper utensils for this fall table, but I couldn't find any in stores that I liked, and couldn't really justify the expense. But wouldn't that have looked beautiful?

colorful fall table

Shop the attic

While I was rooting around in the attic, pulling out all my Fall decor, I discovered a set of 12 punch cups that I'd forgotten I had, so I brought those down and washed them. I thought they'd look cute on the table and be perfect for sparkling cider or wine. The glasses don't have handles, they're shaped like small goblets. They were a wedding gift 28 years ago, and I think I packed them away when the punch bowl broke...and then forgot all about them!

Do you have something hiding in the attic that would be perfect for your tablescape this fall?

fall table with orange pumpkins

Simple fall centerpiece

For the table centerpiece, I started with a large black lantern that I placed in the middle. I wouldn't go any taller than this because you don't want to impede conversation across the table!

On either side of the lantern I tucked in various pumpkins, fall leaves, wood slices and votives as well as some dried magnolia leaves because the velvety brown backsides work so well with these rich colors! I used what I had, and bought just a few things from the dollar store.

fall table pumpkins with texture

copper pumpkins on fall table

The pieces are just scattered down the table on either side of the lantern. It's meant to look random, but I tried to keep the sides balanced.

orange pumpkin on fall table

It's definitely more color than I'm used to decorating with for Fall, but I am really enjoying the cheerful feel! We all need a little extra JOY this year, don't we? And for me, that meant rich autumn colors.

fall dining room

fall dining room with rich autumn color

Of course I had to carry the fall theme into all the corners of my dining room! A package of baby boo white pumpkins added to the black hutch make it feel like fall.

black hutch with white pumpkins

white pumpkins in black hutch

This easy burlap leaf garland on my large chalkboard was created with a package or two of wired burlap leaves from the dollar store. I simply tucked the wire ends into the leaf above to create a cascading garland.

burlap leaves fall garland

In this corner, a birch pumpkin on a stack of blue and white thrifted dishes is just right.

birch pumpkin

fall dining room decor

Here's something I haven't shown you yet, it's brand new to my dining room. I'm calling it a dining hutch but you want to know a secret? It's just a cheap bookcase that was hanging out in the garage holding tools and lots of spider webs and dust! I cleaned it up and painted it with white chalk paint. It provides an extra surface to display items!

cottage fall decor

white bookcase with fall decor

A mix of old and new

I think the trick to creating a simple collected look is decorating with a mix of old and new! Dollar store pieces mixed in with family heirlooms. It keeps it interesting, fun, affordable and do-able!

fall dining room decor

fall tablescape

I hope you found some inspiration in my simple fall tablescape! I'd love to know which ideas you want to incorporate into your own home! Drop me a comment!

And feel free to Pin this image!

fall tablescape ideas

Are you ready for some more fall inspiration?

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bringing beauty to the ordinary, 

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  1. Ooo I love those dishes. They are just right for fall and they way you paired them with so many neutrals looks so pretty Cindy. You hutch is styled to perfection too. Very inspiring.

  2. FYI... I've been stumped on decorating all darn year! Every picture is lovely, I particularly like adding the wood flats and that burlap garland, OH... and the salad plates are awesome, I want some.

    1. Thanks girl, you are so talented I know you'll get out of that slump soon!

  3. I love the Better Homes and Garden line at Walmart. The dishes are sooooo pretty! And I agree, I am needing more color this year as well. But I do love how you kept the decor on the shelves and hutch more neutral. It's all so pretty!

  4. Gorgeous ideas - I could scroll through all your beautiful decor all day! The colors you used make your table so warm and inviting. Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

    1. Shelley, you just made my day girl! Thank you so much!

  5. I love your beautiful Fall table, and also all the beautiful Fall decor touches in the whole dining room. It’s beautiful!

  6. I'm gathering lots of great ideas from your tablescape, with happy fall colors and great textures! Your "new hutch" is decorated so cute and has me thinking about one that I have that needs a makeover. Love it all Cindy!

  7. So pretty! I love those plates. I'm definitely using more color this year & loving it.

    1. I think a lot of us 'neutral lovers' have needed some color this year!

  8. Cindy - once again, you have knocked it out of the park! Your fall tablescape is beautifully perfect. We love your color choice and creative decor ideas!

    Vicki and Jenn ~ 2 Bees in a Pod

    1. You gals are so sweet! Thank you for your kind comments!

  9. Cindy, your whole dining room and tablescape are absolutely lovely! Even though you have touches of orange and yellow, the neutral foundations just make everything work together so well! Pinned!

  10. Love those salad plates from Walmart! I hope that they come back in stock soon. Your table looks so pretty, perfect for a fall dinner party or a special dinner at home with family.

    1. Thanks Paula, looking forward to a nice meal around this table!

  11. What a lovely tablescape! The colors are my favorite! And those plates!!!!

    Happy fall!

  12. I love your fall tablescape, the texture and colours are perfect!

  13. Cindy, this is all so lovely! Those plates are beautiful and I love the rescued bookcase idea! It's all so perfect for fall!

    1. Thanks so much Angie! Appreciate you organizing this tour!

  14. The dishes are so pretty! I love the traditional colors combined with a fresh new look. I am constantly amazed at your attention to detail. It's always a treat to visit your blog.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Meegan! I'm so happy you visited! 🖤

  15. I just love the rich colors mixed in with your black and white decor! Looks like a happy marriage to me!

  16. Great table setting tips, Cindy. Your table is so pretty!

  17. Truly amazing, Cindy! You put so much love into your decorating, and it shows in all of the beautiful photos!

    1. Your sweet comment made my day Julie! Thank you so much!

  18. Everything about your dining room is so pretty and cozy and styled perfectly including your new "dining hutch"! Way to re-purpose, friend!

  19. Your fall dining room is so warm and inviting! I love the classic colors you went with and all the personal touches. Happy Fall!


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