Creating Curb Appeal in 30 Minutes

Giving an Entry Door a Pop of Color and Some New Tech!

door hardware

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Have you ever looked at your entry door and been appalled?

That happened to me recently. Dusty, dirty, cob-webby...our side entry was disgusting! This is the door we use everyday, and I wanted to give it a pretty overhaul.

Added to the dirt and general grossness was an ancient keyless entry pad that didn't always work...yep, been locked out more than once! It was past time for a change!

And because I like keeping it's a little 'before' visual for you. I had Millie tied to the doorknob so I could snap this pic without her running off down the street!


We had already installed the new keyless deadbolt from Hickory Hardware...more on that in a bit...but here's the old one...ewww, right?

old keyless deadbolt

And you can see that the new, sleek one was a lot smaller than the old one, which left a bit of a mess on the door.

new keyless deadbolt

I'll be honest that I was hesitant with this makeover. I was home alone so had no one to bounce ideas off...or to remove the keyless pad for me so I could paint πŸ˜• But...I'm persistent so I took some sandpaper to the outline of the old keyless entry pad to smooth the edges, filled the holes with spackle, taped around the stuff I didn't know how to remove...and got to work painting.

Quick Commercial Break!...this would be a good time for me to tell you about my 2-day juicing experiment! I am guilty of being very spontaneous, and when I heard an ad on the radio the day before for a juice cleanse...that could be delivered to my doorstep by that evening no less, I thought NOW was a good time to try it out. My husband and daughter were at junior high camp, my son was seemed like a good idea!

And it's definitely a good idea that I'm very productive in the morning! I jumped out of bed, eyed my coffee machine but then drank my first juice...and set to work painting this door, and painting a few other projects! By the time 3:00 rolled around, I was 4 juices in...but flat on my back with an ice pack on my aching head! The juice cleanse was over! I guess I'm more addicted to caffeine that I thought!

Okay, back to adding curb appeal with a painted door!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

I think the key to my success with this door was the Curb Appeal paint by DecoArt that I used. It's thicker than normal paint, goes on veeerrryy nicely, and it's 2 coats and done! Durable, fast-drying, fade-resistant acrylic paint that offers superior protection without requiring a sealer. Its versatile semi-gloss finish is both scuff- and water-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use.  It's specially formulated to work on wood or metal doors, shutters, railings, mailboxes, and more and it was a delight to work with! I've long had a love affair with the color aqua and very nearly chose the Cape Cod Mint colored paint. But in the end, I considered the traditional nature of our home and went with a classic blue...a decision I'm glad I made!



You may be wondering why I have those two tiny craft brushes in my picture. This is why...

tape around hardware

After I cleaned all the dirt and grime from the door, I used painters tape to protect the hardware but didn't bother putting it around the window. Paint is really easy to scrape off glass. I don't have any in-process photos because the temp was in the 90's and I painted my door with it open. Thankfully the first coat dried very quickly and the second went on even better! I was literally done in less than 30 minutes!

My process was simple. I painted around the framed window and the raised panels with my brush and then filled in all the flat areas with the roller.

painting an entry door

I'm continually amazed at the power of paint to transform! Look at the dramatic improvement!

painted door before and after

Let's talk this keyless deadbolt from Hickory Hardware. It's Bluetooth enabled, which means if I'm at the grocery store and can't remember if I locked the door or not, I can lock it from my phone!!! And the reverse is true too! No more getting locked out of the house!

bluetooth enable deadbolt

There are additional settings that are high tech, yet easy to use!

Bluetooth enable deadbolt

It adds a sleek, modern look to our entry. I am loving the curb appeal that I created in under 30 minutes!

painted door in classic blue

The entry is so much more welcoming! It's amazing what some cleaning and paint can do!

add curb appeal with painted door

curb appeal

painted door

blue painted door

On Wednesday I'll be sharing a simple patriotic wreath that I made to hang on this door that cost only $12 to make! Hope to see you then!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

Disclosure: Thank You to Hickory Hardware and DecoArt for sponsoring this post and providing product to give my home a little more curb appeal! All opinions are my own.

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  1. Your door does look great now! A little color and pretty hardware make all the difference. I go out and wash our front door every few weeks. I just take a bowl of soapy water and wipe it all down...then I rinse with the hose and dry it. Makes a huge difference!

    1. It's amazing what a little cleaning and a fresh pop of color can do!!

  2. Cindy,
    I was looking at the front yard makeover and found where you repainted the side door and you really did do a MAKEOVER!!! It's beautiful and you did a good job painting. It's hard to believe that little bottle painted the door. Where do you find that paint? I have a steel front door that needs TLC really bad and I would love to surprise my other half when he comes home from work and sees an acqua or teal front door!!!! I love, love teal and coral!!!! He would say that you would have to use primer, oil-based paint and the whole nine yards but I would hope this would work so I could get some projects done around here. Also, the yard is amazing!!! I love the porch rockers, table, chippy chair and rug. The flowers are beautiful and I know they will do good; ya'll really did a wonderful job. Thanks so much for sharing and I'll be on the lookout for next weeks' blog post. I enjoy reading your blog so much and you take so much of your time teaching us how to do projects. Thanks so much,
    your blog friend,

    1. Thank you so so much for the kind words Jean!! You can read more about my door and the special door paint I used here (no sanding or priming needed, and it's made to withstand any weather!)


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