How to Make a 30-Minute Farmhouse Wreath for Under $10

I'm sharing how to make a sweet farmhouse wreath for just $10 in less than 30 minutes!

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We love wreaths here at DIY beautify! A beautiful wreath is always a perfect finishing touch! 

Would you believe me if I told you that I found this striped canvas ribbon at Walmart?

I know, amazing, right? This striped ribbon has a farmhouse look; it even looks like twill, but it's thinner and is wired, which is perfect for keeping the 'bubbles' in this wreath looking full.

I've been so happy to see more selection and specialty-type products showing up on the shelves at Walmart...from home decor to food stuffs. So if you're a Walmart-hater, stop it! Go check out all the new merchandise! (I'm not even being paid to say that, I'm just a happy consumer!).

Okay, so on to this little farmhouse wreath.

Blue and white striped farmhouse wreath

I love blue and white, that is no secret! I gave my  guest room a blue and white makeover, added blue and white thrifted dishes to my black hutch and recently made an easy stenciled transferware sign. So a blue and white wreath was definitely a necessity in my home!

Let me show you how easy it is to make this wreath. One of the reasons I love to blog is because it satisfies something in my soul to inspire show you how to create something beautiful that creates warmth and homey-ness (is that a word?) in your home!

This farmhouse wreath is the perfect example! It's quick, easy, cheap (shh) and beautiful! All you need to make this wreath is a couple spools of ribbon and a wreath form.

Supplies needed for farmhouse wreath:

Update: the ribbon I used is no longer available, but here are a few other similar ones. Click  herehere, here and here. This ribbon is so popular, it is sold out a lot of places. Here is another one. Here is the same ribbon in black and white stripe, that would be gorgeous too!

That's it friends, that's all you need to make this sweet wreath! You can see that this wreath cost right around $10, tax included!

How to make a simple farmhouse wreath:

I think the proper name for this type of wreath design is a 'bubble wreath'. I've made them before using burlap and they are always impressive. The wreath only looks challenging, it's really very simple.

Rather than go step by step through the process, I'm going to direct you to this video that explains it beautifully. Don't worry, it's only a 2-minute video!

I follow the same basic steps to make my wreaths, with a couple differences: I don't twist my ribbon, I don't really see the need for that step. I just alternate where I poke it through the wreath form so that it doesn't pop back out.

I also didn't use any wire. I found it easiest to just leave enough of a tail at the beginning and end of the ribbon so that when the wreath is finished, I tucked those edges over and under the wire at the back to secure.

You can see above that one roll of ribbon was enough to finish a little more than half the wreath.You really don't want to skimp on the ribbon; the goal is to create a full wreath with no wire showing through.

But don't pull your loops too big or you will need to run back to Walmart for more ribbon! My bubbles are about 1 to 1-1/2" high.

The beauty of using wired ribbon is that you can fluff and primp your 'bubbles' to make them even fuller and to disguise the metal showing through from the wreath form!

I was left with enough ribbon on my second roll to create a matching bow for my wreath.

And with that, this farmhouse ribbon wreath was finished! I hung it on this chippy old window that came from a church in Tennessee.

If I've inspired you today to see what you can make with only 10 bucks and a few minutes of your time, I have accomplished my goal!

Check out my $10 farmhouse Christmas wreath here!

Pin this for later!

I would love to know if you make this wreath, please let me know in the comments!

And as always, share this project with all of your friends who you think would like to know how to make a farmhouse wreath on the cheap!

Update! I'm thrilled to have this project featured in the Winter 2018 Edition of Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Magazine ("EEEEEK" πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™† that's me squealing in excitement to be published for the very first time!!)

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  1. Love this wreath, I saw the ribbon at Walmart yesterday and was tempted, now I have to go back and get some.:) Pinning!

    1. Thank you! I love this ribbon!! Appreciate the Pin!

    2. Hi Cindy! This is so beautiful! Is there something you could post with a little more detail about how you put the ribbon through? I'm a beginner at wreaths and I'm just not grasping the concept even with as easy as it looks.

  2. Ok I HAVE to go to Walmart tomorrow (I literally never say that haha) and get some of that ribbon! I love your wreath and I might have to try making one. Add some red onto it, and it's perfect for 4th of July too!

    1. Yes Meg, GO to Walmart and grab some of this pretty ribbon! I love the idea of adding red for patriotic holidays! It will look amazing!

  3. This is a great project! I love how it turned out in the end. Very chic and stylish.

  4. What fabulous ribbon Cindy. I hope you bought heaps of it because there would be so many things you could do with it!! Love the wreath too. I have pinned it and look forward to featuring this project at Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow. Thanks for linking up and joining in the fun of the party. Hugs ~ Kerryanne

    1. Aw, thank you Kerryanne! I do need to go back and buy more ribbon!

  5. I love this wreath! I have admired this ribbon at Walmart several times and never thought to use it for a wreath! I am going to have to go pick some up and make a wreath with it! Thanks for the cute idea!

    - Jaclyn

    1. You are so welcome Jaclyn, I'm glad you were inspired by this little wreath! I love the ribbon too, it would be great in patriotic displays too!

  6. This turned out SO Stinkin' cute!!!!!!!���� I'm definitely doing this-thanks for sharing! Found you via Moonlight and Mason Jars party- ����

  7. Really Cute wreath Cindy. I love your simple wreath! I never use wire to secure mine either it turned out fabulous. So cute for this July 4th as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Marsha, yes I will definitely be using it for the Fourth of July!

  8. So cute! And a quick project. It's a win-win.
    Going to get me some of that ribbon.

  9. What a fabulous wreath cannot wait to start thank you once again for sharing such wonderful crafts. I find inspiration every time I read your blog.

    1. Aw, thanks so much Larain! I love hearing from my readers and so happy to inspire you!!

  10. Have you ever done a wreath like this but with regular fabric? I have some fabric that I want to cut in strips and do like this. But I'm nervous. Will it still work without the wire?

    1. Yes,just posted
      To ensure your bubbles stay full looking, choose a stiffer fabric!

  11. How many yards of ribbon do you need to make this?!

    1. Sorry but I don't remember how many yards were on each roll, I used 2 rolls of ribbon. I would guess maybe 4-5 though.

  12. I was searching on Pinterest and look what (or who) I found! Great post and fantastic magazine feature! Thanks for you help with my wreath project!


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