Casual Valentines Breakfast Table

Tips for how to set a simple and casual table for Valentines Day breakfast that your family will love!

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Hey friends, here's a question for ya...What is the most important meal of the day?

If you said snacks, um no, sorry! 😍

We all know the most important meal of the day is breakfast! So why not make an extra special breakfast table for your loved ones this Valentines day!

I'm sharing some inexpensive and easy tips for setting a sweet and casual Valentines day table, as well as some breakfast ideas, that will make February 14 memorable 💕

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If you're like me, and you enjoy cooking and baking and decorating, it's a wonderful way to say I sure love you to your family! You don't need to spend a lot of money or take a ton of time to pull together this table. It's simple. It's casual. It's absolutely adorable and I'm sharing all my easy tips today!

Tips to Set a Sweet and Casual Valentines Day Breakfast Table

Doing a little something extra for those special days of the year is a great way to make memories with your kids! This table doesn't take more than a few minutes to set up, but it makes for a fun and memorable breakfast! A great start to the day.

I love keeping meals simple and casual and I set up our small breakfast nook for this casual Valentines meal.

TIP #1: Table Topper

I always start any table decor with a base. Whether you use a runner, tablecloth, quilt, or even a yard of fabric, this soft layer makes a great foundation for any table. I set my round table with this quilted red checked throw. The red and white check really sets the stage for the rest of the decor and I love the bold pop of color. 

As I mentioned above, you can use anything as a table topper. Do you have a quilt or placemats or even a sheet that you can fold and use to cover your table?

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Here's a super easy centerpiece idea. Grab a pitcher or narrow bucket and add a few thin branches from your back yard to create a centerpiece tree. Hang small hearts from the branches. I've used these DIY mini clay hearts as well as some Rae Dunn conversation hearts I made and some salt dough hearts. Simple, sweet and costs next to nothing! If you want to keep this completely no cost, simply cut out a few hearts from paper and hang them!

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Set the table with pretty white dishes if you have them. White dishes are so versatile because they go with literally everything! I've had these vintage ironstone dishes for years; they've all been found at various thrift stores. I layered a dinner plate with a smaller dessert plate because layering is just fun!

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Grab any Valentines decor you have and add it to the table. I used my easy DIY heart coasters under the 16 oz mason jars we use as glasses. Did you notice where the silverware is? I repurposed the simple heart garland I made a few days ago and used the heart pouches to hold the silverware! It adds to the theme, and is a cute way to corral the silverware and even a napkin. I also used a glass bottle with a heart stencil from IKEA. You could easily replicate this by using these glass bottles and a heart-shaped sticker.

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We haven't even talked about those yummy looking heart shaped scones yet! I used this recipe from Leslie at My 100 Year Old Home. The scones have dried cranberries and orange zest and are not only tasty, but really cute when cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter!

Other ideas for a special breakfast could be heart shaped pancakes, breakfast crepes filled with strawberries and whip cream, eggs in a blanket, etc. You know what your family loves and will be excited to see on the breakfast table on Valentines Day!

Maybe it's as simple as picking up their favorite donuts! Keep it casual and only do as much as you can handle!

I hope these ideas have inspired you to set a sweet Valentines breakfast table for your loved ones this year!

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  1. I really like your Valentine’s table! You’ve inspired me to pull out my pink and white gingham tablecloth and spruce my table up for Valentines. Thanks!


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