Charming Patriotic Summer Porch

Adding charming summer patriotic touches to a porch with a mason jar chandelier, cottage textiles, a tiered fountain planter, cozy seating and red, white and blue flowers.

Hellooo summer! Are you enjoying it? Along with most of the country, we've had a heat wave that has blessedly tapered off just a little bit, but summer is definitely here. Wait, I wrote that yesterday and the blistering heat is back! I'm longing for a pool to lounge in because it's too hot to be outside for long!

Thankfully, I got a jumpstart on cleaning and decorating our back porch before it got really hot and I melted into a sweaty puddle all over our pebbled patio. Millie was a big help, as you can see, and we're so excited to share these FREE patriotic porch decorating ideas with you!

Pinterest Challenge

It's that time of month for Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Cindy of County Road 407. We have a great team, and once a month we each share our take on an inspiration image. This month it's all about adding patriotic touches to a porch. If you're hopping over here from Cindy's table for two on the patio, welcome! Not to confuse you, but I'm Cindy too! You'll be able to view all the ideas below, but first let's take a look at the inspiration image and see how I added charming patriotic touches to our back patio (which I'm calling a porch, because it sounds so much cuter!) 😊😉


Our inspiration porch comes from Suzy at Worthing Court. I was excited to see all of Suzy's vintage Americana because that is the style I am loving right now! I knew this porch would be fun to recreate with my own items, using my porch chairs, blue and red cushions, flags in plants and a few other fun ideas I came up with to make back porch sittin even more enjoyable this summer. Let me show you what I did!

Ideas for a cottage style patriotic summer porch

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I love decorating with the vibrant colors of our flag, and this year I created a whole Patriotic Series of flag-themed crafts and decor. If you love red, white and blue decorations with a handmade touch, or you love to craft, I hope you'll check out these ideas! Better yet, grab some girlfriends or the grands, and make some crafts together!

Spindle bench

I have long had a bit of a love affair with white chippy pieces, and Cindy's spindle bench she and her husband made from an old bed is one of my favorite pieces! Well, there is a home in our neighborhood with a similar bench, on a smaller scale, right up near the front door. I walk Millie every day, and have looked at that bench longingly a million times since we've lived here (we've only been here for 2 years, so that's a lot of longing looks 😉). One morning on the way to church, I squealed out loud because that white chippy bench was lying on its back at the curb. You know what that means - it was set out for the trash! I screamed  calmly asked Mr DIY to stop the car and we manhandled that piece home in about 2 seconds flat like all the chippy-lovin-hounds in the neighborhood were after it haha. When we got home from church I had time to take a better look at it, and several pieces had come apart.

Needless to say, I convinced Mr DIY that this little bench needed to become a sweet, charming and one-of-a-kind dog bed for Millie. Did we have a space for it? Not really. Did we have the proper tools to do what I envisioned? Not really. But when I'm determined, we find a way. That whole transformation will be another post...I've already gone on far too long.

The porch was the ideal spot to put the spindle bench, and Millie was easily bribed with treats to hop up and pose pretty. I added a couple of my handmade primitive fabric stars (they're no-sew!), and draped a fabric garland (see similar HERE) across the top. Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?? To be honest, it's a little bit wobbly, but Millie is a lightweight, and it's sturdy enough for her.

More Freebies

You might have noticed the metal plant stand next to Millie's bench. Mr DIY picked those up for me while he was Door Dashing a couple weeks ago! I have trained him well haha. There are two plant stands, as well as two matching plant pots. They're all in fantastic shape, I was surprised someone tossed them. See if you can spot the others in the pictures below!


Probably the simplest way to add some patriotic touches to your porch is simply to stick a mini flag into your plant pots! If you buy a package of mini flags, you'll have enough to decorate your front and back porch. I coffee stained some of these small flags to add a bit of a primitive feel to them, they also hold a stiff wave. You can see how easy it is to prim your flags with instant coffee and cinnamon

Tip: keep the coffee or tea stained flags under your covered porch as rain will likely cause the stain to run.


I planted red, white and "blue" flowers on my porch. Vinca is my favorite easy-care flower that keeps blooming and doesn't require constant care. For the blue flowers, I planted purple pansies, another fairly easy care flower that will bloom all summer long.

