How to Upcycle a Thrift Store Berry Wreath

Got a berry wreath with damaged berries? Don't toss it, upcycle it quickly and easily, with a brand new color! I'll show you how!

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You've probably got one of these berry wreaths in your attic. Mine came from the thrift store and I paid $4 for it.

I love the size of the wreath, it's a generous 24 inches. I find a bigger wreath makes a bigger impact! What I didn't love was all the damaged foam 'berries'. These wreaths are quite fragile, and the berries have a tendency to break and split.

Once they break, the white insides are very obvious and difficult to disguise.

As you can see, the wreath I purchased has fall colors but I found an inexpensive and thrifty way to upcycle it for summer decor!

You know I love blue, my home is filled with blue. I think it's been my very favorite color forever! My dining room is filled with vintage blue and white dishes and I used some of them this spring to make a vintage plate wreath. I've also painted an antique cabinet in my office the most beautiful bold turquoise color. The cabinet holds craft supplies. Click here to see my office (I have the prettiest blue velvet office chair).

So it was no surprise that I chose to upcycle this berry wreath with blue paint! With just a couple cans of blue spray paint, I transformed this wreath into a blue berry wreath and made it something beautiful again!

How to upcycle a thrift store berry wreath

We have a Habitat ReStore in town, but it's only open a couple days a week and usually when I swing by, it's closed.

I finally made it the other day and found some vintage blue dishes, as well as this extra large berry wreath! It was even on sale and I knew just what to do with it.

I made another stop at Lowes and picked up two cans of Krylon ColorMaxx spray paint in Oxford Blue.

I love this paint and primer in one. Plus, it's made for both indoor or outdoor use and will cover metal, wood, plastic and more so I knew it would efficiently cover my berry wreath.

Designer tip: it's worth it to pay a little more for a quality spray paint; your job will go faster, be easier and you'll see better coverage!

How to spray paint a berry wreath

This was an outdoor job, even though our humidity has been in the 90's. I waited until the middle of the day when the humidity was a little lower and the sun was shining, and headed outside with my wreath and spray paint.

I set my wreath on a sheet of dollar store poster board, to protect it from bugs, dirt and grass. I learned the hard way not to spray paint on top of the sidewalk, driveway or path of any kind! Overspray is real, and it's very difficult to remove! If you spray paint in the grass, it will be soon cut away!

The tip to painting a berry wreath is to cover all angles! Keep moving and spraying the wreath from different angles to make sure to get the best coverage.

This sounds difficult because there's so much depth to a berry wreath but it really isn't. Spray paint can reach all those difficult spots, just keep moving. Spray from the right, the left, the top, the bottom. Then move around the wreath and repeat until you don't see any of the original color (or very little).

Once I had what looked like really good coverage on the top of my wreath, I let it dry for about an hour, then flipped it over and did the backside.

Finally, I hung the wreath up outside so I could walk around it from eye level and hit any spots that I missed.

I brought the spray painted wreath into the house overnight so it could dry properly in the air conditioning.

I didn't bother with a top coat sealant, primarily because I didn't have any on hand. But I think a glossy coat of sealer would look nice and I'll probably do that in the future.

For now, I hung the wreath on the vintage door that I moved into our sunroom. I love variety and moving furniture is an inexpensive way to get a whole new look in a space. Once the paint has cured I'll move the wreath to my front door and plan to decorate it with some Americana decor (coming soon!).

I love how unique this berry wreath looks now. It looks like it's covered in blueberries!

close up

blue berry wreath hung on vintage door


Spray painting a berry wreath is such a simple way to give it a completely fresh look!

Before you throw that wreath out, ask yourself, "Can I spray paint this?" What do you have to lose?

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blue berry wreath hung on vintage door in sunroom
Have you ever spray painted a berry wreath? I'd love to hear about it! Need more DIY wreath ideas? Click here to see all my wreaths.

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  1. Cindy, that is just beautiful and looks awesome on that door. I do a lot of repurposing but would never have thought of doing this.

    Denise TX

  2. Great idea! I seriously thought it was a wreath already made in blue. Pinned

  3. You are so clever, Cindy! I never would have thought to spray paint a berry wreath like yours to give it a new look. I love the blue and it looks great on your door. It's also going to be the perfect base for a patriotic wreath to enjoy this summer.

    1. Thanks Paula, I figured I'd try it and see what happened!! And yes, I've already added some patriotic decor to it ❤💙

  4. This looks just like the wild blueberries we have here!! So stinkin' cute!!!

  5. What a simple and creative way to make a fresh new wreath for Spring and Summer. Thanks for all your tips and tricks, Cindy. I can't wait to try this soon. Have a great weekend.

  6. What a great idea! I love how it turned out and great color! Wonderful hoping with you and I hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Hi Cindy, I don't currently have a berry wreath, however I will no longer look at them the same, spray paint is just a game changer isn't it! I LOVE your pretty blue wreath, excellent idea! xo

  8. What a genius idea! And I love that pretty blue color <3 So happy to be part of this super fun blog hop with you!

  9. Great way to fix those styrofoam balls, Cindy! This is going to look great with your patriotic decor, and will be adorable with yellow lemon decor, too!

    1. Thanks Lora, it definitely suits my home decor better and I love that I can use it year round!

  10. Cindy - you are so smart! We never would have thought to spray paint a wreath like this. And you know that we love the color blue. Now we will be on the hunt to find a berry wreath that we can makeover. Just beautiful!

  11. I never would have thought to do this, Cindy! You are so clever and it turned out beautifully. What a wonderful way to repurpose decor.

  12. Girlfran, you've done it again. This is such a fun that leaves me thinking, "why didn't I think of this?". Loving the blue. xoxo

    1. Aww thanks Kristi, I wasn't sure it would work because I'd never seen it done before but I think it was successful!

  13. I am in love with this! The blue color is outstanding!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Cindy,
    l love how this turned out and I'd have never thought to paint a wreath like that. I'd love to share a link to your post on my Sunday Dirt road Advetures if that's ok. It will link directly back to your tutorial. Thanks for so much inspiration. Rachel - The Ponds Farmhouse


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