No-Fuss Ideas for a Cozy Fall Bedroom

Add cozy vibes to your bedroom this season! I'm sharing 5 no-fuss simple ways to create a space that will carry you through until the holidays!
ironstone pitcher, fall stems and pods

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I started decorating our bedroom for the seasons a few years ago and love it! Creating a beautiful and serene space to end the day is both welcoming and relaxing and honestly, it's good for my mental health.

Here's the thing - you don't need to spend a bunch of money to add cozy Fall vibes to your bedroom! In fact, the best way to create that warm and inviting cozy feeling is to keep things simple. Keep reading and I'll show you how!


First things first

Before we start decorating for Fall, we need to start at the beginning. I'm assuming that you already have a bedroom that you love. If not, you can still make it cozy for the season, but you might want to start with a clear-out or just a good cleaning! Why is it that our bedroom is often the dumping ground and the messiest room in the house?

Take back your bedroom! Remove items that shouldn't be in there, donate things you no longer use and replace worn-out pieces (ratty pillowcases and lumpy pillows, I'm looking at you!). Put away the clean laundry and resolve to keep your bedroom tidy! I'm talking to myself here as well.


If it's in the budget, add a quilt or duvet that you love, something that will last for years. I recently added this ruffled blue linen duvet set to our bed, and could not love it more! It's a gray-blue that works beautifully with our dark headboard and the blue toile curtains we already have. It also pairs well with this blue and white quilt and shams that we've had for years.

dark carved headboard, blue duvet, rust throw, bench, candles

If you need new pillows, I highly recommend these gel pillows that are soft and squishy while still providing support. Mr DIY and I both love them.

Even if you don't make any new purchases, you can give your bedroom a fresh and new feeling by moving things around and borrowing items from other rooms. Here are a few ideas:
  • swap out bedding with another room
  • use a white duvet without the cover
  • hang something pretty above the headboard (a wreath, vintage plates, baskets, etc)
  • add some white pitchers from the China cabinet
  • toss some pretty throws in a basket
  • borrow a bench for the foot of the bed
  • add a faux (or real) tree or plant to the corner and string with fairy lights on a timer
NOW let's talk about bringing a little Fall cozy into your bedroom with these 5 simple and no-fuss ideas.

Decorating a Fuss-Free Cozy Fall Bedroom

Idea No.1 - Add a soft and cozy throw

I found this rust colored cotton throw on Amazon (there are lots of colors available). The price is fantastic, it's thick and soft and cozy and adds those rich and warm autumn colors to our bedroom! I love to toss a thick throw on the end of the bed. It creates a luxurious look and invites you to get cozy with a book, cup of tea or spend the day in bed catching up on your favorite shows 😉

Whether you enjoy creating contrast as I did, or love an all white bedroom, a cozy throw is a great way to amp up the coziness factor!

rust cotton throw, book, candle, pillows

And here's a tip: when you find a chunky, cozy throw that you love, keep it safe from pets! Our sweet Millie loves to get cozy too, but her nails are not kind to my favorite throws!

Idea No. 2 - Add a vase of Fall stems

I brought one of my thrifted ironstone pitchers into our bedroom and filled it with an inexpensive Fall bush from Hobby Lobby. It was $14. I love the neutral tones and the texture of the lotus pods and that it doesn't scream Fall. The flowers and leaves lend a more subtle nod to the season and can stay put until I start my Christmas decorating!

white pitcher, fall stems, ruffled blue duvet and shams, rust colored chunky throw

Idea No. 3 - Don't forget the candles!

Candles add all sorts of cozy vibes, and whether you use real ones or faux, candles add the ambiance that an inviting Fall bedroom should have.

I found battery operated pillars in the Fall section at HL (40% off), and couldn't resist adding some candle wreaths, also on sale. Both the candles and the wreaths were inexpensive and aren't season specific so they can be used all year!

blue linen ruffled pillows, candle wreath, chunky throw

Idea No. 4 - Add something metallic

This might sound strange to you, but it's amazing how much warmth a single copper pumpkin can add to a space! If you don't have a copper pumpkin, consider using your brass candlesticks on a dresser or nightstand. The metal adds a cozy warmth, especially when paired with the glow from candles!

toile curtains, blue bedding, copper pumpkin, throw

candle wreath, metallic pumpkin

Idea No. 5 - Add a basket of favorites 

What do I mean by that? Well, you know that book or magazine you've been wanting to read? Add it to a basket or tray, along with a scented candle, favorite mug, etc, and you've just invoked cozy Fall vibes. It's a gentle reminder to take time for yourself at the end of the day!

Maybe your basket should include a package of Epsom salts and a bottle of wine lol! Whatever you need to relax and unwind, pulling those items together will remind you to take the time to wind down and do something you enjoy before going to sleep.

book, fall leaves, mug, candle, throw


French bolster pillow, throw, book, ruffled bedding, candle

I hope you've found these ideas helpful! Adding cozy Fall items to your bedroom isn't just for pretty looks, and it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive! Creating a bedroom retreat can lead to positive feelings and a better outlook, something we can all use!

Want some additional Fall bedroom ideas? Here are more Fall bedrooms I've decorated over the years:

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ruffled bedding, chunky throw, bench, candles, fall stems
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