2x4 Wood Porch Pumpkins

Thursday, August 15, 2019

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These easy to make, large-scale 2x4 wood pumpkins will add beautiful presence to your porch this Fall! Read on and I'll show you how to make them!
DIY 2x4 pumpkins

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Um, I did a thing! Nope, we are NOT having fall temps here...in fact the heat index has been in the 100's, so this was not a fun project to do outdoors! However, I needed a project for At Home DIY and the theme for this month is PROJECTS MADE WITH 2x4s. I decided my front porch needed a pair of large 2x4 wood pumpkins!

I have a bit of a love affair with DIY pumpkins and I've made my fair share over the years! There's my thrifty antiqued pumpkins, my white-washed pumpkins, my adorable sweater sleeve pumpkins, and the dollar store pumpkins that I painted.

I can't forget about the time I painted my own pumpkin pillows, or turned wood slices into super cute pumpkins, or the shabby pink chenille pumpkins I made. But to date, I have never made any pumpkins from 2x4s!

I wanted something larger scale to put on my front porch this fall. Who can't use cute decor for their front porch, right? I went online and found lots of reclaimed wood pumpkin ideas to inspire me. My wood pumpkins are far from perfect, but I love their quirks and uniqueness. And they make my porch happy so there's that! 😃


*always wear proper protection when working with power tools!


This project is not an exact science! There are no exact measurements included. But that's what makes this DIY 2x4 pumpkin project so much fun! You can't really mess this up! These 2x4 pumpkins will be beautiful even with quirks!

I can tell you that my finished pumpkins measure 17.5" wide x 21" tall and 21" wide x 30" tall; that's including the bases and stems.


I started by laying my 2x4s out side by side and lightly tracing a pumpkin-ish shape onto them. Can you see the pencil marks in the picture below?

mark a pumpkin shape onto wood

I say "pumpkin-ish" because this was my first time attempting to cut a shape out of wood. 2x4s are thick (2 inches thick), and I wasn't sure how the jigsaw would cut through that, so I decided to make the cuts with our chop saw. Obviously chop saws don't cut rounded edges...hahaha. Read on and I'll show you how I achieved that.


Here are the 2 rough-looking pumpkin-ish shapes that I cut. To make it easiest, I adjusted my cut line based on the cut of the first piece. The pumpkin pieces are not attached at this point, simply cut out!

cut out pumpkin

Cut rough pumpkin shape from 2x4s


Don't skip this step! Sanding is where the magic happens! You get to soften and smooth all the rough edges and splintery things, and you can even round the edges somewhat.

Here's what I mean. Can you tell the difference between the first two boards and the last one?

sand and round edges smooth

I used a brand new piece of 80 grit sandpaper to make this job quick and easy!

80 grit sandpaper on a palm sander


Once both my pumpkins had their edges nicely smoothed and shaped, I brought them inside (thank God for air conditioning!) to glue them together!

If you have clamps, you are a lucky girl! I discovered we don't have any large clamps, but Mr DIY is a handy dandy hubby and he used rachet straps to hold the pumpkins together while the glue dried. By the way, this glue is a rock star! It is good for indoors and outdoors use, and it holds strong and dries very quickly! In 30 minutes I was moving my pumpkins!

glue pieces together and strap or clamp together


The best part of making your own home decor is that you have full say as far as design and color! I knew I wanted my 2x4 pumpkins to have a layered, worn look, so I experimented with stain and paint. These are some of the items I considered using.

stain and paint choices

In the end, I went with a dark stain as a base coat, followed by dry brushing chalk paint over the top. Stain needs time to dry, so I had to wait until the next day to finish these.

dark stain on pumpkin cut out

The stain looked amazing, but I really wanted a layered look, so I kept going. I used quite a bit of white paint on the smaller of the two wood pumpkins, distressing the edges with my sander once I was happy with the look.

chalk paint layer over stain

Here's a close up at the large pumpkin. You can see that I left more brown, and I added a little mint green paint. A cheap chip brush with stiff bristles will help you achieve that cross hatch look.

close up of stain and chalk paint layers


Initially I planned on using branch pieces for my stems. I picked some from the backyard and even went so far as to cut them to size, but I wasn't loving how they looked.

I grabbed a small piece of scrap wood and hand drew some simple stem shapes and then Mr DIY cut them out with our jig saw. This was better!

cut out a stem shape

Although the pumpkins stand up on their own, I wanted to give them a sturdy base so they'd stay upright in a strong wind. I simply cut some of the remaining 2x4 boards into pieces and they got a coat of dark stain, along with the stems. Once the stain dried, I glued all my pieces together.

apply stain and let dry

And just like that, we have beautiful large 2x4 porch pumpkins!

large 2x4 wood pumpkins

large scale DIY 2x4 pumpkins for fall porch

I love the large scale of these pumpkins, they add such presence to the porch! Best of all, they cost less than $10 each to make! How's that for a thrifty DIY project?

DIY 2x4 pumpkins

I am so happy to be finished with these wood pumpkins! I have no plans for any more outdoor projects until our heat wave subsides!!!

2x4 pumpkin with stain and paint

2x4 wood pumpkin

Do they look pumpkin-ey enough? I'd love to know what you think of my 2x4 porch pumpkins! As always, if you choose to make one of my projects, please tag me on social media (@diybeautify), and share your finished project with me!


how to make pumpkins from 2x4s

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bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. I love this project and I would love to make these for my porch. These pumpkins make me want to decorate for fall very soon.

    1. Hope you try this project Sherry! And fingers crossed the weather cools down soon!!

  2. Cindy these pumpkins are great! I love that you made them each a bit different. So many ways to paint them and add embellishments here or there if you want.

    1. Thank you, yes they'd be so easy to personalize for your style!

  3. I really LOVE the pumpkins!! They look wonderful on your porch!

  4. WOW, I can't believe glue held those together! Your hubby was so creative with his use of ratchet straps... I finally had to break down and go buy a large clamp. Your pumpkins turned out so cute, I love how you cut them a organically so they're not perfectly symmetrical.

    1. Thanks Betsy, they really turned out even better than I was hoping! And yes, that glue is the bomb!!! 😉

  5. Love the pumpkins! Think I will try them but leave them stained and paint jack o lantern faces on them :}. I am a Halloween freak,lol! Thanks for the know how! And yayyyy for you taking a long desrved break!!!! The pics are amazzzinggg!!!

    1. You are so sweet Sandra! Your ideas sound great, make sure to send me a pic of your finished Jack o lanterns! xx

  6. Cindy I don't see my first comment so forgive me if I end up commenting twice here, but I love your 2x4 project! I don't have any outdoor fall decor anymore since my kids got older and I love this one - definitely have to make these! So fun and cute!

    1. Thanks Lisa, I was in the same boat! I can see these lasting many years!

  7. Ooooh Cindy, these are gorgeous!! I can't believe it was your first time cutting. They look absolutely stunning :)

  8. Absolutely stunning... I can't wait to try it this weekend.

    Many thanks for sharing!

  9. These are so cute! Great idea!


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