Tips to Style a Mug Rack for the Seasons

A wall mounted mug rack can be so much more than just a space to hang mugs! Below you'll find creative ways to display collections and make a statement for the seasons, using a mug rack as inspiration!
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Have you ever thought of using a wall mounted mug rack to display more than just mugs? Things like collections? Or favorite things? Or a way to add art to your walls?

If you have a space in your kitchen that is crying out for a decorating touch, I'm so excited to share these ideas for turning that empty space into an eye-catching display for every season.

Where to find a mug rack?

I get so many comments from readers, who want to know where to find a mug rack like I'm using, so I'll include some shopping links and resources below.

Why style a mug rack with anything other than mugs?

I'm someone who likes the decor in my home to make sense. What do I mean by that? Well, I would never hang up a bunch of mismatched, ugly mugs on the wall! I like to utilize wall space for decorative objects that suit my style and that are visually appealing.

To put it another way, I don't want to walk into my kitchen and be confronted with an eyesore, lol! When I head to my coffee bar in the mornings, bleary eyed and yawning, I want to see something that inspires me! The ugly mugs stay hidden behind cupboard doors! Decorating my mug rack with items I love inspires me, and I am sharing some tips and ideas with you so you can think beyond just mugs!

Tips to Style a Mug Rack for Every Season

Below we'll take a closer look at some of my favorite ways I've styled my mug rack for all the seasons, and some of those in-between times as well. Use these ideas as inspiration! Whether your style is similar to mine or not, as you look through the following pictures, study the elements and the overall look, and pick the ideas that appeal to you!

Start thinking of your hanging mug rack as form and function!

Yes, having all those metal pegs to hang up mugs helps keep your cabinets clear and clutter-free, but try to see this large piece as wall art. It's an open canvas to display so many things, as I'll share below.

Because we're in the season of Fall, I'm going to start there, and proceed through the year. Use the Table of Contents below to jump to the desired section.

Table of Contents 

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Mug Rack Styling Tips for Fall

Every year when Autumn rolls around, I bring out my thrifted copper items. They add so much warmth to my home and they pair well with everything! This year my mug rack was decorated with some of my vintage blue and white transferware and a trio of copper pans I recently found at Goodwill.

The copper elements continue over on my coffee bar so as a whole it all looks visually attractive. I added a platter to the top of the rack. It looks like it's resting against the metal pegs, but I needed to give it a little help to keep it from falling. For items that need a little extra support, I use this Museum Putty. Just a little bit keeps it in place, it's easy to remove, doesn't damage the walls, and is reusable!

Here is my mug rack decorated for Fall last year.

I like to add natural wood elements, like the rolling pins, cutting boards and dough bowls to the mug rack. The wood items warm up the whole room and they fill in some of the dead space between the rows.

Mug Rack Styling Tips and Ideas for Christmas

I have quite a large Santa mug collection now, and it's always a treat to unpack and decorate with these sweet mugs. I created a magical Christmas in my kitchen last year, with all my Santa mugs on display (I tend to go all out during the holidays with a more is better approach). I added a lighted garland around the top of the mug rack, and hung some red and white striped stockings. If you look closely, you'll see some vintage postcards, cookie cutters, wood beads and lots of ironstone mugs.

I added a small tree to my kitchen stool, filled with DIY ticking striped candy canes and clip on candle lights. Color coordinating wrapping paper rolls added to the other side act as decor too.

Tip: Think of the area around the mug rack as decorating real estate too!

Our previous home in Texas didn't have the floor space to add anything extra, so I concentrated just on the mug rack and still managed to created a magical feeling. A garland of wood beads and various holiday signs, a favorite Christmas tea towel, and Santa mugs filled the space. This mug rack hung on the end of a row of cabinets.

Additional ideas to decorate a mug rack for Christmas:

  1. hang favorite ornaments from the metal prongs
  2. create an advent calendar to hang on the mug rack
  3. tuck in some small wrapped gifts
  4. pop in Christmas cards you receive from family and friends
  5. hang stockings

Styling a Mug Rack for Valentines Day

Last year I hung onto my Christmas tree for a little while and changed out the ornaments and decor to create a vintage style blush pink Valentines tree. I was trying to think of something different I could do on my mug rack, playing around with a strand of lambs ear garland, and my brilliant daughter suggested hanging it in a heart shape!

Creating the heart shape was easy to do. I did tie it in a couple places with some twine, just to keep it in place. I love this minimal look that still makes a bold statement!

Style a Mug Rack for Spring

Spring is always an inspiring month to decorate. The hope of new life with trees and flowers budding, animal babies and Easter, makes it a fun season to decorate.

I do like to keep my decor a little more minimized and neutral during the winter months. And hey, you don't need always need to over-decorate (something I'm guilty of) and fill up the mug rack, sometimes it's nice to leave it a little more open. Here, white mugs, wood elements and a DIY blue check mason jar flower are all it needs.

Tip: if you're someone who craves order, you'll enjoy the clean and organized look of your mug rack if you hang mugs in a row, rather than haphazardly!

Another year, I was drawn back to blue and white, my go-to decorating colors. A vintage style tea towel hung from one of the pegs, and my vintage transferware teacups keeps it simple.

And yet another year, I gravitated towards white painted flower pots and a little pastel wreath! This picture inspired me and I'd like to decorate the mug rack with terracotta flower pots in all shapes and sizes!

Mug Rack Patriotic Styling Ideas

As summer rolls around, I love to sprinkle my red, white and blue patriotic decor around our home. The mug rack is a great place to hang a flag or wreath and it doesn't take much for it to be a supporting player to the rest of your decor!

Mug Rack Style for All Seasons

During those months between seasonal holidays, use whatever you want to decorate your mug rack! I like to simplify, but one thing my mug rack almost always has is mugs, a favorite tea towel, and maybe a wreath. Here I hung a wire basket ( similar here and here) on the mug rack to hold folded napkins. The copper handles match the copper mugs, and the vintage copper canisters in the background. 

Additional tips

  • I will often slightly bend the steel prongs to hold items better, or make room for a larger item (be careful when doing this, as too much movement may cause the steel pegs to snap off)
  • Some mug racks have 6 rows, some 8 so be mindful of the space available (if you have large collections, go for the larger rack)
  • Think outside the box - hang plates, baskets, a live plant (make a plant wall!), use your imagination and get creative!

What to look for when buying a wall mounted mug rack?

You want a sturdy steel piece that will hold your collections securely. Avoid anything flimsy. If you find one that's not the right color, you can easily spray paint it!

What if I don't have the space for a mug rack?

If your wall space won't accommodate a large hanging mug rack like I'm using, you can still get the look with individual hanging racks. These allow you to hang one or more rows to fit the space you have. Or, try hanging them horizontally in a long row!

If you have absolutely no wall space, you could add a countertop mug holder (also known as a mug tree) to your kitchen.

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I hope you found these ideas helpful and inspiring! I'd love to hear about it, if you had never considered styling your mug rack for the seasons, let me know!

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