How to Style a Fake Cake with Fresh Flowers

Need some color in your home this winter? Add flowers! Flowers and greenery add fresh style to a fake cake and make it a beautiful home decor focal point during the long days of winter

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Winter decorating is a challenge for many.

Once the Christmas decor is packed away, your home can feel bland, empty and just plain boring!

My home needed some color and I decided to add touches of blush pink. You can see how I added pink to my winter decor here! I also spent an afternoon styling my DIY fake cakes with fresh flowers and I tell you, it's made all the difference in my dining room!

If your home craves some color this winter, try fresh flowers!

Flowers are lovely any time of year, but they're a little more unexpected in the winter months when snow and ice often cover the ground. Here in Texas we do get cold snaps during the winter, but when I spotted my camelia and hydrangea bushes blooming, I decided to bring some of that beautiful color inside!

But first things first.

You may be thinking... fake cake? What is that and why on earth would you decorate with one?

What is a fake cake?

A fake cake is just what it sounds like...a decoration that looks like a cake but it's totally fake. To find out  how to make a fake cake, you'll need to read this post.

Making a fake cake is really easy and requires just two ingredients - craft foam circles and spackling compound. It really just takes a few minutes to make one, and they're quite inexpensive to make. I shared how to achieve two different "icing" versions in this post, a fluffy icing and a naked cake.

Why would you decorate with a fake cake?

Well my friend, it is January and I'm doing my best to limit my calories and stay away from sugar, after all the baking and goodies I consumed the last month!!!

So any decor that looks yummy but is calorie-free is a winner! And think about it...don't fresh baked goods make you feel all warm and cozy inside? Decorating with fake cakes adds that warm and cozy vibe to your home!

Not only that, but since the cakes are fake, they will stay looking yummy indefinitely! Fake cakes are awesome styling props and a great way to fool your family 😄

This camelia flower and bud I clipped from our bush outside looks amazing on my fake cake, doesn't it? Nothing beats real florals!

I used my DIY weathered wood pedestal from a chunky candlestick to show off the larger cake. The smaller, 'naked' one is sitting on a painted round cheeseboard that I found at the thrift store. The cake is too tall for the glass dome, which bummed me out a little bit.

There was a single hydrangea bloom in my yard, and I cut it to bring inside. We got frost this past week, so it's a good thing I brought these cut flowers inside to enjoy! I clipped a little greenery from another plant outside, for a little contrast.

If you don't have anything blooming in your yard, pick up a bunch of flowers next time you're grocery shopping! Even just fresh leaves add such a bright, crisp look to your home during any month, but especially in the winter when we're craving color!

To help my flowers last as long as possible, I set them inside a shallow white  vintage ironstone coaster and I've been adding a little water every day. You could also use a saucer that matches your cake so it's not really visible.

Have you made a fake cake before?

I actually got a little obsessed with fake food during the past months as we've been forced to spend more time at home. You can see my summer citrus tablescape with faux whip desserts here and how I decorated with fake whip toppers for July 4th here.

Next week I'll be sharing the tutorial for the mini heart garlands that you see around my home. Remember that you can Shop my Home and Shop my Faves anytime!


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  1. I just love the fake cakes. They look so real and add decorative value to your table. You are amazing when it comes to crafting and I appreciate that you share your ideas with everyone.

    Denise TX


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