How to Make an Easter Egg Wreath

An Easter egg wreath that's simple and affordable to make with speckled eggs and moss. A blue gingham bow will add a pop of color to your front door for Spring!

Updated 2/2024

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Happy almost Easter weekend!

I hope you have some fun plans for hanging out with family but if you don't, why not grab the kids and make an Easter egg wreath! This wreath is affordable, quick and easy, and I'll bet all the craft stores have their stuff on sale too, so it should be even cheaper to make!

Hot tip: Save money and make your own beautiful wreath filled with pastel plastic eggs, moss and a pretty gingham bow!

How to make an Easter egg wreath

This wreath is so simple to make, it hardly warrants a tutorial. However, there are a few tips and tricks that I'll share along the way to ensure you successful wreath making!

This is an affordable DIY wreath that cost less than $18 for all the supplies* Most of the supplies came from Hobby Lobby, but I'm linking to similar products on Amazon below in case you don't have a HL near you.

*update - I added two packages of these eggs this year to make my wreath fuller (they're currently $2.99/pkg at Michaels)


* you can use a wide variety of eggs for this wreath, plastic ones are lightweight and will hold up well outside in all sorts of weather

** I grabbed a couple bags of this green moss from the dollar store but had to dip into my stash of Spanish and reindeer moss because I ran out. The pastel eggs would also look amazing using excelsior - perfect if you like a softer, more neutral look!

Making the wreath

First off, this is a messy project! The grapevine and the moss will get everywhere, so make sure you're working on a covered surface or somewhere that is easy to clean!

Getting started

I found it easiest to lay out the eggs on the wreath form to get a rough idea of how I wanted the finished wreath to look and to make sure I had enough of each color egg for a balanced look. Also, the eggs I purchased came in a couple of different sizes, and the smaller eggs were great to fill in empty spots.

Designer Tip: Hot gluing an egg to a grapevine wreath base is a little tricky because there isn't a smooth surface. I solved this by gluing an egg first to a small piece of moss, then hot gluing the moss to the wreath.

Once all the eggs were attached, I went back and filled in the bare parts on the wreath form with more moss.

The dollar store moss was a little tricky to work with because it doesn't really clump (it's a bunch of tiny little pieces). I used more glue with that moss and also found it was better to tuck that moss into the small holes between the grapevine so it would stay in place better.

This is the kind of DIY wreath that doesn't take a lot of concentration, and was finished really quickly.

Designer tip: to make this wreath with kids, I would recommend using a foam ring for the wreath base because it will be easier to attach the eggs.

To keep costs down, I didn't fill the wreath up with eggs. Once I had all the Easter eggs and moss on the DIY egg wreath, I made a quick bow from pretty blue gingham ribbon, and attached the bow to the wreath with craft wire

My girlfriend and I did this wreath craft together and here are the finished wreaths hanging on our respective front doors. Easter egg wreaths hanging on front doors
Update: after finding these pastel eggs on sale at Michaels for only $2.99 each, I decided to fill in the empty spaces on the wreath and I really love the fuller look!


A new wreath adds such a fresh and pretty look to the front door and makes it feel more welcoming! Or hang your handmade from from a mirror, antique window or chippy door for a fun nod to Easter inside your home!

Whether you fill your handmade wreath with eggs, or leave it more sparse, you will have a beautiful Easter wreath that you'll love to hang each year!

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  1. Very sweet. To Spring and new life!

  2. Oh my gosh... this Easter egg wreath is so DARLING! Those speckled eggs do it for me. NEED one!


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