Hanging Button Heart Decoration

Vintage buttons are glued to a felt heart and stuffed for a beautiful and nostalgic no-sew ornament or decoration. An easy DIY for Valentines or everyday!
neutral button heart, pink yarn tassel

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Any heart lovers out there?

How about buttons? Vintage buttons are my favorite and I was fortunate to be the recipient of a large amount of creamy white buttons, mostly mother of pearl, when a family member was hosting a yard sale for their mother-in-law.

I keep these treasured buttons in a mason jar, along with all the other white buttons I've accumulated over the years (hello white shirt buttons!).

It was finally time to do something with these buttons, and with Valentines around the corner, I made this hanging button heart, using this image from my friend Michelle at Thistle Key Lane as my inspiration. I knew this hanging heart would be a perfect decoration to add to my vintage Valentines tree!

creamy white button heart hanging, pink peonies, vintage buttons

close up of button heart

Isn't it stunning? Just look at the variety of whites displayed here! So you may not have been the lucky recipient of a jar of vintage buttons, but you can still make this stuffed button topped heart! White buttons are plentiful and inexpensive. You can find them HERE on Amazon and you can buy vintage white buttons in bulk HERE

Of course, you're not limited to white! Make your hanging button heart any color you want ❤

How to make a hanging button heart

This stuffed button heart is a quick and easy craft that you can finish in under an hour. Here's what you'll need to make one.


supplies for button heart, felt, template, scissors, stuffing, hot glue, buttons

Step 1 - cut out hearts

Make a heart template from a piece of stiff cardstock. It's easy to make your own, simple fold a piece of cardstock lightly in half and draw half a heart (with the fold in the middle). Cut out and open up to reveal your heart.

Trace heart onto felt*. You'll need a front and a back (two pieces). Cut felt hearts out with pinking shears to get a cute edge. You can also use regular scissors for a straight edge.

*Don't do what I did and trace your heart with black Sharpie! Or if you do, make sure to cut slightly inside the tracing line so the black isn't visible.

trace heart template onto felt, cut out hearts

Step 2 - glue hearts

Lay one heart on the other and add a thin line of hot glue to the edge, securing the hearts together. Be sure to leave a small area open for stuffing. Also, if you want to hang the heart, glue a piece of ribbon to the top inside of one of the hearts.

glue ribbon hanger inside heart

glue hearts together

Step 3 - add stuffing and glue closed

Add a small amount of fiberfill stuffing to the heart. You don't want too much because you will need a mostly flat surface to glue the buttons to. So stuff lightly, and then glue the heart closed.

felt heart hanging, glued with small space left open

stuff heart lightly with felt

Step 4 - glue buttons to heart

Now it's just a matter of gluing and gluing buttons to cover the front of the heart. I started in the middle and worked out from there.

  • use a variety of sizes of buttons if possible
  • slightly overlap some of the buttons to hide the felt
  • vary the colors for interest
  • don't use too much glue or it will come out the holes, just a couple dabs of glue will be enough
glue buttons to front of heart
I love how all the buttons are different, even the holes! See that button with only one hole - I wonder how it was used at one time! 

I can see myself using this hanging button heart in so many places and vignettes around my home! I think hearts are timeless, and there's no reason to only enjoy this kind of decoration during Valentines!

button heart hanging on vintage Valentines tree

button heart, burlap roses, blush pink ribbon

feminine corner with cozy chair, blankets and pillows, side table with vintage decor

See what I mean? A vintage button heart looks beautiful wherever and However you choose to display it!

I hope you try this simple DIY!

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button heart hanging

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  1. Good Morning Cindy! Thank you for inspiring me. How appropriate to share things of the heart in a heart. I have buttons & fabric that were in my MomMa’s sewing supplies that I will use to make hearts. She passed 3 years ago and I thought it would be fun to share a heart with my girls. (3 granddaughters, daughter & daughter-in-law). 💕

    1. Thank you, I'm so happy you were inspired! I know it will be a special blessing to make button hearts with your girls.

  2. Hello Cindy! Thank you for this beautiful project! I, too, have buttons, fabric and even vintage handkerchiefs that belonged to loved ones that have passed. You have inspired me to create a heart keepsake with them ❤️

    1. Thanks for letting me know! So happy you can put them to use and make something pretty for your home xx

  3. How gorgeous! Love the texture the layered buttons offer.

    1. Thank you, I really love all the variations of white!


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