Pretty in Pink Valentine's Table with Napkin Roses

I shopped my house to set a sweet and simple Valentines Day table using my beloved thrifted ironstone, pretty peonies, an easy candle trick and napkin roses! Watch the video to see how easy it is to fold the napkins into roses!
napkin roses

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Hello sweet Friday!

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Pretty in Pink Valentines Table

I pulled a few things together to create a pretty in pink Valentines Day tablescape.

Just between you and me, I did it more for me than for the fam. My kids still at home at 16 and 23 and really could care less about eating at the table, never mind what it looks like! And with Valentine's Day falling on a Sunday this year, my pastor hubby will be gone for most of the day anyway. 

I'll make a special meal on Saturday and give the kids their chocolate 😍 But this sweet and pretty in pink table is just for me! πŸ’—

Decorating is a passion of mine, whether it is enjoyed by others or not, so setting this pretty table satisfied something in me to create a beautiful space. 

And I've been enjoying it every time I walk by!

Let me show you more details. And I have some tricks up my sleeve to share with you today that are SO easy and impressive!

pink Valentines Day table

I have been loving neutrals with soft blush and pinks this winter and I didn't veer too far from the feeling I created when I added blush pink to my winter decor

I like a cohesive look, and while often the decor colors varies from room to room, this season it stayed pretty much the same.

My Valentine's Day mantel garland has those same colors, as well as a shabby chic look that I'm loving right now!

Gathering some of my favorite items, I put together this pretty in pink tablescape.

Collected Ironstone

I have collected antique white English ironstone for about a decade now. When we lived in Florida, there was an amazing Goodwill that I shopped at regularly (like sometimes twice a week!). Every single time I visited, I found more ironstone, so I was able to fairly quickly grow my collection.

Oh how I miss that Goodwill! I rarely find anything at our local one here in Texas.

The centerpiece of my table is a row of ironstone creamers and sugars that are all similar in size.

pink peonies in ironstone creamers

Brass candle holders

These brass candlestick holders look so elegant beside the creamy white ironstone. I have five of them, so spaced them out evenly down the center of the table.

Candle trick These are real wax taper candles in the brass candlesticks, but I did something super simple to make them look more interesting and old. So many of today's wax candles are dripless, which is a great feature, but it makes the candles look a little stark in my opinion. I lit another candle (same color) and then slowly dripped the wax down each of the candlesticks, one at a time. I did it until enough wax built up so you can really notice it.

It's just something simple, but adds another layer of texture. I've even seen people do this with the battery operated taper candles, to give them more of a realistic appearance. Don't they look pretty?

candles with wax drippings

close up of candles

Faux peonies

A year ago I purchased this inexpensive bundle of faux peonies on Amazon. They come as a bush, but for my Valentine's Day pretty in pink table, I cut the stems apart.

Each ironstone creamer and sugar bowl got a peony or two, along with some silver dollar eucalyptus. I love that there's variety in the colors of the flowers, from light pink to dark blush and even a little magenta!

faux peonies

Valentines pink table

I snipped apart the clay heart garland that I made and sprinkled the hearts down the table.

Napkin roses

Maybe my favorite thing about this pink Valentine's table are the shabby napkin roses. They turned out so much better than I was expecting!

I tried to fold the napkins into hearts initially, but that wasn't working out so well. The fabric napkins were bought at Home Goods, and they're not perfectly square.

Folding the napkins into roses was more forgiving, and the frayed edges on the napkins added some extra charm that looks so pretty!

Watch this short video to see how to fold napkins into roses

I absolutely love how these napkin roses turned out! They look beautiful and add just an extra dose of sweetness to this table!

Let me know if you try them!

place setting with napkin roses

I layered each place setting with my painted dollar store chargers (I just used white chalk paint and then sanded them a little). Then I layered a pink gingham napkin under an ironstone plate. An ironstone lunch plate sits on top and the napkin rose is the perfect accent to finish it off.

dining room with black and pink accents

My pink velvet pillows sit on the chairs on either end of the table.

fake cake with pink peonies

Remember my fake cake? I topped it with some more faux blush pink peonies and greenery. Click here to see how I styled my fake cakes with real flowers.

view of table

brass candlesticks, pink peonies and vintage ironstone

peonies and eucalyptus

candles and flowers

white candles and pink accents

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pink Valentines decorated table


bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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  1. I love the folded napkins! Thanks for taking the time to make an easy to understand video tutorial :)

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like them! And, you're very welcome for the video 😁

  2. Oh my gosh! Today's post was absolutely beautiful. I read every week and the way you have used blush pinks since the end of the Christmas season and then segued into Valentine's Day has been very frugal yet beautiful. Thank you for sharing your ideas every week. They have been a great help in giving me a "creative jumpstart". Terry from Maryland

    1. Terry, your sweet comments made my day! I'm so happy to have you following along and I'm so glad you appreciate my budget friendly decor and have been inspired!!! πŸ’•

  3. Love this sweet table. Thank you for making a video for the rose napkins. The frayed edges add so much to them. Pinned

    1. Thank you friend! The frayed edges add a little extra shabbiness to the napkin roses that i just love!

  4. So beautiful Cindy. You are sooo talented! Wish you lived closer to me and you could come and decorate my house!

  5. Your table looks beautiful, Cindy! Even though your kids have no interest in eating at your beautifully set table, I'm glad that you decorated it for your own enjoyment. I also didn't know that you are married to a pastor. Florida is wonderful for finding great stuff at Goodwill and Flea Markets. My aunt finds the best stuff every winter down there. I've always said that I would love to drive around Florida just to go to Goodwills and thrift shops.

    1. Thanks so much Paula, I've been enjoying it so much! Yes, FL does have the BEST thrift stores! So many people retire there and guess they're tired of finding a home for all their stuff! That would be a fun road trip πŸ˜€


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