How to Make a Winter Wreath Full of Cozy Texture

This neutral DIY wreath is easy to make and will add so much coziness to your home this winter or anytime!
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I'm sure many of you are ready for spring! For the snow to melt and the flowers to peek out of the ground. Here in Texas we have mostly mild winters, with only a few nights below freezing; in fact, my roses are still in bloom. Despite our warm winters, I still enjoy cozying up my home during the cold winter months.

I'm actually one of those weird and rare people who wishes for snow! Possibly because I grew up in Western Canada and snowy, cold winters were what I remember!

Enough reminiscing! What I want to share today is a beautiful, easy, inexpensive wreath that you can make to cozy up your home! Making your home feel cozy inside is a great way to get through the long, cold days of winter.


I got the idea for this wreath after the success of my crochet chain pumpkins this fall, and the crochet ornaments I upcycled last Christmas. I really enjoyed making them, and the crochet chain was a great way to keep my hands busy during the evening hours when we veg in front of the TV!

I had some of the macrame cording leftover and decided to revamp a wreath I made last year using wool roving. You can see how I made that cozy wool wreath here. If you want a detailed video tutorial for the easy crochet chain, click here.

It's such a cute winter wreath, but I decided to add even more texture to it with an easy crochet chain. In case you missed my other posts, here is my disclaimer. I don't crochet! I've never learned and while I've attempted it, it's one of those things that my brain just cannot grasp. However, I can make a crochet chain and it's a great way to add texture to so many home decor items. 

How to make a winter wreath with cozy texture

You don't need to start off with a wool wrapped wreath, but it does add the most texture and coziness to this easy wreath. You can find the wool roving I used here. If you're looking for a more affordable option, I found this skein of jumbo wool blend yarn from Hobby Lobby that would work beautifully for that cozy base layer, and it's currently on sale for $6.

Once you've got your cozy wool layer added to a  14" straw wreath form, here is how to add even more texture to this neutral winter wreath.


I have already made my ball of crochet chain. This video tutorial shows you exactly how to do it, it's really easy!

As far as how much crochet chain to make, I can't tell you! I used what was left of my macrame cord. Initially I wanted to completely cover the wool base on the wreath, but I didn't have enough chain to do that. 

In the end, I prefer the results with the wool peeking through the rows of crochet chain because it adds fullness, softness and even more coziness and texture to this easy wreath!

Get the look

Start by tacking one end of the crochet chain to the back of the wreath with a floral pin. You may have to push aside the wool layer to get to the straw wreath base.

Now, simply wrap the crochet chain around the wreath, pulling tightly as you go so the wool pops out in between the crochet chain rows. Keep wrapping until the wreath is covered and then use another floral pin to secure the end of the crochet chain to the back of the wreath where you started.

Tips for the best looking wreath: 

  1. I found it easiest to wrap the wreath while the crochet chain was in a ball.
  2. Don't feel like your rows have to be perfectly symmetrical; I found it looked best when they varied slightly.
  3. If you're starting with a new ball of macrame cord, premake your crochet chain but leave it attached to the macrame cord so that if you need to make more, you can do that.
  4. Make more crochet chain than you think you'll need! Refer to the size of my ball and adjust accordingly.
  5. If you have extra crochet chain, a second layer around the wreath would look great! Or save it to make some pumpkins or ornaments!

I hung my wreath with pink ribbon from my antique pine cabinet that I styled with vintage finds for Valentines Day. I call it a "cabinet of curiosities" because there's a lot of eye candy 😍 Click here to see inside my cabinet of curiosities.

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If you want to know my trick for hanging a wreath from the front of a cabinet, or even a mirror, click here.

This DIY wreath will add a cozy layer wherever you choose to hang it! It's like a favorite winter sweater that just looks warm and snuggly!

I hope I've inspired you to add a cozy textured wreath to your home this winter!

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  1. This wreath is GORGEOUS, Cindy! I’d love for you to join us over at the Creative Crafts Linky Party every Wednesday through Sunday
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    Creatively, Beth

  2. Wow, this wreath is amazing! The whole pine cabinet situation is in all honesty, but yeah, that wreath winterizes that space up so beautifully!


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