The Easiest Cozy Ornament DIY Wreath

Add ornaments to a cozy wreath for a charming look. This wreath will take you from Christmas all the way through winter. Multiple styling options included.
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Cozy winters are my favorite! Snuggling up by the fireside, with the twinkling lights of the tree and a soft blanket draped over me, a cup of coffee or tea and a good book. Truly a few of my favorite things!

This cozy wreath is so perfect for the holidays and if you go neutral like I did, you can keep it up all winter. I can't wait to show you how easy this sweet wreath is to make!

How to make the easiest cozy ornament wreath

You want to start with some kind of cozy wreath form as the base. If you're DIYing the wreath like mine, make sure it is a foam or a straw wreath form if you want the ornaments to be removeable after the holiday season. If you want your wreath to be permanent, you can simply hot glue the ornaments on!

Cozy wool wreath

A couple years ago I used wool roving yarn to make a cozy winter wool wreath. I later updated the wreath with the addition of the crochet chain to add some amazing additional texture and interest. You can read all about  how I added the crochet chain to my wreath here. You do not need to know how to crochet to create the chain, it's so simple!

This neutral wreath is so pretty all on its own, but I wanted to give it a little bit of glam for the holiday season!

Enter my DIY ornament garland.

Make the ornament garland

All you need for the ornament garland is a length of inexpensive ribbon and several plastic ornaments. I used a set of gold and white ornament balls from Hobby Lobby I bought a few years ago (see similar here). 

To make the garland, follow these steps:

  1. Knot one end of the ribbon and slide an ornament on the other end, pulling it down to the knot. 
  2. Now knot the ribbon again, on the other side of the ornament. This will keep the ornament from sliding.
  3. Continue until you have all your ornaments tied onto the ribbon, evenly space apart. I used a similar technique to create a Christmas banister ornament garland to hang on our stairs when we lived in Texas.

My knots are not tied super tight, so I can unpick them and remove the ornaments any time I change my mind!

Add ornament garland to wreath

Using straight pins, pin the ornament garland around the perimeter of the cozy wreath base. The pins will easily go into a straw wreath base and hold the ornaments in place with very little effort.

Finally, add a bow. This pale blue velvet ribbon caught my eye while at Target, and with long, droopy tails, it is so pretty on this neutral Christmas wreath.

Tips for displaying a cozy ornament wreath

I hung my new wreath in a few places around my home, to see which I liked best.

1. Hang from a mirror

I loved the ornament wreath hanging on a mirror because you get that reflection! There is just something magical about it!

2. Hang on a cabinet door

Next, I tried hanging the wreath on a door of my black hutch. If I could have centered the wreath on the hutch, I would have liked it a lot better. It looked a little strange off to the side, and my wreath hook was too long.

3. Hang on a clock front

I tried hanging the wreath on the front of my painted grandfather clock, and it was perfect! The color of the clock and the velvet ribbon on the wreath were like a match made in heaven!

If you look closely, you can see the fishing line I used to hang the wreath. I really like how this looks, so the wreath has found a home!

Definitely try hanging your wreaths in different spots around your home. There will be one spot that will make the most sense and look the best!

Can this wreath be hung outside?

I would not hang this wreath outside because of the wool and crochet chain. I would be worried those would get yucky outside. However, if you make the ornament wreath on a wire base, then it should be okay outside, under cover.

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