Spring Bedroom Refresh

Brightening up and refreshing our bedroom for Spring with a cottage floral throw, greenery and painted thrift store vase.

headboard and faux brick wall

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I have been in a thrifting dry spell for quite awhile now. We don't have many local stores, and with the pandemic I haven't been wanting to make the trek north to the good shops.

But...sometimes a little rain falls...

...and sometimes it's a downpour!

This isn't a post about my recent thrifting scores, but let me just say that I had a very good week! 

I found some of my favorite things like vintage ironstone, antique china teacups, a chenille bedspread and a curbside table! Don't worry, you'll be seeing these items pop up over here on the blog as I style them! In fact, I'm sharing my vintage Easter tablescape using many of my thrifted finds in just a couple days!

Today however, is all about creating a little Spring refresh in the bedroom.

Spring bedroom refresh

I'm joining a fun group of friends today because, if you're as decorating obsessed as we are, you can't skip the bedroom! If you hopped over here from 2 Bees in a Pod, welcome! I always love seeing what Vicki and Jenn are up to! I'm Cindy, I love thrifting, crafting and creating budget-friendly beauty in every corner of my home!

Spring bedroom photos

Honestly, it's so refreshing to bring a little Spring into the bedroom.

And here's a little confession...I'm not great about dusting on a regular basis...but when I'm refreshing a space, or decorating and styling a space so I can take some beauty shots...I can't help but dust and clean so that space looks its best! I know my sweet mom is covering her ears up in heaven (sorry mom, we don't all love to dust like you did!)

I know my mom would be proud to know that cleaning and dusting is always my first step when I refresh any space! I'm curious how you feel about dusting...you a lover or a hater?

I started this Spring bedroom refresh by removing the lighted garland that I've had on my headboard since I shared my copper and blue cozy Fall bedroom! The batteries had long burned out of the twinkle lights and I needed to give my headboard a good dusting.

Speaking of dusting (because I'm obviously no expert), what do you use for bookcases, tchotchkes and things like my heavily carved headboard? I've always wanted a feather duster but have no idea how to clean one...and I'm thinking it worked for Alice (remember her from The Brady Bunch?) because it was used regularly. 😁 Please share your BEST dusting tips and products in the comments below!

You might remember I also hung a series of small wreaths about the headboard at Christmas, and those were removed too. It was looking a little bare up there so I hung a cabinet door that I upcycled. I'll be sharing that DIY soon.

light bedding for Spring

I have been so pleased with our white ruffled bedspread set that even though I also have it in gray, I've kept the white one on our bed for the past year. White is bright and matches everything! And the price on this set is so good!

Many years ago I stumbled upon an official Shabby Chic duvet set in pale blue with cabbage roses on clearance. It's a perfect color and weight for Spring, and I simply folded the duvet cover at the end of the bed. I'm loving this soft blue for this time of the year!

Shabby Chic floral duvet cover

I lightened up on the amount of pillows on the bed (Mr DIY is very very grateful!) and moved the DIY velvet bolster pillow to the woven bench that sits at the end of the bed. I made this no-sew bolster insert and cover for under $20 when we were working on our European farmhouse bedroom makeover. You won't believe what the bolster is made from...I guarantee you have the materials in your home to make one!

I picked up the sweet dreams pillow at the Nashville Country Living Fair when we lived in Tennessee, and added neutral pom poms to each side. I always get so many comments on this cute pillow.

sweet dreams pillow

The nightstands got a good dusting (yay me) and then I refreshed them with some new objects that I grabbed from other parts of the house.

On my side, I added this thrifted vase that I recently found and painted with a fun trash to terracotta textured finish (watch for that project soon!).

 painted thrifted vase

I added a chippy candleholder, a wicker basket with faux plant and a little stone bird in a dollar store flower pot that also got the paint treatment.

I added a long faux silver dollar eucalyptus stem to the painted vase as well as an initial wood bead garland and my side was complete.

Spring bedroom decor

On Mr DIY's side, I kept the decor a little more 'manly' 😉❤

nightstand decor for Spring

A trio of vintage books in the right color blue, a pair of wood candlesticks and another little stone bird. The birds say Spring without being over the top!

Spring bedroom details

Our bedroom feels refreshed for Spring, and all it took was a little dusting and shopping my home! Well, and there were a few clothing piles that needed to be put away, LOL! Believe me, our room does not look this perfect on a daily basis!

white bedding and dark wood headboard in a cottage style European farmhouse bedroom

Be sure to visit Christy at Our Southern Home next! She has such an elegant, welcoming way of decorating, I know you'll love her Spring bedroom. 


Hope to see you back here next week for some fun Easter styling and a DIY!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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  1. Cindy - your bedroom is beautiful! We too, miss shopping at thrift stores. The one time that we went (all masked up) the store looked like it was going out of business - no merchandise. Hopeful that things will change soon. As far as dusting - we vacuum. We found that dusting was just moving the dust around in the air. Vacuuming furniture is so much better and efficient. To vacuum our clunky headboard - we put the vacuum on the bed LOL. We love that sweet pillow too! Thanks for sharing your lovely room!

    1. Thank you for the dusting tips, I often feel like I'm just moving the dust around too! I will start vacuuming instead!

  2. Cindy I love the simple touches and that duvet cover is the perfect touch for the spring season. I have to admit i hate dusting and do not do it as often as I should. So happy to be on the spring bedroom hop with you. Happy Spring.

    1. Thank you Sonya, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who dislikes dusting!

  3. I just love your spring bedroom Cindy! And I am in love with your Shabby Chic duvet set. The pale blue color is gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration. Always fun hopping with you.

    1. Thanks so much Kim! I actually forgot I even had it until I started planning for this bedroom refresh! So fun to pull it out again!

  4. Cindy,
    Your bedroom is looking so beautiful with the elegant farmhouse style. I just can't get over that accent wall! I've had my eye on that bedspread for a while now. Your DIY pillows are perfect!


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