Christmas Snack Mix and Printable Tags for Gifting

I'm sharing two versions of our favorite Christmas snack mix. They're both so easy to make and just right for gifting this holiday season! Grab these free printable gift tags to really make your gift shine!

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Are you a last minute gifter?

I've got you!

This snack mix makes a ton and is the perfect sweet and salty gift to treat everyone on your list! Perfect for neighbors, teachers, mail carriers, babysitters and as hostess gifts! 

I'm sharing two different ways to make sweeter and one with dried fruit and please everyone on your Christmas list!

I'm also sharing FREE printable gift tags to easily make your gift look perfectly presentable for Christmas gifting. You'll find the link to the tags below the recipes, as well as printable recipe cards for each snack mix. Let's get started!

Christmas snack mix two ways

This recipe comes from my mom-in-law, and we enjoy it every time we visit! It's quite addicting (in fact, my kids have already gobbled up one batch!). So the fact that it's super duper easy to make is great news at this busy time of the year!

Both of the versions of this recipe start with a mix of Chex cereal and pretzels (feel free to mix and match your favorites!). I'll share the sweeter version first, and then the fruit and nut version (which happens to be my favorite!).

Sweet and salty snack mix

Here's what you'll need:
* the oil thins the melted chocolate and makes it easier to mix

Mix the first 4 ingredients in an extra large bowl.

Microwave white chocolate with oil in a microwave safe dish and pour over mix once completely melted (follow directions on package). Mix well so everything is coated evenly.

Spread mix out onto large cookie sheet. I used a large sheet pan.

Melt dark chocolate and drizzle over mix. Top with sprinkles and mini M&Ms.
Put sheet pan into the fridge for about an hour so the snack mix can set up. Then break into pieces and either place in airtight storage container or divide into clear cellophane bags.

This sweet and salty combo is SO good, and the hint of cinnamon from the Cheerios is so yummy!

Fruit and nut Christmas snack mix

This version of the snack mix is a little less sweet and has the tartness of dried cranberries and the crunch of multiple nuts. It's like the grown up, sophisticated version of the snack mix. You start the same way with the 6 cups cereal and 6 cups pretzels.

Instead of peanuts and candy, I used the following:
You'll also need
  • 12 oz white chocolate
  • 1 tsp oil
  • 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips

Mix the cereal and pretzels, then add the fruit and nuts and mix well. Melt white chocolate with oil and pour over top of the snack mix. Mix everything together well and spread onto sheet pan.

While still warm, sprinkle with 1/4 cup of mini chocolate chips. Refrigerate until firm, then break into pieces and store in airtight container or fill cellophane bags for gifting.

I love the subtle Christmas colors with the green pistachios and red cranberries. The fruit adds a little tartness to offset the sweetness of the chocolate. It's so good, I dare you to only eat a single bite of this sweet, salty and tart snack mix!

Making Christmas snack mix giftable

Presentation is everything and I love to use clear cellophane bags so the recipient can see exactly what they're getting! To step it up a notch, tie the bag with a decorative Christmas ribbon, or use inexpensive red or green tulle like I did. 

Print out the decorative gift tags (link below), cut them out with scissors or a paper trimmer, then punch a hole in the corner and thread the tulle through and tie into a bow.

Look how pretty these are!

If you want to serve this easy Christmas snack mix at a party, simply fill Christmas cupcake liners (see similar here) and serve on a pretty tray.

Printable Gift Tags

I created this set of Christmas gift tags, which are great for using with the snack mix, or you can even use them with wrapped gifts.

There is a set of 6 different designs on one sheet, 2 of each. I recommend printing the gift tags onto cardstock.

CLICK HERE for the FREE printable Christmas gifts tags

Want a printable recipe card?

I hope you enjoy these free printable gift tags as well as this yummy Christmas snack mix! Whether you make it to enjoy with your family, or for gifting, I'm sure everyone will love this yummy combination!

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  1. Oh my ,this looks delicious! I love the sweet and salty combo

    1. Thank you! They should come with a warning bc they are highly addictive lol!

  2. Cindy, your Christmas Snack Mixes look so delicious! Perfect for gift-giving too!

  3. Your Christmas snack mixes look positively addictive! I can't wait to try them! I love the idea of serving in cupcake liners. However, I think I would need about 5 liners full because these look so yummy! Thank you for sharing! ~Missy

    1. Thanks Missy, yes I've been known to eat a lot more than what fits in a cupcake liner! Lol!


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