Two DIY items that are new to our porch this summer are the vintage Ball jar hanging chandelier and the tiered fountain planted with flowers. These were both very easy and created using mostly items I already had. You can click on the links above to see exactly how to recreate this look at your own home.

I love the color the blue mason jars add to our porch, and the burbling solar fountain is so calming and beautiful, even in the backyard of our rental where there is not a single tree or bedding plant! The porch has become a little oasis of beauty and calm amid the blank slate.

I brought out some blue and red check pillows to our porch chairs, and created a little intimate seating area with a small table between them. I love to save the Bonne Maman jam jars because they have red and white gingham lids that make the perfect iced tea glasses and coasters!

The brown all-weather wicker of our chairs echoes the wood shutters in the inspiration image. I really wanted to find a place to incorporate the white shutters I have, but there was really nowhere to put them. I hung the easy DIY ribbon flag on the door so we can enjoy it from the inside as well as on the porch. 

Of course Millie has to be out here with me because she refuses to be left out of any party. She's sporting her little patriotic bandana because...why not? Check out this tutorial for a no-sew summer bandana for your pet if your pup needs a little color haha!

Please visit Christy at Our Southern Home next, she's sharing her front porch! Don't miss out on more summer porch inspiration, all the links are below and I know you'll find loads of ideas for adding some patriotic touches to your own porch!

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  1. Cindy, Millie is such a cutie and the perfect model. This heat is no joke. But this porch looks cool as a cucumber decked out for the 4th! I just love the layered fabrics.

    1. Thank you Christy, that is so sweet of you! Happy summer, hope you're staying cool!!

  2. Cindy,
    I love your cute primitive stars and the bed skirt. Such a fun porch and they cute fur baby too.

  3. Millie's bed is fantastic and with my short legs, it would still work for a bench for me. LOL! I know it wasn't exactly what you wanted but it is so adorable and the added fabric takes it over the top. It makes me realize I need to do something about our bench. It needs a cushion. Love your entire porch. The fountain and plants make it seem so serene. No matter what the temps! pinned. Stay cool sister!

    1. Haha, I'm pretty sure it's WAY to short for you! Thanks for the inspiration though. I wish I could hang out there more, it's a chore to keep the flowers from dying in this heat!

  4. You had me at chippy paint! I love Millie's bed with the RWB bunting, and of course all the cute red and blue gingham! My favorite summer print!

    1. Thank you Michelle, there is just something about red and blue gingham! Hope you're staying cool my friend!

  5. Love those wicher chairs, the amazing fountain and of course that fantastic spindle bench. Such a great setting to enjoy the 4th.

  6. Your Jenny Lind bench is too cute! Love the little ruffle on the front. So happy to hear you've been having curbside luck; isn't it the best? I've got a Jenny Lind headboard and footboard from our cabin stashed to make a bench someday. Just have to figure out where to put it. Love how you pulled everything together:)

  7. Cindy this is the CUTEST dog bed that I have ever seen! I will now be scouting estate sales for something similar. You always inspired me!

  8. Cindy, your back patio is lovely and so cheery!! I love the wire plant holders and your little water fountain. My husband actually just ordered one of those solar pieces for our little bird bath. It's fun to go outside and see the water spritzing up! Your pup is just precious on her new dog bed... I LOVE how you used the two different fabrics as skirting around the bed! It turned out great!!

    Happy summertime and happy 4th,
    Barb :)

  9. Oh my! I love the origin story of your spindle bench. I can sooo relate. I even trained The Hubs and he often calls while out walking the dog with reports of what different neighbors have put out on the curb.

  10. Not sure which is cuter - your decked out patio or Millie. The doggie bed is precious and I’m sure Millie appreciates what a lucky girl she is. Happy 4th.

  11. The first thing I spotted was the adorable rag patched stars. SO cute. love your new spindle bench. Our old neighborhood was filled with wonderful curbside shopping. Everyone always put out items the afternoon before pick up to give neighbors first chance because the regular pickers came around dinnertime. how clever are you to use the plaid jar lids as coasters! Pamela

  12. Cindy, your spindle bench is adorable and everything looks perfect and 4th of July ready! I must say, Millie is the star of the porch! Happy 4th!

  13. What a beautifully decorated patio, Cindy! Millie looks adorable on her spindle bed. I love all of the ruffles and patriotic touches! The red and blue gingham pillows are just perfect. Happy 4th, my friend!


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