Budget Friendly St Patrick's Day Shamrock Decor

These inexpensive and easy projects are a great way to add some simple green St. Patrick's Day shamrock decor on a budget!
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Welcome to March friend! Are you looking to add a little luck 'o the Irish green to your decor? Here are some simple ways to do just that...while saving your pennies! 💚☘💚

I don't ever remember decorating for St Patrick's day before! I think I got turned off the whole thing when my mom turned our milk green one year...gah!

Lately however, I have been experimenting with introducing more green into my decor. I've always had lots of live and faux plants in our home, but I'm talking about intentionally adding green decor items, like my elegant Christmas green dining room and tree as well as these green ornaments and these ones I DIYed this past Christmas.

Our coffee bar is the first place I visit in the morning, and it always gets a little dose of the season. These cheerful green decorations were a cinch to make this weekend, and I'm excited to share all the details with you!

How to add inexpensive St Patrick's day decor

Just to be clear, my home is currently decorated for Spring. I didn't sprinkle St Paddy's day decor everywhere in my home, just here at my coffee station. Just like with a favorite collection, it makes more of an impact when you gather similar items together for a vignette.

Tip #1: Gather your supporting items

If everything in this entire vignette was green, I think it would be too much! Additionally, if I just placed the decorations on the surface of the coffee bar, it might not look right!

I love to corral a collection or vignette on a tray. I took my wood tiered tray apart by unscrewing each section, and just used the base tray for this seasonal vignette.

I'm not a fan of how dark this corner gets in this coffee area (because it's all in shadow), so I propped a white tin tile against the wall to break up all the gray. I also brought in a faux plant. This green topiary goes with the theme, but it also adds some softness and a taller item to this area.

I grabbed a green glass bottle, a demijohn (basket with green bottle inside), and my single piece of green transferware.

Tip #2: Make easy frosted shamrocks

You can't decorate for St Patrick's day without adding shamrocks! I made a few frosted shamrocks using just pipe cleaners (chenille stems) and Borax. I followed the same process as when I made my frosted hearts for Valentines. Obviously I used green pipe cleaners and bent them into the shape of shamrocks, which is so easy to do! I followed this YouTube video to form my shamrocks.

These crystalized shamrocks are a fun "science-y experiment" to do with your kids! They will love watching the crystals form on the chenille stems.

Tip #3: Paint a shamrock jar

I visited my local Dollar Tree to see what decorations they had, and bought a sheet of St Patrick's day window clings. I also grabbed a glass jar from my stash.

To paint this shamrock jar, I simply placed the window cling in the middle of the jar (I cut the excess film around it so it had a distinct shamrock shape). Then I painted the jar with a foam brush and a bright green chalk paint, painting right over the cling. Two coats did the trick. Next, I used a tweezer to pull up the shamrock cling and discarded it. The results were the cutest shamrock jar!

I wrapped some jute twine around the rim, and filled the jar up with sugar and added a tiny wooden spoon. This allows you to really notice the cutout shape. You could also fill it with seasonal candies or even seasonal straws. These would make the cutest gifts for teachers, etc!

Those window clings are also the easiest way to decorate ceramic mugs, dishes, anything with a glass-like surface that they can cling to! This is a great way to carry the theme a little further!

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Tip #4: Make some clay mushrooms

I don't know why I felt that my St Patricks day vignette needed mushrooms, but I decided to make some!

I used air dry clay and filled a little ironstone bowl with moss, tucking in the mushrooms. I painted the tops of three little mushrooms with the same green paint as the jar above, and added a few little polka dots.

Click HERE to see how easy it is to make polka dot clay mushrooms! If you'd prefer a video tutorial, click HERE to watch me make DIY clay mushrooms!

Tip #5: Add a touch of vintage

I like to decorate my vignettes with a mix of new and old, handmade and store bought. It keeps them from feeling too commercial but more collected. When I found the perfect little vintage inspired accent piece at Hobby Lobby for $2, I bought it.

This little accent looks just like a vintage St Patrick's day greeting card! It has a little stand, and the whole look was just too perfect to pass up!

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I'm curious...do you decorate for St. Patrick's day?

I hope you enjoyed these little details I added to my coffee bar and are maybe inspired to try one or more of my DIYs for your home! Please let me know if you do! ☘💚

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  1. Very cute! I would never have thought about taking my tiered tray apart, but that is a good idea for when decor items are just too tall. I love your little topiary tree! Would you mind sharing where you found it?
    I really don’t decorate for St Patrick’s day at home, but I do put up a few things in my classroom at school. But I do enjoy using green in my spring decorations.

    1. Thank you so much, I had fun decorating this little spot! I found the topiary at IKEA a couple years ago, I'm not sure if they still sell it.

  2. So many cute ideas. I'll share a link on Sunday's Dirt Road Adventures

  3. I still have my 9' Christmas tree up and it's decorated with St. Patrick's and will soon be decorated with Easter! I decorate for all the season's and love it!

    1. Oh how fun Debbie! Seasonal decorating brings me much joy too!


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