How to Upcycle Cotton Sheets into Shabby Fabric Hearts

Lightly stuffed no-sew fabric hearts made from an old cotton sheet. The vintage inspired trims add some color to these easy crafted hearts that are oozing shabby chic charm!
fabric heart with vintage trims and flowers

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Sometimes a girl's just got to embrace her inner girly-girl πŸ’—

I wish I cared more about makeup and my nails, styling my hair and wearing perfectly matched outfits. The truth is, I live in t-shirts and jeans (or sweats or leggings!)...most of them with a paint stain or two and most days my hair is in a messy bun!

But I love the color pink. I always have! 

So when I was blessed with two baby boys, I had to hang my figurative "pink hat" up on the shelf for a few years and embrace the color blue and all things boy! 

But then...God gave us a baby girl to round out the family! And pink and I have been besties again ever since!

Abby doesn't like pink. Poor child was probably traumatized from being outfitted in all things pink up until she turned 3 or 4 and declared she no longer liked pink! But can you blame me? She was SO CUTE in pink!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

little miss DIY Beautify, pretty in pink

Abby may be over pink, but I still like it and I sprinkle pink liberally around my home this time of year.

I've also been crafting up a storm lately!

Making new seasonal decor for my home is pure pleasure, but I always try to keep it fairly simple. Our front door is sporting a new "faux sugar cookie" Valentines wreath, and I've added lots of romantic, shabby chic feels around my home.

Pinks feature prominently in my Valentine decor, like the vintage inspired heart garland hanging on the mantel, and all the blush pink winter decor that I added in my dining room.

So I guess I was feeling extra girly when I devised these simple cotton hearts fashioned from an old sheet! And I'm sharing the easy process with a video tutorial.

fabric hearts embellished with vintage trims

I would be so honored if you subscribed to my YouTube channel, and watch me make these Vintage Inspired Shabby Fabric Hearts.

If you want the written directions, keep reading.

How to make fabric hearts from a cotton sheet

I purchased a white cotton sheet from the thrift store awhile back, with the intention of using it for craft projects. I washed and dried it well and then set it aside.

The fabric hearts have a wide ruffle that is hot glued all along the edge. I love how shabby this makes the hearts look!

Step One: make a heart template

Cut out a heart template from a piece of cardboard or stiff paper. My hearts measure 5-1/2" wide at the widest spot, and 4-1/2" long from middle point to middle point. Trace fabric hearts on the white sheet and cut out. I also cut felt hearts for the backs. Set aside.

make template and cut out hearts

Step Two: rip fabric for ruffles

Ripping the sheet into strips is fast and so easy and gives you perfectly frayed edges. Each of my hearts needed a little less than one 3" wide strip of fabric from a Queen size sheet.

rip strips of fabric from sheet for ruffles

Step Three: hot glue fabric ruffles to hearts

Assemble the fabric hearts by hand pleating or ruffling the edges of the ripped strips and hot gluing them along the edge of the fabric heart cutout. Hot glue one of the felt hearts to the back, leaving a 3" opening to stuff. You can watch me do this in the video.

Step Four: lightly stuff hearts

Lightly add polyester stuffing to hearts and glue closed.

Step Five: add a hanging strip of fabric

Rip a long 1" wide strip of fabric and hot glue to the back of the heart so you can hang it up. 

Ideas for decorating with fabric hearts

Look how sweet these fabric hearts look hanging on the backs of my dining chairs! Other ideas would be to hang from a wreath, mug rack, tobacco basket, or even hooks, or pile the fabric hearts in a basket. Hang them from the mantel or even fashion them into a sweet garland. There are so many creative ways to decorate with fabric hearts!

fabric heart hanging on chair back

Step Six (optional): embellish with vintage inspired trim

As much as I loved the white shabby fabric hearts, I felt they needed some color. I have a large stash of ribbons, trims, fabric and crocheted flowers which I simply hot glued to the fronts of the hearts.

hot glue colorful trims

white cotton heart with trim options

Each one is slightly different.

vintage inspired flowers

The trims add so much charm and make the fabric hearts look vintage shabby chic!

hang fabric heart from tobacco basket on wall

fabric heart hanging from mirror

close up of flowers

hang fabric heart from mug rack

I'd love to know which fabric heart is your favorite! Or do you prefer them all white?

This craft is simple and inexpensive, and a fun way to add some vintage charm to your home!

How would you display these shabby fabric hearts?

Supplies to make shabby fabric hearts

Pin it to Remember it! πŸ’—

easy fabric shabby chic hearts with vintage trim

bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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  1. Hi Cindy,

    These hearts are adorable and so is Abby.



  2. They are all great but my favorite is the white heart on the chairback.

    1. Thank you, the contrast with the black chair is so nice πŸ˜‰


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