13 Spooky Cute Black and White Halloween DIY Decor Ideas

Create a Halloween vignette with these spooky cute black and white DIY ideas! 13 affordable ways to create Halloween decor on a dime! πŸ‘»
cardstock bats, man in moon, white and black pumpkins, lantern, fairy lights

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Here's food for thought - I never really decorated for Halloween when my kiddos were young! Now that they're all moved out, here I am πŸ˜πŸ‘»❤

I spent a couple hours on Saturday putting together two separate black and white Halloween vignettes while the guys watched football in the other room! Cranked the tunes and had a great little time by myself lol! Well, Millie was with me, and she even posed spookily for some photos! Keep reading to see her 🐾❤

13 DIY Halloween ideas that are easy, affordable and so cute! Whether you try one or all, I hope you enjoy creating your own spooky cute Halloween vignette in your home or on your porch.

I love using warm colors for my Fall decor, but when it comes to Halloween, black and white is a nice departure! It helps that I have a lot of black and white decor in my home, but even if you don't, a can of spray paint can go a long way! 

Last year, I  set up a Halloween vignette on our white built-ins in our living room. Here's a peek. You'll spot several of the same items, as well as a few new ones, in today's Halloween scenes.

13 Spooky Cute Black and White DIY Halloween Ideas

Halloween vignette No.1

I went around my home and grabbed all the black and white everyday things I thought I could pull together to create a fun and interesting vignette for Halloween! Here's a few things I used and you can see them all in the image:
  • white dresser
  • white sewing cabinet
  • white child's chair
  • white spindle doll bed
  • black lanterns
  • books
  • black and beige homespun fabric
  • black and white striped ribbon
  • white candles (real and battery-operated)
  • fairy lights on timers
  • apothecary cabinet
  • chippy spindles

The furniture was all painted with white chalk paint over the years. The dresser was my most recent makeover, and you can see my tips for painting a dresser here. I'm sure you have some of these items, but use the list as inspiration to pull together your own supplies!

To add spooky cute Halloween vibes, I added several affordable Halloween items that I made. Let's take a closer look and I'll share lots of tips along the way.

Halloween Idea No.1 - Man in Moon DIY sign

I made three of these signs last year, and to keep it simple, rather than painting them, I utilized my Silhouette machine to make black vinyl designs that were simple to apply to white painted wood rounds. You can see the full tutorial here.

Designer tip: make it double-sided! Why not get more bang for your buck (and time!). I added a Santa to the backside, see it here.

I added two of the man in the moon signs to my Halloween vignette, this smaller one is propped up on an ironstone sugar bowl and I love the way his eyes seem to be following the little cheesecloth ghost. Like, "what is your problem dude?" 😁

In the apothecary drawers below, I added some of my small white chippy spindles to a drawer. Don't they sort of resemble knucklebones?? Another drawer is filled with black check rag balls, simply made by tearing strips of fabric and gluing them around a Styrofoam ball.

Halloween DIY Idea No.2 - Cheesecloth ghost

The cheesecloth ghost was made last year, and it spent the year crammed into a bin in a hot garage. I think it bore it rather well. Want to make one? Watch this short video tutorial. I've set the ghost on top of a light for the glow.

Halloween Idea No.3 - Cardstock bats

The bats were cut out en masse using my trusty  Silhouette Cameo, but if you don't have a cutter, you could trace a simpler design and cut by hand out of black cardstock. A little tape secures them and I have them flying all over the room, here they are climbing up the angled ceiling! πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡

Halloween Idea No.4 - Black lanterns

Grab all your black lanterns ( these are cheapies from Walmart that I use all year long), and fill them with candles or battery operated fairy lights. I like the ones on a timer so I don't have to fiddle with turning them on and off!

Halloween Idea No.5 - Book stacks

Stack all your vintage looking books, or buy hardcover books at the thrift store (paint them black if needed) and elevate a candle or jar.

Halloween Idea No.6 - Black painted jars and pumpkins

Create faux blackened beeswax jars and pumpkins using black chalk paint and cinnamon. Follow this tutorial to transform them with cinnamon and give them the look of vintage blackened beeswax.

Halloween Idea No.7 - Numbered wood squares

Cut small pieces of wood (or pick a few up from the dollar store) and paint them white and black. Attach stickers to spell out 31 or BOO or you could paint the numbers on with a small craft brush.

Designer tip: get more bang out of your DIY buck by making these wood blocks double sided (the backs of mine have 25 and 14).

Halloween Idea No.8 - Painted plastic candy buckets

Use spray paint to transform cheap candy buckets to create a cohesive look with your black and white Halloween vignette. I painted several buckets white, you can see all the details for how I transformed them in this short video. Add battery operated tealights or a strand of fairy lights to the inside for a spooky cute glow!

Halloween Idea No.9 - Paint a ghost

Add a simple ghost to a thrifted painting (or just a printable as I did) with white craft paint and a small brush. Keep it simple for maximum cute spookiness πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

Here are a couple more printables I added some small painted ghosts to.

Halloween Idea No.10 - stamped pillow

Use clear alphabet stamps to create a BOO design you add to a pillow cover. Click here for the full tutorial. I set the pillow on a white painted child's chair.

Halloween Idea No.11 - Add a pet ❤

My daughter's old spindle doll bed was set up because it's white and I felt it added a spooky cute vibe to my Halloween vignette. I was going to paint a faux rose black and set it on the bed, but my black and white Shihpoo pup, Millie, was happy to pose for treats!

So cute right? I tied a black and white ribbon around her neck, and she hopped right up onto the bed. Of course, she got treats and lots of cuddles for being such a cute and good little spooky model ❤

Halloween vignette No.2

I set up another simple Halloween vignette in a cozy reading corner of my office. Everyday items that I used for this black and white scene included:
  • white chair
  • neutral throw
  • black and white pillow
  • black lantern
  • side table
  • black check lamp
  • antique picture on wall
Let's take a look.

I added more cardstock bats to the wall, and even stuck one onto my DIY Antiques sign that I created from a printable poster.

Halloween Idea No.12 - Chippy white tree

Mr DIY and I made this chippy tree out of old chair and crib spindles, and I've used it in my Christmas decor ever since. However, when I spotted it in the garage, I thought it would make such a cute addition to my Halloween decor. You can see how we made the chippy spindle tree here.

Halloween Idea No.13 - Boo felt garland

My chippy spindle tree needed some Halloween decorations! I attached a few of the cardstock bats, and wound some string lights around it. But the finishing touch was a little BOO ghost garland I made from white felt. I cut out simple ghost shapes from white felt and used a black Sharpie to draw faces and letters. Then I hot glued them to some jute and tied some ribbon on.

This year I'm going to look for some of the small candy bucket jack-o-lanterns to hang from the spindles!

Bonus idea: Chunky DIY candles

You can easily transform wax candles by dripping melted wax onto them to add a chunky look. See how I did it here.

More DIY Halloween Ideas:

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