Man in the Moon DIY Signs With Vinyl

A tutorial to create vintage style man in the moon signs with black vinyl! This is a quick and easy Fall project for your Cricut or Silhouette!

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When I shared these man in the moon vintage style signs on my Instagram page recently, I got a lot of requests for a tutorial so that's what I'm sharing today!

I've loved these cute signs for years and always intended to make one. What stopped me was the thought of painstakingly painting the faces. I have made hand painted signs in the past, but we just moved into a new home in a new state, and I'm busy with all the things!

So I put on my thinking cap and came up with a faster and easier way to make your own man in the moon signs!

Will I need any special tools for this project?

You will need to own a Silhouette or Cricut machine, or have access to one because the design is cut with a die cut machine.

You will also need a hand sander if you're using raw wood.

What kind of vinyl should I use?

I am a huge fan of Oracal vinyl and for this project I used Oracal 651, which is permanent vinyl for designs you want to stay put long term. You can use matte vinyl or glossy. I suggest matte for this project because it gives the signs more of a soft vintage look.

How long will this project take?

This is a fast project but it does have several components. If you're using painted wood rounds, the rest will go much faster.

How do I get a large vinyl sticker to adhere perfectly?

There is a wonderful  product called transfer paper or transfer tape. This transfer paper is by far my favorite and I've purchased it multiple times. Once you've cut and weeded your design (removed the vinyl you won't be using), cut a piece of transfer paper to fit. Peel off the back and apply it tacky side down onto your vinyl design. Use a flat tool to press the paper evenly. Then you'll peel up the paper and your design should come with it. The grids on the paper make it so easy to line it up perfectly and the entire design transfers at one time! It's seriously like magic!

How to make man in the moon signs with vinyl

Here are the supplies you'll need to make your custom signs.


*I was only able to find two different man in the moon cutting designs. I did a little Google searching and found this one with the moon and owls that I used for my smallest sign. It's not an SVG file but I was able to upload the image into my Silhouette and cut it out without any problem.

Let's get started!


I used 2 wood rounds in various sizes and a melamine round that had a black base. The black round had a hole in it, which I filled with lightweight spackling compound. I also cut the rope hanger off the largest round.

When you're applying vinyl designs to wood, you need a flat surface free of splinters. I sanded both wood rounds so they were very smooth on top and edges, with no hint of any splinters.


Next, paint circles with white chalk paint. My circles needed two coats of paint. I like to use a good bristle brush for larger projects like this because you get better results than using a foam brush.

You will want to let the paint cure for a couple days, otherwise the vinyl may not adhere properly.


When you purchase the man in the moon SVG files, you will receive instructions for uploading them to your cutting machine.

You'll be able to customize the man in the moon faces to fit the size wood rounds you're using. My Silhouette cuts 12" wide so I had to enlarge one of the moon faces to fit my biggest round (which was 15") and cut the parts separately. The smaller ones were a cinch.

The designs came with a black border, which I opted not to use. This is personal choice! You can decide if you want to cut them out with the black borders or not.


Use the transfer paper to apply the man in the moon vinyl cutout to the wood round, making sure to center it. The flat tool will help to ensure the vinyl is stuck on well. Carefully peel back the transfer paper, going slowly to be sure the entire design transfers to the painted wood. 


To make sure that man in the moon design stays put, you will want to seal it with a matte sealer. Brush on a coat or two of Mod Podge, letting it dry between coats. The design will now be permanent and will be easy to clean.

SO easy right? I love how fast this is and that there's no finicky hand painting involved. Let your Cricut or Silhouette do all the hard work! Of course, if you prefer not to make your own sign, there are lots of sellers who will make one for you. Check out the premade signs below.


I have a fun display idea for my vinyl signs, but for now I styled them with some fall decor and warm colors as well as neutral black and white. Which do you like better?

Please let me know if you have any questions about this project!


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  1. I have long LOVED man on the moon images so thanks for your tutorial! I'd love to make a few of my own! And now I know how.

    1. Thanks Donna, I've been wanting to make a few for a long time! Happy to share the tutorial ;)

  2. I saw this in March but had to pin it for Halloween. Perfect for my mantel this Fall, thank you!


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