Patriotic Bandana Wreath

How to make a simple $12 bandana wreath in 30 minutes
patriotic bandana wreath

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I finally started decorating my home for July 4! Not sure why I waited so long this front porch is decorated, the side door is freshly painted and this wreath was the perfect finishing touch to welcome us home and show our American pride! Here's a peek at the front door.
patriotic decor

I first saw this bandana wreath on Crafts by Amanda in peach and mint and immediately thought of making it with red, white and blue bandanas. I picked up what I thought I'd need at the store and then decided to read the tutorial, to make sure I didn't miss any important steps, which is when I read that Amanda got the idea for this wreath from Angie at The Country Chic Cottage, who had made a patriotic one! So...all that to say...this isn't my original idea, but it's a great one and so I thought I'd share with you. As always, I made a few modifications to this project to suit me.

And just in case you're wondering...YES, you can easily make this wreath in 30 minutes! And even if you don't consider yourself  'crafty', I promise that you can make this patriotic wreath and have it hanging on your door today!

The supplies are inexpensive...I made this wreath for only $12, which is cheap when you see what wreaths are selling for!!!


  • 12" wire wreath form from Dollar Tree (small form, but makes a large wreath! If you buy a larger form, you'll need more bandanas)
  • 10 bandanas...4 each of red and white, 2 blue
  • spray starch (I linked to the one I used, but I bought it at Target for <$2)


I'm not going to share the tutorial because Amanda has a video tutorial that is really good and easy to follow. Go check it out and see how easy it is!

Fabric Cutting Tip...rather than using scissors to cut each bandana down the middle, just snip the hem and then rip. Your fabric will rip straight and you'll just need to snip the hem on the other end! So Easy!! And'll have frayed edges this way!

Oh, and FYI...this bandana wreath is totally Millie-approved! In fact, she took a nap on it one afternoon! 😉🐾💗

easy bandana wreath for July 4th

Amanda mentions painting fabric stiffener onto the bandanas to keep the wreath from drooping. I used fabric spray starch because I'm lazy...and it worked great! I tucked a little bit of crumpled tissue inside each 'petal' while it dried to help it hold its shape. Then I flipped it over and did the same to the back. In the Texas sun, it dried in about 5 minutes!

And how does my perky patriotic bandana wreath look on my freshly painted door? Well, see for yourself!

bandana wreath on painted door

 I love it!!!

patriotic red white and blue wreath

Tip for hanging a wreath...I've hung it from a ribbon which I just staple to the top of my door...easy to remove! Here's a peek at both doors. I have my easy ribbon and denim faux flag on the front door.

our home

front yard

I hope you try this wreath, whether you make it in patriotic colors or not! If you do, be sure to let me know!!

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