Creative Craft Spaces and Home Offices

I've rounded up 23 budget-friendly craft rooms and feminine office spaces that offer form and function to inspire you to work better, not harder!
inspiring home offices and craft spaces
Stay at home moms wear multiple hats these days. In addition to raising children and keeping the  house running efficiently, many modern moms work from home. Whether they are a blogger, a photographer, a writer or small shop owner, having a space to call their own is a recipe for success!

You may not run a business from home, but you love to craft, scrapbook, sew or DIY and having your own dedicated space is a dream! I'm going to share 23 ideas to inspire you to see how to carve out a working/crafting space in your own home - big or small!

Whether you have an entire room to yourself, or just a corner, these beautifully creative spaces are sure to inspire you and give you ideas that you can incorporate at home!

As you look through these home offices and plan your office or craft space, think about your own goals. What are your needs?

  • Are you looking to maximize space? 
  • Do you need to organize a lot of supplies? 
  • Maybe you need to fit a home office into an existing room and make it efficient without looking "office-y". 
  • Or maybe you want to surround yourself with items that you love, things to inspire you. 

Keep these goals in mind as you look through the following 23 spaces. If you want a closer look, more pictures and details, click on the link included with each space.

Creative Craft Spaces and Home Offices

1. Home Office with a High-End Look on a Budget

create an office with a high end look on a budget
Rain on a Tin Roof
Jenna created a colorful home office that is organized and clutter-free. She kept the cost down by DIYing many of the projects, and filled the room with colorful and quirky objects that inspire her.

2. Tiny Black, White and Gold Office Space

create a home office in a tiny space
Whitney J Decor
Whitney created a tiny home office with bold style in only 50 square feet of space! It may be tiny, but it certainly doesn't lack style!

3. Floral Office with Fabric Wall

colorful home office with floral fabric
Amber Oliver
Amber's colorful office is organized and efficient, and big on style! She added a fabric floral wall and large DIY lucite calendar to make it all pop while being efficient at the same time!

4. Using Doors to Organize

use doors to organize craft supplies
Design Dazzle
Toni used doors to organize craft supplies and painted them the same color for a cohesive look. It's a great way to move supplies off of a desk or work surface and create visual storage!

5. Teen Craft Space

fun and colorful teen craft space
Jennifer Allwood
Jennifer turned a room off her kitchen into a dedicated crafting space for her teenage daughter, filled with fun colors and textures.

6. Wall of Organization

wall of organization for home office
Craving Some Creativity
Rachel turned a messy home office into the ultimate crafting space. Highlights are an entire wall of organization and a special place for her son to craft next to her!

7. Cubby Craft Organization

use cubbies and pegboard to organize craft supplies
Just Measuring Up
Organization and storage was the main goal in this craft space, which was accomplished with the clever use of cubbies and pegboard

8. Desk in Closet

create a home office inside a closet
Houseful of Handmade
This nursey-turned-office and craft room was pulled together for under $100! Cleverly incorporating a chic desk work area within one of the closets allowed Kati to get the most from her space! Lots of great DIY projects here!

9. Under Stairs Homework Station

utilize space under stairs for a home office
Grillo Designs
This project will make you reconsider all the nooks and crannies in your home! Medina cleverly turned the awkward space under the stairs into a homework station. It's organized, efficient and super cute!

10. Farmhouse Modern Office Makeover

create an office with farmhouse charm in a boring room
DIY beautify
The flex room off our master had turned into a junk-all! Organizing, purging and lots of hard worked later, it is now my office and craft room. It is decidedly feminine with vintage pieces, shiplap walls and wood floors. Organization that works and beautiful touches give this office farmhouse charm.

11. Feminine Home Office

feminine home office and craft room
Atta Girls Says
Amy's feminine home office is filled with colorful storage for all her crafting supplies. It's a feminine and functional space that helps to inspire her while she works!

12. Functional Sewing Area

create a functional sewing area in a corner
Life on Virginia Street
Sarah needed this room to function as a craft room/movie room/workout room/sewing area. Giving each corner a dedicated purposed helped her accomplish her goals! She turned one junk-filled corner into a functional sewing space that is bright and efficient.

