European Farmhouse Master Bedroom Reveal

Our bland bedroom has been replaced by a rustic, cozy, elegant room oozing with European farmhouse style! Keep reading because I'm sharing all the details of our finished room today!

master bedroom with European farmhouse style
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European Farmhouse Master Bedroom Reveal

I absolutely love sharing room reveal photos! It's so fun to look back and see how far your hard work has taken you! And a room makeover is always so inspiring!

We redid our Master Bedroom in just 5 weeks for the One Room Challenge, and today we finally get to share all the results, beautiful images and details with you! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ It was NOT hard to say buh bye to our boring master bedroom and infuse it with European farmhouse charm!

There's nothing quite like a deadline to help you finish a project, am I right? In case you haven't been following along on this makeover journey, take a minute to catch up on all the projects below. Taking part in the ORC is always a great way to ensure you actually make it to the finish line!!

WEEK 1  - the before and our plan for this space

 WEEK 2 - painting the walls and adding a faux brick wall

 WEEK 3 - painting the dressers a weathered wood

 WEEK 4 - bedroom makeover progress

 WEEK 5 - no-sew velvet bolster pillow and DIY insert

WEEK 6 - you are here!

A look back

Before we get to any more beauty shots, we absolutely need to take a look back! I promise that you will not recognize this bedroom! The before photos show a bland, uninspiring room with nothing going for it! Our bedroom stressed me out with those bright towels hanging from the french doors, the yucky green walls, the in-cohesive look and of course the mess!

The process to transform our master bedroom into a cozy, rustic room with European Farmhouse style was a lot of work, but it was totally do-able and absolutely 100% worth the effort!

Master Bedroom Reveal

I'll include sources at the end of the post, but I need to share some beauty shots with you first! The white walls and faux brick focal wall were a giant step towards achieving a European farmhouse-inspired master bedroom! This one-day project was surprisingly easy for the gorgeous results it delivers!

gorgeous master bedroom

In the before pics, our headboard doesn't really stand out as the beauty that it really is! I am so glad that I didn't paint it because I love the contrast against the white brick wall!

You'll remember that our furniture was all mismatched. The nightstands bothered me the most because Mr DIY's nightstand was taller and beefier than mine. But replacing them didn't make sense because they functioned perfectly fine. Refinishing the top on my nightstand and giving Mr DIY's nightstand a DIY weathered wood look helped them to be somewhat more cohesive.

heirloom oil painting

And pulling out this vintage oil painting from the closet (where it sat since I inherited it from my parents) helps to add balance to the two sides of the bed!

cozy and elegant bedroom

The mismatched heights of the nightstand were so noticeable when we had lamps on them! Adding the wall mounted lanterns completely eliminates that issue!

And at night, the lanterns cast such a beautiful, soft glow in the room!

rustic lanterns in farmhouse bedroom

You can see that we installed the DIY barn doors and there is absolutely no comparison to the towel-covered french doors that previously hung here! πŸ˜‰ I'll be sharing a step by step tutorial for the barn doors in June!

ruffled bedspread and plush pillows

The double barn doors add beautiful, rich texture to the room and give us so much more square footage! And YES, we kept our ceiling fan...we live in Texas and we NEED that cool air moving over us at night!

When the barn doors are open all the way, you can see into my modern farmhouse office. The two rooms flow into one another nicely because the colors and style are similar.

double barn doors

To me, European farmhouse style is cozy, rustic and elegant. Let's break that down in our master bedroom.

Adding Cozy

We definitely achieved a feeling of coziness in this space. New bedding and pillows, including a no-sew DIY velvet bolster pillow (for only $25!) and white 'polar bear' pillows make the bed almost impossible to resist! A gorgeous new rug, that feels like silk underfoot, not only brings a little color to the floor but it grounds the bed. 

