Easy DIY Bee Skep/Beehive for under $10!

This tutorial will show you how to make inexpensive DIY bee skeps/hives for under $10! Plus tips and tricks for the best outcome!

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Hi there friend! Is it feeling like summer yet where you are? You can't have summer without bees right?...and while bee decor is super cute, bee skeps are even cuter! The texture and neutral color make them the perfect summer home decor accent! I love their cute design but they usually come with a hefty price tag!

Not anymore! My sweet friend Shamara from  Shamara's Pretty Things has a fabulous IGTV that walks you through the entire process! Watch the video tutorial HERE and then come back for additional tips and tricks that I learned while making my own DIY bee skeps!


Did you watch Shamara's video? I love her easy video that shows just how simple it really is to make these bee skeps! I set out to make my own DIY bee skeps one Saturday afternoon, using items I already had! I'm sharing some additional tips that may help you to achieve success. First things first...here are the supplies you will need.


* Tips on the rope: Amazon has some great options on rope too. If you buy the ones in my supplies list, you can easily make all 3 bee skeps for under $20! The jute rope is nice to work with...the sisal is scratchy, but I think I preferred the final product using the sisal! Just personal preference!

Select Items
You probably already have a lot of items around your home that you can turn into a bee skep! Here are some items that I grabbed. A Solo cup, a plastic plant pot and a basket (I ended up not using the basket because I really love it as is, but I found a great alternative at the Dollar Tree...keep scrolling)

Adjust the Shape
When you flip your vessel over, you need to do a little work to make it rounded at the top. This is much easier than I was expecting! All you need is packing paper or newsprint and packaging tape!

Scrunch the packing tape up and tape it to the vessel until it has a dome shape at the top. This is really easy to do if your vessel is rounded to begin with!

If your vessel has more of a square-ish shape, you need to round it. You do this by wrapping it with more packing paper. Just scrunch it until it resembles the shape you need and tape it on. Here is what my Solo cup looked like after taping paper to create more of a beehive shape. It doesn't have to be perfect! The rope covers a lot!

Stuff Inside and Make a Bottom
Next, stuff the INSIDE of the vessel with paper! This adds some weight so it will sit nicely. I also traced the bottom opening onto poster board, cut it out and hot glued that to the bottom of the cup. That finishes it off nicely, keeps the paper inside, and gives it more support.

Wrap with Rope
The fun part begins! Starting at the bottom, add a bead of hot glue in a 2-4" section and hold the rope in place. Just keep wrapping and gluing as you work your way up.

Insider Tip: Cut all rope ends at an angle to help disguise the beginning and ending of the rope

Make a Loop
When you have about 1/3 of the beehive wrapped in rope, take another piece about 8 inches long, form the middle into a loop and hot glue to the very top of the bee skep. Hold in place to secure. Glue the ends down as well. These will be completely hidden as you continue wrapping and gluing rope around the skep and will ensure that it's held in place securely so the loop is functional if you want to hang it up.

Insider Tip: You may have some gaps or holes in your paper (see pic below with the arrow). In that instance, rather than gluing the rope to the vessel, add glue to the row of rope below until you get past that trouble spot.

Keep wrapping and gluing all the way to the top! When you are gluing over the ends of the hanging loop, just pull the rope a little tighter so your skep doesn't end up with bumps!

Make the Hole
The beehive or bee skep hole is simple to make! Cut out a circle from black card stock or vinyl and hot glue in place. Glue a small piece of rope around the edges to finish it off nicely.

Burn your Skep
Say WHAT??? I know just what you're thinking because I thought the same! But watch this short video that explains WHY and HOW to do this! And obviously I figured out that these are called Bee Skeps!! LOL!

Burning the skep eliminates a lot of the fuzzies from your rope, and adds more depth and dimension..making it look more realistic! I think it's worth the extra, easy step, but it's up to you! Please be cautious when using a flame!!

Less than $4 worth of rope, a plastic pot and hot glue equals one super cute bee skep!

I used my DIY bee skeps in my dining room, all decked out for summer. Be watching for that post later this week when I share how I pulled my summer dining room together for summer for only $20!

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  1. Such a cute idea Cindy and one I feel I can do this weekend. I love the texture of the rope.

  2. These are perfect !!! Thanks!

  3. What size & type of rope did you use? (3/8" or 1/2", sisal, jute, manila)?

  4. WOW! Always wanted one and now I think perhaps I may! Thank you, Cindy! You did a great job! Found you from visiting Marty. : - )


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