13. Garage Creative Studio

turn a garage into a craft studio
Petal and Ply
Maybe you have absolutely nowhere in your home to carve out an office or craft space. Why not turn your garage into a creative studio like this blogger did!! This gorgeous crafting space started life out as a garage...complete with bikes, outdoor toys, tools and other garage detritus! Now this beautiful space has removable wall-hung work stations, space to display cherished collections, chic storage, a lounge area and even a beverage station!

14. Bright White and Gold Chic Home Office

chic home office with neutrals
Monica Wants It
Monica wanted to refresh her space, using items she already had. The result is a bright, clean and organized chic home office with a light, airy vibe!

15. Guest Room Office Makeover

add office and workspace to a guest room
Shrimp Salad Circus
Lindsay is a creative spirit who loves to make something from nothing. And that's exactly what she did in this guest space, turning it into a multi-purpose room where creativity shines.

16. Setting up a Small Craft Room

how to set up a crafting area in a tiny space
Smart Fun DIY
Jennifer is a big believer that even a small craft space can be big on organization and efficiency! She shares tips for how to decorate a small craft space on a budget and design a space that supports the way YOU create!

17.  Modern Open Office

add a modern office area behind closed built-ins and cabinets
Making Joy and Pretty Things
If your home office is open to the rest of the house, consider a wall of closed storage, like Sarah did. She removed a wood feature wall to create a wall of built-in storage and says it was the best decision ever.

18. Turn an Unused Dining Room into a Home Office

turn an unused dining room into a home office and space for crafting
DIY beautify
Our former home had a tiny dining space that we turned into a functional craft room and home office. Because it was seen from multiple rooms, including the entry way, organization was key! I found some clever ways to organize my craft supplies by color and it really helped in the overall function and aesthetics of the room!

19. Organized Home Office

turn a mess into an organized and functional home office
Hearth and Vine
Patti's makeover focused on turning a mess into a beautiful, organized and efficient place to run her business. It really is true that when everything has a place, it's so much easier to work with a clear mind!

20. Pink and Gold Craft Room

multi purpose craft room, home office and guest room
Our Crafty Mom
Michelle needed a dedicated craft space, office area and guest space for when her daughter visits. She was strategic in how she set up her room so that she could maximize her space and still keep it pretty!

21. Functional and Fabulous Office

create a functional and fabulous home office
Polished Habitat
Melissa's beautiful office retreat started life as her husband's office! He was gracious enough to give it up and she made it over into a functional and gorgeous space for herself! She has space to prepare her Etsy orders, and room to dream!

22. Basement Studio Makeover for $100

create a craft studio in a basement
Postcard From the Ridge
Angie's basement home office started life as a dumping ground (so many of us can relate, right?) Her goal was to make it a light and bright space, filled with inspiration. She cleared the clutter and created a charming space filled with vintage organizing goodies. Now that everything has a place, it's a breeze to maintain!

23. Chic White and Gold Home Office

white and gold home office
Savvy Apron
Sherry's home office started life as an unused dining room filled with mismatched furniture. Uninspiring, it left much to be desired. She repainted or recovered most of the existing furniture to update it, and give it a bright and fresh new look. She added gold stripes to the wall with tape for a chic, modern update.

Whew, that was a lot of home office makeovers!! If you made it to the end, congratulations! I'm thinking you were really needing inspiration and motivation to get started on your own office or craft space redo!

Go ahead and PIN this collage, SHARE it with friends (or yourself) so you'll have it at hand when you're ready to begin your office update!

inspiring home office and craft rooms decorated on a budget
I'd love to know which room was your favorite or one you found most inspiring? These makeovers are proof that you CAN create a home office or craft space even if you don't have a spare bedroom!! And you can absolutely have your own space on a budget! Think outside the you have a basement space? a garage? or even a small space under the stairs that could become the office of your dreams?

I'll be back later this week with some winter decor ideas 😍

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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