No Sew Gingham Tablecloth and Napkins for Less

Looking to add a cute gingham tablecloth and matching napkins to your decor? Come see how to make a set for under $25.

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Do you love gingham? Gingham, especially in the color blue, is enjoying some time in the spotlight right now, but affordable pieces for your home can be really hard to find!

I scoured the web to find the best price on a large gingham 100% cotton tablecloth, which you can certainly use as is for your table, or even to clip up as curtains! However, if you're like me and are wanting a smaller, square tablecloth and matching napkins, you can achieve these results in no time!

This no-sew thrifty gingham tablecloth and napkin set can be yours for just $25 and about 30 minutes of your time. Sound good? Let me show you how to do it!

How to Make a No Sew Gingham Tablecloth and Napkins

To achieve a square cotton gingham tablecloth and matching set of napkins, you'll need very few supplies. Here is exactly what I used.


  • oversized gingham tablecloth (I bought the blue, but it's also available in gray, beige and red!)
  • good quality fabric scissors (these are my favorite, and they're less than $8!)
  • straight pins (if you choose to sew a hem)
  • measuring tape

A couple notes before we start

  1. Why not just buy the square tablecloth that's available? You can certain do that; however, cheaper fabrics often shrink, so it may end up being too small for your table. In addition, I wanted extra fabric so I could make a set of matching napkins. Buying a larger tablecloth gave me extra bang for my buck!
  2. Why use a tablecloth to make a tablecloth? Exactly for the reasons that I described above! Think of it as purchasing fabric, but you're getting the wide width without a seam, which will make a beautiful seamless tablecloth, or you can even use this fabric as curtains!
  3. Do you promise this is no-sew? Yes! If you prefer a more finished look and own a sewing machine, you can hem the tablecloth and napkins. However, if you opt for the no-sew option, you will have nicely frayed edges rather than a rolled hem.

Step #1 - Wash and dry fabric

You'll want to wash and dry the tablecloth to remove the sizing, and allow for any shrinkage BEFORE you cut it! I'll be honest, this tablecloth fabric felt very stiff when I first got it, and I wasn't sure I was going to even keep it. However, the fabric softened up considerably after washing and drying and the weave tightened up. It's much nicer quality that I first thought.

Step #2 - Measure and snip

I wanted to create the largest square tablecloth that I could with this gingham fabric. To do that, I measured the width (which was 60 inches). Then I measured 60 inches down the length of the fabric and used my scissors to snip through the hem about an inch.

Step #3 - Rip fabric

Ripping fabric is the fastest and easiest way to get a perfectly straight edge, whether you'll be sewing a hem or leaving it alone. Just grab the two edges on either side of the snip and firmly tear the fabric straight across. You will need to cut through the hem on the other edge with scissors. You'll be left with some fabric strings to pull off both ripped edges.

Step #4 - Finish edges

Option 1 - If you're wanting a hemmed edge on the tablecloth, iron the raw edge over 1/4", and then again and pin in place. Sew with a straight seam on a sewing machine.

Option 2 - If you want a truly no-sew project, you'll want to remove the sewn hem from the other three edges of the tablecloth. Simply snip the fabric and tear the hem off for a tablecloth with 4 matching frayed edges.

Step #5 - Make napkins

To make a set of four matching gingham napkins, measure the remaining fabric and divide it into 4 equal pieces. My napkins are 16" square. You will snip and rip the fabric as we did earlier.

If you want to end up with larger napkins (or more napkins), there is a larger tablecloth you can buy ( 60x120 rather than the 60x104 one that I used) and it's just a couple bucks more.

This gingham tablecloth and napkin set is the perfect fit for my round table in our breakfast nook. I love that the corners hang down, giving it a cottage feel.

The napkins have cute frayed edges, and I love how they look with these wicker napkins rings ( see similar here).

I recently made the blue and white floral napkin candles (using just a napkin and a blow dryer), and they look so charming on the gingham tablecloth.

This no sew project was fast, easy and inexpensive! I'm thinking of buying the red gingham set and making matching tablecloth and napkins for Christmas!

I'd love to know if this is a DIY project that you're excited to do!

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  1. Absolutely charming but I have no patience for sewing. It's the hemming! I'll continue with my double sided tape. LOL! Love the gingham and color. pinned


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