Design Tips to add Big Style in a Small Bathroom

Sharing my design plans for our small guest bath and how we plan to add big farmhouse style in this tiny space!
bathroom mood board

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Sometimes it seems as though the large rooms in our homes get all the fun! There's room to really play in there, and so many ideas work. It's easy...effortless.

I have one room in our home that's teeny-tiny. Our guest bathroom on the main floor is off the hallway, behind a pocket door. It's a tiny 25 square foot space but it's the bathroom that's centrally located and the one we direct guests to.

We're about to tackle this space with the help of Lowes and give it some love and style to match the rest of our home! Pretty much everything in this bathroom is about to go bye-bye.

Today I'm going to share the BEFORE PICTURES with y'all and then talk about our plans for this space to update it, add more functionality and style! Along the way, I'll share some design tips for adding big style in small spaces!

Welcome to our half bath...half-heartedly decorated to try to disguise the fact that there is carpet on the floor! πŸ˜žπŸ˜›

Design Tip #1: Stay away from carpet in a bathroom

Carpet in a bathroom is just wrong! Just say NO!

carpet in a bathroom

Seriously, who puts carpet in a bathroom? That's just EW in so many ways!

If you saw my recent posts, you'll know that we recently added beautiful farmhouse floors to our living room/sunroom as well as my office. I considered using that same flooring in this bathroom but opted to go with a tile instead because the floor we used was laminate. Any moisture, any toilet or sink leak, would spell disaster for laminate floors. I'm very excited about the tile I chose...more on that in a little bit.

Moving on, the walls in this space are peach.  Now, I love peaches to eat πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘...but am not a fan of peach colored walls (if you love peach walls, yay for you!). If you've been following me for a long time, you'll already know that peach colored walls somehow seem to follow me every time we move! They're the bane of my existence, hehe. Okay, not really. But they are definitely Not my favorite!

To add some character and charm in this room, we will be adding white shiplap walls. They will be similar to the shiplap that we used in my office.

This room is so tiny that it was hard to even take pictures! Here's the other side.

dark vanity

This vanity and sink are cute except for a couple things. Our home's hard water has completely ruined the granite counter top. We've tried so many different ways to clean and nothing works. There's a lot of gunk build-up on the faucets and it just won't come off. We are hoping to add a whole-home water softener some time this year. Unfortunately for this room, the damage is already done!

The other thing about this vanity combo that doesn't work for me is the size.

Design tip #2: Avoid tiny pieces in a small room

Stay away from tiny furniture in a tiny room. Larger pieces in a small room will actually make the room feel bigger!

This tiny little vanity just emphasizes the fact that this bathroom is really, really small! Plus there is virtually no counter space.

The new vanity will fill the space better and will have an attached sink, for a more fitted, seamless look. The larger vanity will have simple lines rather than the busyness of the present one.

small vanity with heavy details

As you can see, there's a lot going on above the vanity. The mirror is quite detailed, with the trim and then the scrolly stuff at the top. The light fixture hangs very close to the mirror.

The overall effect is one of busy-ness. The dark stain of the vanity and mirror add to the feeling of heaviness.

Design tip #3: Simplify

The key to small rooms is simple pieces. Don't get me wrong...simple pieces can still be beautiful and stylish! Stay away from heavy, dark furniture with scrolled details and heavy trim...aim for a simplified look.

Case in point...dark stained vanity with too many details and dark counter top.

dark and detailed vanity

This same design rule applies for decor in a small space too! The tendency is to hang something on every wall (Mr DIY would say I'm definitely guilty of this). It's going to be a challenge for me to keep the decor simple and understated in this room!

Design tip #4: Splurge Economically

Yep, I know that sounds like a contradiction so let me explain what I mean by "splurge economically". Because this room is so small, the amount of flooring needed is very small. I chose a floor tile that is a little pricey (nearly $9 per square foot) because I need so little of it! Here's another look at my mood board for the room. The tile is a classic and has a rich feel to it because it's stone.

That little bit of gorgeous tile will add a richness to this room that wouldn't be achieved by using something cheap. The same would apply to painting one small wall of a room a rich color, or splurging on a gorgeous sink. A little goes a long way!

design plans for a small bathroom

Design tip #5: Choose Colors According to Your Style

If you are decorating a small bathroom and want to create a moody look, a dark and dramatic wall color is definitely the way to go!

Our home's style is modern farmhouse, and the new pieces in this bathroom will reflect that. Classic black and white is a favorite of mine and will be used here too. My goal in this tiny guest bath is to lighten and brighten the space. The peach walls and dark vanity and mirror make it look drab. I aim to use light colors to open up the space, from the ceiling all the way down to the floors!

Speaking of floors, we actually ripped the carpet out several months ago because it was so gross. So here's what we've been living with...yes that is cement!

cement floors

I hope you found these design tips helpful! I can't wait to share the progress of this small guest bathroom as it starts to take shape!

Stay tuned...

Also, please mark your calendars! Next week marks my 5th year writing this little blog! I've partnered with some of my favorite makers and we'll be celebrating soon with 5 days of giveaways! It's my way of saying thank you for your support! πŸ’™

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. I think its going to look amazing!!!
    I feel you on the Peach, brown and beige walls ��
    My whole house when we moved in. Hideous
    Good luck with a easy transformation

  2. I have a small bathroom. I was searching for some tips that will give a new look to my bathroom. And you have shared some great ideas I can apply in my bathroom.


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