Easy Sofa Leg Swap

An easy and affordable way to give your sofa a new look!

unfinished sofa legs

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Hi friends, both old and new. Welcome 🌝

This project is oh so easy, but really makes a big change!

We found ourselves shopping for a new sofa recently. Well, in truth we started looking several months ago...but couldn't find anything that we (more like this picky girl) liked!

They were either too dark...or too slouchy...too short...or too tall...not comfortable...or too expensive. And what is with the grommets on everything? I don't mind grommets, but find them used in excess!

To make a long story short, we finally found a sofa that got my approval. It is just the right size (for both me and my 6'1" Mr DIY), the color is a good neutral, it's great quality (Craftmaster) and the very, very best part...it was marked down y'all! Here's an in-store pic.

old sofa legs

Truth - we haven't shopped for a new sofa in over a decade! I was truly astonished at how much they cost now! Finding a nice quality one on sale was both a bonus and a blessing!

(and because I know some of you are going to try to blow up the size of this in-store picture to see how much we paid - 'cause that's something I would do 😉...it was less than $800, which if you've sofa shopped recently you'll know is significantly less than most!)

BUT...I don't like the legs (or feet). They're too modern for me, and they also angle in slightly making the sofa look a little unsturdy.

HOWEVER, I had a plan for that! A simple and easy plan. New legs (wouldn't it be nice if we could just order new legs for ourselves when we got tired of the old ones? hehe)

We headed to Lowes and found these beauties. At about $6.50 per leg we got a whole new look for less than $30!

new unfinished sofa legs

Of course the store only had 3 so I needed to order one, but it wasn't a big deal...it arrived within a few days.

They were raw wood, so needed a little stain before we switched out the legs. When staining raw wood, I always use a pre-stain wood conditioner. It helps to achieve a uniform finish without splotches.

pre-stain conditioner

I just use a cheap, throw-away brush or foam brush to apply stain (or even a rag, but then you need to wear gloves). I quite liked the color with just the pre-stain applied!

with a coat of pre-stain conditioner

I used leftover Minwax stain in Early American. It's a nice medium tone stain without any orange or red.

apply stain

Heads up: because these wood legs are birch and maple, each one took the stain a little differently. It was not a big deal for my sofa...but if you are using them on a table or want them to look exactly the same, you might want to paint them. 

stain might take differently to mixed-wood sofa legs

And then it was a simple matter of unscrewing the old legs and adding the new!

new sofa legs

I love how easy this project is! For just a few bucks, our sofa looks entirely different. The new sofa legs match my modern-ish farmhouse style and look awesome in this freshly painted room!

What was that? You want some scary, ugly pictures of how this room looked before we painted the paneling and gave it an awesome, fresh makeover? 

Why sure...just head here!

change sofa legs for a whole new look
Switching out the sofa pillows definitely made a big difference in how this sofa looked too! I believe you can never have too many pillows!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. It really made a difference. I love the new legs and couch. Great idea .

    1. Hey Deb, thank you SO much! We are very happy with our new sofa, especially with the legs swapped out!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ivory, it's an easy change but I love how it changes the whole look of the sofa!

  3. Love this! I’m going to give it a shot on some of my furniture! Are the screws at the top of the legs a standard size? If not, how did you know what to look for in the screws?

    1. The screws are standard. The legs/ feet we bought are intended for sofas. Hope that helps!


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