7 of the Most Amazing Solutions for the Home!

January is a time to take stock, clean, purge and organize our homes. Today I'm sharing 7 of my most helpful thrifty problem solvers for any home. 

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Do you get the itch to clean and organize once the wonderful chaos of Christmas is put away? I can't wait to share my helpful tips with you! But first, welcome to the very first Thrifty Style Team post of 2021!! We are a group of bloggers who love thrifty and budget-friendly home decor just as must as you do, and we love sharing our ideas every month! Be sure to check out all the links to each talented blogger at the end of my post!

Today is a round up of some of my most helpful posts that will help your home to function better! These are posts I've previously shared that consistently get a lot of views, pins and comments so I thought I would gather them together into one helpful post for you!

Helpful Tips for the Home

1. Organizing a pantry

I don't know about you, but when my pantry is a disorganized mess, I feel like my whole home is in a state of chaos! 

Last Spring, Mr DIY and I finally did something about it. You can click here to read about our process to an organized and functional pantry. Be sure to click through so you can see our messy before!

Like anything else, an organized pantry does need to be maintained, and we find that we go through our pantry staples whenever it turns into a hot mess again. An hour (or less) of purging and sorting is all it takes to get it back in shape!

2. The easiest way to clean baseboards

I'll be honest with you...I hate cleaning! Especially dusting! I've mentioned before how every Saturday growing up, it was my job to dust all the furniture in our home. My mom insisted on it and I swear you could have eaten off our floors, our home was that clean!

Unfortunately I didn't inherit the clean gene 😄 but I still like a clean home. Fuzzy baseboards are the worst aren't they?

Luckily I found the simplest, most inexpensive product that has changed my life. I know that sounds extreme, but this product really works wonders...and you can buy it at the dollar store! Click here to read about my favorite product to clean grimy baseboards in just seconds.

Ew, isn't this gross? It took me all of 5 seconds to clean these furry baseboards!

3. Modify a trunk as a filing system

With tax season just around the corner, this may be the perfect time to turn your trunk or chest into a spacious, organized filing system! I have never regretted this project. We color coded all our files when we set up this system, and it has been a breeze to maintain! 

Click here to find out how we easily turned a trunk into a home filing system.

4. Easiest way to clean stainless and silver utensils

While I don't enjoy cleaning for the most part, this easy method to cleaning utensils and shine them up is very satisfying. Maybe because it's kind of like a science experiment? I love to watch the foaming action as these natural cleansers (basic items we all have in our kitchens) work their magic!

Click here to find my simple solution to cleaning utensils!

5. How to keep area rugs from buckling

Has this ever frustrated you...you get a cute new area rug but as soon as you put a heavy piece of furniture on top, it buckles? Especially if the area rug is on top of wall to wall carpeting. You shift the rug and try to get it to lay flat, to no avail. Or the floor mat you bought for the kitchen won't stay put.

Fear not my thrifty friends! I have found an easy and inexpensive fix to keep your rugs in place. One roll should last you a long time, and it works on wood, tile and carpet! Click here to find the easy solution to buckling area rugs!

6. How to disguise an unsightly electrical box

In our previous home in Tennessee, we gave our builder grade laundry room a farmhouse makeover for under $200 (click here to see more)! It was a fun makeover that totally transformed the space. One of the issues in the room was a large, ugly electrical panel right smack in the middle of the wall. Do you have one of those? 

I came up with a thrifty solution to disguise it that you can view here. Not only is the unsightly electrical panel completely disguised, but it's easy to access when needed.

7. How to update a dingy deck

This was another project we took on in our Tennessee home. Our deck was in serious need of a makeover that wouldn't break the bank. Mr DIY and I tackled this home project together, and were very satisfied with the results.

Click here to walk through the process of updating our dingy deck with paint.

I hope those home tips, ideas and solutions were helpful! If you're interested in past Thrifty Style Team projects, click here.

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  1. Hi Cindy - we too love a clean slate and fresh start. Currently, we are each in the midst of cleaning and purging! Thanks so much for sharing your timely tips! The trunk filing cabinet is genius!

    Vicki and Jenn

    1. Thank you so much! I love my trunk filling system and I have so much more room than a small cabinet!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks! I love the solution for cleaning silverware. I have my great-grandma's real silver dinnerware and can't wait to give this a try. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Meegan, this is one cleaning job I actually don't mind doing!

  3. Love the pantry. I have a walk-in with the powder coated wire and things fall over. When hubby is better I will show yours to him and request that he do the same. I had to chuckle when I saw the pantry sign because I have the same one.

    Denise TX

    1. Thanks Denise, I can't stand the wire shelves! I hope you're hubby is better soon so he can work on your pantry!! 😉

  4. So many great tips! I loved seeing how you made over your laundry room in your old house.

    1. Thanks Paula! Ah, that project was a labor of love bc we were on a super tight budget!!! I loved how it all came together 😊

  5. These are all great tips, Cindy! Thanks so much for sharing. Also, I didn't know you used to live in Tennessee. We were (sorta) neighbors!

    1. Thanks Angie, yes we were just north of Nashville for nearly 4 years!! Too bad we weren't online friends then ;)

  6. I'm in clean and purge mode over here so I definitely appreciate all these great tips! Thanks Cindy!

  7. Cindy these were all so helpful nut I have to say that my favorite was the baseboard cleaning tip! I need all the help I can get in this area! Thank you friend!

    1. Girl, you and me both! This product literally melts the gunk away!!

  8. Cindy, I need to cover an electrical panel in my craft room so I think I'm going to do something similar to what you did. Don't be surprised to see it as my next Thrifty Project! He! He!

    1. No worries Jane, I love when my projects inspire others!!


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