Easy Air Dry Clay Mushrooms with Polka Dots

Air dry clay is the perfect medium to craft these simple mushrooms. You'll find tips for painting and displaying mushrooms upright as well as the best way to add polka dots and achieve a glossy finish. 
red mushrooms with painted polka dots, wood slices, moss, fern, candles

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Is there anything cuter than a mushroom with polka dots?

I'm excited to share this video tutorial with you and show you, step by step, how to make these mushrooms. CLICK HERE to watch the video and please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel here!

red clay mushrooms in ironstone bowl with moss

I'm so pleased with the way these DIY mushrooms turned out, and they were very easy to make!

green clay mushrooms in St Patricks day vignette

Follow the directions in THIS VIDEO to see exactly how I made these air dry clay mushrooms and added polka dots and a super glossy finish.


I also wanted to share some tips that made crafting these little mushrooms even easier.

Tips for making air dry clay mushrooms

Tip #1 - toothpicks

I found toothpicks to be indispensible when making my mushrooms! It allows you to stand the mushrooms up while drying, with no danger to toppling. Using a toothpick makes it so easy to display the mushrooms and tuck them down into a bed of moss. You can easily adjust them to stand any which way you desire.

You must insert a toothpick into the clay while its still wet. Once the mushrooms are dry, the toothpick can be pulled out. This gives you options for displaying the  mushrooms. You can always reinsert the toothpick when you need to because the mushrooms have dried with that toothpick shaped hole in their stems.

green painted mushrooms with styrofoam and moss

Tip #2 - styrofoam

Using a styrofoam round to hold the mushrooms while you are working with them, makes it so much easier! This is especially true once you start painting them and they must be left alone to dry.

I also found small styrofoam balls to be the ideal base to tuck into a small vessel for displaying the clay mushrooms. A little moss on top and you don't even notice it, but it gives the toothpick something to grip and helps the mushrooms to stay where you put them.

shiny red mushrooms with white polka dots, ironstone, moss

Tip #3 - small rocks

Another option that will help to display the mushrooms is small river rocks. Fill the vessel you are using with the rocks, top with moss, and you'll find the mushrooms with their toothpicks will stand upright.

Tips for painting mushrooms

If you're planning to use a glaze to add a glossy finish to the mushroom caps (which I highly recommend!), it doesn't matter what type of paint you use. Just grab a brush and paint!

Make sure the paint is completely dry before adding the polka dots. As I did in the video, dip the end of a small craft brush into white paint and dab it on to create polka dots.

Again, this paint must be completely dry before moving on! You can speed up the drying time by using a heat gun or blow dryer, as I did in the video.

Brush on the gloss glaze, or spray the tops with the triple thick glaze (I would do this outdoors) for a super glossy finish. This step is optional but in my opinion is what really sets these mushrooms apart and makes them look SO cute! I opted to leave the stems of my mushrooms unpainted and unglazed, but you could do whatever you'd like to!

green mushrooms with polka dots in small ironstone creamer with moss

I tucked some of my DIY clay mushrooms into an ironstone bowl on my coffee bar, and decorated it for St Patrick's day with several other easy and inexpensive DIYs. You can see the entire St Patrick's day post here.

glossy green mushrooms with polka dots in a St Patricks day vignette

I also tucked some of the mushrooms into my repurposed wall cubby where I love to display my small ironstone creamers, and other seasonal decor that gets switched out often.

DIY clay mushrooms displayed with small ironstone pieces in cubby

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But I think my favorite display is a little woodland vignette I created with wood slices, moss, the mushrooms and some votives.

woodland vignette with red DIY mushrooms, moss, wood slices

clay mushrooms with shiny red tops and polka dots, wood slices, moss

The more rounded mushrooms in the woodland scene were the ones I made to look like the Mario mushrooms. You'll see how I did it in the video.

I hope I've inspired you to make some clay mushrooms! If you're looking for a start to finish tutorial, please watch the video I've linked to above. As always, if you have any questions or comments, just drop them below!

How would you display clay mushrooms with polka dots? I'd love to hear!

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clay mushrooms with glossy red tops and polka dots, woodland vignette, wood slices, moss

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  1. These are the cutest! Can't wait to make some for myself! I am also so excited to share your post with my followers today in my weekend wrap up From My Neck of the Woods.

    1. Thanks so much Kristin! Share your mushrooms with me once you've made them!


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