Vintage Valentines Decorated Coffee Bar

A white painted dresser serves as a coffee bar, decorated with vintage Valentines touches like a garland heart wreath, pie safe filled with ironstone and fake bakes, mugs and more!

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I love decorating for the seasons, so it was natural to celebrate upcoming Valentines Day by adding some vintage Valentines touches to my coffee bar...only my favorite little spot in our home (at least in the mornings!)

As someone who loves to decorate, this space has already changed quite a bit! You can check out the updates on my Instagram. I replaced the ticking stripe heart wreath with the tattered fabric heart wreath I recently made.

Speaking of that ticking heart wreath, do you recognize it from Christmas? I made jumbo ticking striped candy canes, and just tied two together to form a heart. Pretty cool right? I love decor that can do double duty for other seasons!

A coffee bar is a must for me! In our Texas home, I repurposed a built in cabinet as my coffee bar, you can see it HERE. And because I love neutral decor that can be used anywhere in my home, I repurposed our old TV console (long ago part of Mr DIY's parent's bedroom suite, which I painted white) as the coffee station in our MS rental.

I hung the black iron mug rack (see similar HERE) beside it and while it usually holds mugs, I got a little creative for Valentines Day. I have to give credit to this brilliant idea to my daughter, Abby. She's an Art major at University and has a great eye. She suggested creating a large heart from greenery garland, and that's just what I did. I used a 6-ft lambs ear garland I already had, and simply arranged it on the mug rack, the pegs hold it in place. I did need to tie the two ends that meet at the top in the middle, and disguised the tie with a sweet lace bow.

I removed everything from the mug rack but the wood pieces, so it didn't look cluttered. If you don't have a mug rack, you could create a similar heart with a garland and a piece of MDF and a couple nails.

I bought myself the Amish Primitive Country Pie Safe this year. This is such a cute piece, crafted from reclaimed wood. I especially like the wire screens at the front and sides that allow a peek inside.

I filled the pie safe with some vintage ironstone (thrifted) and faux berry tarts that I made in vintage Jello molds. I got the idea for these mini fake bakes from Jenn at Mother Thyme, you can watch her tutorial HERE. It's fun and practical to have something fake on display here, and definitely better for the waistline lol! I have some new fake bakes to add to my Valentines coffee bar, and will be sharing them on Instagram soon, so I hope you're following along!

I filled my wood tiered tray with vintage ironstone mugs (can you believe these were all thrifted for just a couple dollars?). I added a pair of red and white transferware mugs and a wood bead garland.

I made a vintage style nightlight using this country candle lamp. I filled a mason jar with a few vintage ironstone escargot cups and just set the lamp into the opening. It's nice to have this space lit at night. At Christmas, I filled the jar with salt dough gingerbread men and it turned out so cute (see that HERE).

If you missed my pink yarn heart coaster tutorial, you can catch that HERE.

Be sure to check out the clay heart flower bouquet I made for this space (not pictured here). I also added a pink tin mailbox filled with vintage Valentines and a couple mugs that have pink and white mug cozies (get that tutorial HERE).

I hope I've given you some ideas for decorating your coffee bar for Valentines day, even if you only do one or two! If you're not watching what you're eating, jars of candies and chocolates would be perfect additions 💗☕

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  1. It's always such a pleasure to visit your blog... and today was no exception. Goodness that cupboard looks scrumptious! Adore the pops of red against the wood. What a fun and inspiring scroll!

    1. Aww thank you Donna, I'm so happy you popped over and appreciate your comments!

  2. So many gorgeous decor ideas in this post. I went to buy the pie safe but its sold out and not in Canada. Hubs is getting a new I gotta have list though. Great ideas for my basement coffee bar.

    1. Thanks so much Leanna! I think they'll notify you when the pie safe is back in stock!


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