A Tiny Bathroom Reveal with Modern Farmhouse Style

Our tiny guest bath got a makeover with big farmhouse style in partnership with Lowe's Home Improvement! I'm sharing the full reveal today!
before and after farmhouse bathroom

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I love reveal day! Whether it's an episode of a home makeover show, or seeing another blogger's work...reveal day is when all the magic comes together, right? You get to see a vision come to fruition!

Our tiny guest bath is one of those rooms. It was stuck in the 80's and needed a makeover. I was delighted to partner with Lowe's to give this small space big style, great function and a true farmhouse theme. 

Bathroom Before It's hard to fully appreciate how far we've come with this bathroom makeover without seeing it from the beginning. So here is a look at how the bathroom looked before its ultimate makeover!

bathroom before

This tiny bathroom is tucked away behind a pocket door off our main hallway. It may be small, but it's the main bathroom for guests and it also gets daily family use. It had carpet (ew!), a mismatched style, a small, dark vanity and mirror and just kind of a feeling of 'blah'. What you can't see are the water stains on the marble counter and faucet that we tried valiantly to remove without success. You also don't see the tarnished gold light switch covers or the weird texture on the walls.

Replacing the carpet with this beautiful tile floor was a great start! This octagon-shaped stone tile has such a classic feel and you know that black and white is repeated throughout my home decor, so it was a great fit! A huge step up from shag carpet!!!

black and white stone tile

Then Mr DIY and I spent a day and added this pre-made shiplap to the entire space. I was never more happy to see those putty colored textured walls disappear behind pretty white shiplap! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ You can see the installation tutorial in this post.

pre-made shiplap

I love how the new vanity, light fixture and mirror all work together. The contrast of dark and light, the brushed nickel faucet with the grays...is it possible for a bathroom to be a soothing space? I definitely need to keep a good stash of magazines in here ๐Ÿ˜‚

farmhouse style in a tiny bathroom

The vanity we selected is about 7 inches wider than our last one. Remember the designer tips I gave you for adding big style in a small space? One of them was to avoid using tiny furniture in a tiny space. This focal piece is as wide as it could be and still fit into this small room. The soft gray color and the simple Shaker style keep it from overwhelming the space like the other one did.

rustic mirror, brushed nickel, white shiplap

I love the engineered stone top and undermount sink! There is plenty of storage space and the ample counter top surface is large enough for a couple of decorative elements. 

rustic mirror

The rustic mirror we chose is so beautiful! I love that it mimics the look of old barnwood with the grays running through it. It's rustic and elegant all at the same time!

And the new faucet? I don't think you can ever go wrong with brushed nickel! It's always going to be in style. It's an easy to clean, sleek faucet that would be perfect for any bathroom!

brushed nickel faucet

The new light fixture has a similar feel. With our low ceilings in this bathroom I needed to find a fixture that didn't curve up or down. This one just feels right in here. The nickel tops remind me a little of vintage mason jars!

modern farmhouse light fixture

Oh hey, there's an awkward picture of me trying to get a picture of this amazing new space! Hellooo gorgeous shiplap walls! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

farmhouse bathroom

We tried to keep the walls as clutter-free as possible, using a simple black hook to replace the outdated towel bar, as well as replacing the shiny gold switch plates for plain white ones.

Do you spy my camera? I had to try a lot of new tricks to photograph this small space! One of them was setting my camera on a tripod and using a remote so I didn't have to actually be IN the room to take the shot!

updating a bathroom with modern farmhouse style

Let's take a look at the other side of this tiny bathroom. Look at how the shiplap lines up so beautifully! Kudos to Mr DIY for a job well done! If you want to know how easy it was to install this type of pre-made shiplap, you can read about the install here.

shiplap walls and farmhouse display ladder

A white piece of artwork hangs on the long wall (I plan to change this out seasonally), and Mr DIY made a simple ladder that is customized to fit around the toilet. The dark wood tones mimic the mirror on the other side and add balance to the room...as well as function!

farmhouse ladder to organize bathroom

A couple baskets to hold supplies and a little touch of greenery is all it took to add a farmhouse feel on this side of the room.

10" rough in toilet for small spaces

The new toilet is chair height, energy efficient and...well, it's just nice to have a brand new toilet! I'll stop there haha. Except to say that I learned about what 12" and 10" rough in means. And because of my not knowing, we ended up having to return the toilet and order a new one!

Tip: if you're renovating a small bathroom, you're going to probably require a 10" rough in toilet. Measure the area from the wall to the bolts where the toilet sits to see.

gray and white bathroom with rustic farmhouse decor

We couldn't be happier with how this small bathroom turned out. It has a style now that fits with the rest of our home, the individual elements work together to form a beautiful whole that makes sense, and it's got a ton of farmhouse style that I love! I feel like we simplified all the mismatched elements, and in doing so, it became a beautiful space, rather than a kind of awkward one (while I love curvy lines to furniture, it wasn't the best choice in this small bathroom).

modern farmhouse bathroom update

Another look at how far this bathroom has come! It's proof that a small space doesn't have to be bland! You can add big style in even the smallest spaces!

before and after farmhouse style guest bath

Please feel free to pin this image for future reference!

80's drab to modern farmhouse! A full bathroom makeover by DIY beautifiy

Shop the image below!

I hope this room  makeover inspired you to see beyond your dated, dreary spaces! It's amazing how much brighter this room feels! Please ask any questions in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them!

A huge thank you to Lowe's for sponsoring this post! I met so many great people during the course of this room makeover, and everyone was so helpful and excited to see the final results!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. Cindy I love how the bathroom turned out.The shiplap gives it a cozy feel and makes it seem larger than I'm sure it is. The lighting is perfect with the mirror. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much Di! We're so happy with how it turned out!

  2. Just brilliant idea. All the designs are so lovely. Love to find your post. Keep going.

  3. This is beautiful! Where did you get the wall hook for the towel?

  4. Everything you added into that space is so though-out and special. I love the little vanity and the floor tile. Get timeless choices!


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