Hanging Mason Jar Flower Display

How to easily turn regular mason jars into hanging flower display! Hung from a rustic shutter, they create an instant garden on the wall!
hang mason jars on a shutter
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Hi friend! I hope you're excited to learn how easily it is to turn regular mason jars into a hanging garden! Grab another cup of coffee, turmeric tea or whatever you fancy and let's get right into this tutorial!

I recently shared how I created a summer dining room for less than $20! Missed that post? Catch up HERE. I included lots of tips and tricks for getting the most for your buck!

This corner has had a white shutter hanging on it for a long time (you can get a peek at it in this post), and I decided to switch it up and bring more color. I already had these rustic shutters. Click here to see how I was using them in my living room. And actually, if we're being literal...they aren't shutters! Can you guess what they are?


Did you guess? They're vintage baking racks that I found at Canton Market Days for $5 each! Cool, right? I love using them as shutters. They add some rustic industrial flair to my home.

Here is how I turned one into a hanging floral display. It was super easy!



How to Create Hanging Mason Jars

I needed to create a hanging loop at the back of each mason jar so they could hang flush from the shutter. 

Create a wire loop
I folded the wire end back on itself and then twisted it to create a sturdy loop. I haven't cut any wire off the paddle yet!

create a wire loop

Wrap around jar
Next, holding the loop in place where I wanted it, I wrapped wire around the jar several times to secure it.

securing a hanging loop

Here is how the back looked once I was finished. The cut wire was wrapped around the base of the loop to give it extra support.

Note: even though my florals are faux and weight next to nothing, I didn't want to take any chances that my jars would fall!

hanging loop

I continued in this method until all my jars were wrapped.

Insider Tip: 26 gauge wire is readily available, and very thin, making it very easy to work with! I love using the paddle wire because it's very easy to pull the wire taut and get it nice and snug to the jar rim!

Prepare Florals

artificial flowers

It goes without saying that live flowers would be beautiful in this display! But for this project, I purchased all the flowers you see here from Walmart. They are SO inexpensive, and they have a really nice variety! I bought 3 stems of yellow ranunculus, 1 stem of mini yellow roses, a bunch of white babies breath and a stem of dusty miller...all this was only about $9!

Snip stems
The flowers needed a little work so they would fit nicely in my jars. I snipped the ends shorter, removing most of the greenery from the roses and ranunculus.

Then I divvied up the flowers so I'd have enough to fill each jar.

Hang jars on shutter
I prepped 5 jars and was initially planning to hang them all on the shutter. However, I decided to stick with 3 and leave some of my mini blue plates hanging up as well. Blue and yellow is such a bright, fun color combo for summer!

The S-hooks just hang from rack and are easy to move around. If you're using a traditional wood shutter, the S-hooks may not work. If not, just hammer in a tiny nail to hang your mason jars from! I hung my plates from the shutter using these stretchy plate hangers

hang mason jars from a shutter

That's it! Super fast and easy, but I love the bright punch of color this hanging mason jar display adds to this corner of my dining room! A little gingham fabric around the neck of the jars finishes them off nicely! Gingham is perfect for summer!

using shutters in home decor

The extra jars that I prepared went on the dining table, where they fit in so nicely with my DIY bee skep trio!

summer tablescape

Isn't this fun? Pin for later...

hanging mason jar flower display

bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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