13 Creative DIY Pumpkin Ideas for Fall Decorating

Here are 13 affordable pumpkin crafts to make for Fall. From sweater pumpkins to upcycled dollar store pumpkins and DIY pillows, each of these DIY pumpkins is thrifty and will add huge style to your Fall decor!

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Some of my favorite memories of living up north include taking our young kids to the pumpkin patch in the Fall. Whether it was a school trip or we went as a family, it was always so fun to walk among the pumpkins and watch the kids faces light up as they spotted "their" pumpkin!

Our boys always picked the biggest, lumpiest one they could find while Abby looked for the tiniest, cutest pumpkin.

I love bringing the pumpkin patch to my home for Fall. Here in Texas we don't get real pumpkins until late in the season, so I have found ways to craft a wide variety of pumpkins that are all budget-friendly and so cute! I hope you find a pumpkin or two to make today!

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13 creative pumpkins to craft

I have made a lot of DIY pumpkins in the past few years! Pumpkins from sweaters and t-shirts, wood pumpkins, whitewashed pumpkins, white waxed pumpkins, I've upcycled dollar store foam pumpkins and made pumpkin pillows. Keep reading to get links to all my DIY pumpkins in one place!

1. How to make pumpkins from sweater sleeves

Before you toss that sweater (or even long sleeved tee), why not craft up a bunch of sweater sleeve pumpkins? You can make 3-4 pumpkins per sleeve, depending on the size of the sweater or shirt and I'll show you how to make cute bendy stems! CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

2.  White-waxed Dollar Store Pumpkins

Sometimes the store-bought pumpkins have colors that are a little garish. Let me show you how easy it is to quickly (like 5 minutes!) soften the color with white wax. It's easy and transforms the pumpkins beautifully!  CLICK HERE for this brand new tutorial!

3. Create Heirloom Pumpkins from the Dollar Store

I don't know why stores continue to sell ugly faux pumpkins! Most of us avoid them but let me show you how to easily transform them with just a little bit of chalk paint and furniture wax! You won't believe the difference. CLICK HERE for the tutorial. And in case you're wondering why the beach theme - it's because we had just moved to TX from TN. While we were house-hunting, we stayed in a beach house for a couple of months, so Fall was spent at the beach that year! You can find the beach glass pumpkin tutorial here.

4. Copper Painted Pumpkins Video Tutorial

Copper has been a hot trend for a few years now. It's such a classic with a rich color that works perfectly for fall. You can paint real pumpkins with copper paint and enjoy them for the season, or paint faux pumpkins and enjoy them for years to come, the choice is up to you! CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

5. Wood Porch Pumpkins from 2x4s

You don't need to be a builder to make these large wood porch pumpkins! You'll need a saw to cut the 2x4s to size but the rest is basic supplies. These oversized wood pumpkins are so charming on a front porch or use them on your hearth! CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

6. DIY Drop Cloth Pumpkins Video Tutorial

I love to craft and DIY with canvas drop cloth because it's inexpensive, a nice weight and give that French farmhouse look to my home decor with its nubby texture. I've used it for DIY curtains, ruffled table runner, no-sew napkins, pillow covers and more! These DIY pumpkins are easy to make and embellish however you choose. CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

7. How to Make a Cheetah Print Pumpkin Pillow with Pom Poms

While that title is a bit of a mouthful, this adorable pom pom pillow is simply perfect! I love to display it not only for Fall decorating, but year-round! I just flip the pillow around so the pumpkin is on the back and I can use this pillow anytime because those jumbo pom poms are too cute to hide away! CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

8. How to Make Thrifty Antiqued Pumpkins

Here is another dollar store Fall DIY that transforms those garish foam pumpkins into beautiful home decor with just a little paint. I added vinyl words to mine but that is totally optional. Sticks are plentiful this time of year and make cute pumpkin stems. CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

9. No-Sew Temporary Houndstooth Pumpkin Pillow

Just like it's stated, this DIY fall pillow is no-sew and no-commitment! The houndstooth pumpkin design is easily removable so you can use the pillow all year. Because some of us have waaaaaay too many pillows 😉 CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

10. Upcycle an Outdoor Pumpkin Yard Sign

Sun and rain and wind all take a toll on our outdoor decor, even seasonal decor that's displayed for just a short period. I'm sharing a quick and easy upcycle on my pumpkin yard decor. The update brightened and refreshed my tired looking ourdoor pumpkins and I'm so glad I didn't toss them in the trash! CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

11. How to Whitewash Pumpkins

This project is similar to the white wax tutorial in number 6 above. However, instead of using wax, I'm showing you how to use paint to soften the colors of your pumpkins to give them more of a vintage, heirloom look and feel. CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

12.  The easiest DIY sweater pumpkins

So I showed you how to make DIY pumpkins using sweater sleeves. This is the post that shows you how to make gorgeous big, soft, fluffy pumpkins with the rest of that sweater! I included a bonus tutorial with a t-shirt pumpkin that you need to see, it's so darn cute!  CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

13. How to Paint Pumpkin Pillows

Here's a fun idea - paint your own pumpkin pillows using craft acrylics. It may look difficult, but it's actually super easy! My tutorial walks you through it, step by step! CLICK HERE for the tutorial.

I hope you found a pumpkin project that you love and are excited about DIYing your own fall decor this year! To see all my FALL PROJECTS, click here. There's DIY Fall signs and fall decor ideas, fall mantles and bedrooms, fall home tours and fall wreaths!

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  1. All super cute ideas. I need to get to the thrift store and find some sweaters. I've always wanted to make one like this but can't do it with the weird colored sweaters in my closet. Pinned!

    1. Thank you! I'll be sharing another pumpkin DIY soon that looks like a cozy sweater but is made from yarn!


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