An area rug is a budget-friendly way to disguise a carpet that you don't love! Until wood floors are in the budget, this beautiful area rug sits right on top of our carpet, and will not be going anywhere because of how heavy our Tempur-pedic bed is! If you are struggling with your area rug buckling, check out the amazing product I found and used in this solved all my rug issues and keeps your area rugs laying flat!...and it only costs $13!

deep blue and neutral damask area rug

Other additions that help to add to the cozy factor are the greenery, a beautiful mirror and farmhouse style bench with more pillows!

farmhouse master bedroom with European style

throw pillows on a woven wood bench

Rustic Farmhouse Touches

The lanterns, barn doors and weathered wood dressers all add a modern rustic touch to our bedroom, in addition to the glass bottles that sit on each nightstand and the rustic black hardware that we added to the dressers.

dark arched headboard with carvings

painted nightstand with rustic pipeline pulls

painted dresser and jewelry display

Adding Elegance to a Master Bedroom

The elegant part of this European Farmhouse bedroom makeover? I think it's in the details! Like this gold chandelier-inspired cupcake stand repurposed as a jewelry holder.

elegant jewelry display

The vintage style peg holder (made with antique aqua glass door knobs) was repurposed as a necklace holder. The picture above was painted by a family friend...another vintage heirloom!

glass knobs as jewelry holder

The mirror with blue painted corners (a thrift store rescue and redo several years ago) has that little something special.

mirror with carved corners

And that velvet blue bolster pillow and the rug...I feel like I'm walking into a high-end, totally personalized ritzy hotel room! It's elegant without being over the top! Just my style! The 'Love you most' custom laser cut words above the bed add a beautiful personalized finishing touch! Check out the Sources List below for a coupon code!

elegant, rustic, cozy master bedroom

European farmhouse master bedroom makeover

Sources List and Coupon Codes

Having a beautiful room to unwind in at the end of the day is a dream come true! And guess what? I've made my bed every day since finishing our European farmhouse bedroom makeover! πŸ˜€

master bedroom makeover before and after

Please let me know if you have any questions about our European farmhouse room makeover! I would love to hear what your favorite part is, and I hope I've inspired you! Feel free to PIN THIS IMAGE or share it with a friend!

master bedroom with European farmhouse style

You can visit the One Room Challenge to see participants reveal posts here and featured designers reveal posts here.

What's next in the DIY beautify household? Well, a short much-needed break and then we'll be working on our flower beds and front porch! Make sure you're subscribed as a DIY Insider so you get all the latest posts right into your inbox (see box below)!

UPDATE: We shared our DIY barn door tutorial. Read that HERE!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

Disclosure: Thank you to my amazing sponsors for your help in making this room makeover even better than I dreamed! I received product to complete this room from Wovenly Rugs, Carpenter Farmhouse, 320 Sycamore Candle Co, Returning Grace and Hickory Hardware. 

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  1. Cindy,
    The bedroom LOOKS nothing like it did before!!! Wonderful redo with the wall behind the bed and barn doors. Ya'll deserve a break; I've been watching your progress each week and the Bedroom is TRANSFORMED!!!! Good job
    your blog friend,

    1. Thank you Jean, we are so happy to be finishe...and truly excited with how it turned out!

  2. Cindy, this was a great makeover! I love it! Hugs!

  3. Let me just say WOW!!! Mind blown! You guys did an amazing job!!!! I absolutely love the ceiling fan in there now and that oil painting and the bed left unpainted.Just everything!BRAVO!!!

  4. French country in the house. Super airy feel with some rustic warmth. I can'y get enough. Love your design!

  5. Cindy it looks fabulous and I can't say enough about the wall. I'm going back to check out your process. Wonderful job, love it.

    1. Thanks so much Di, we are really enjoying our updated room!!

  6. It's amazing how changing the details in that room made that gorgeous headboard shine! So goes to show you that putting a piece in a different context can bring out its beauty

  7. Absolutely gorgeous ! That faux brick, German schmere wall looks amazing ! Enjoy !

  8. Would you please tell me where you got your beautiful headboard?

    1. I found it at a barn sale in Florida! They were going to paint it but sold it for less as-is!!!


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