Blush Pink Painted Mason Jar

Today I'm sharing how to turn a humble mason jar into sweet decor simply by painting it and adding a few embellishments!

Valentines vignette

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Hey there Monday! And Hi friend! I hope you're ready for another simple, quick and inexpensive project!! I've been sharing a ton of new Valentines Day DIYs all month long, and I'm almost ready to wrap it up! My farmhouse friendly Valentines projects have incorporated blush, black and neutrals, and now I have Valentines decor that I love and will be excited to pull out next year!

Today I'm sharing a simple project, it's almost too simple to require a tutorial! But, I'm sharing one anyway, for those of you who like details and need the step by step!

Blush Pink Painted Mason Jars

A couple years ago I painted some larger mason jars with a buffalo check pattern in black and white. I LOVE these jars, use them all over my home, and apparently YOU love them too because they consistently receive high views and Pins!

black and pink Valentines decor

I wanted to create a little Valentines vignette with these jars on my painted TV cabinet, but I needed a third jar to finish it off.

Rather than paint another buffalo check jar I decided to paint one with blush pink because it's such a sweet contrast with the black! Not only that, but blush pink will transition very nicely into my Spring decor!

Here's what you'll need to paint your own mason jar and embellish it for Valentines Day!



How to Paint a Mason Jar

Prep Jar

First things first! Make sure you wash your jar in hot, soapy water and let it thoroughly dry. I love to use jars that have elevated words on one side because I think they distress the nicest!

Mix Paint

If you have a blush pink paint that you love, that's awesome! I have a ton of paints but nothing was quite the right color, so I mixed my own! I used primarily this white chalk paint as my base. Then I added a little of this peach chalk paint and a little of this pink acrylic paint and mixed it all together until I had the color I was after! I like to use a disposable bowl and spoon for the mixing.

*Designer Tip: Don't be afraid to mix your own custom colors! Your paint will still act like chalk paint even if it has a small amount of acrylic paint mixed in!!

Paint Jar

The easiest way to paint a mason jar is to stick your left hand inside the jar while painting with your right (or reverse if you're a leftie!). This keeps the jar from moving around. Keep in mind you'll need to add at least 2 coats of paint to cover the jar completely, avoid brush strokes, and achieve that nice matte finish that we love with chalk paint! But let each coat dry completely before starting on the next, or you'll just pull paint off!

paint jar

Distress Jar

Once your paint is dry and you're happy with the coverage, use a small piece of sand paper (or a sanding sponge) and rub all over the mason jar, removing any little lumps and smoothing out the paint. Where the letters are, press a little harder to remove some of the paint from this section. This will add some nice distressing, and also make the letters more visible!

farmhouse Valentines vignette

Add embellishments

Finally, add some cotton or jute twine around the lip of the jar and tie a knot. I also added a faux stained wood heart which I hot glued in place. You can read about this easy (and fast!) technique in this post where I added stained hearts to beaded napkin rings.

painted mason jars

It's amazing how much that little heart adds to the farmhouse feel of this painted mason jar! Even with nothing in them, they are adorable! I normally add cotton stems or farmhouse greenery, but left them empty just for the simplicity! 

Every time I go to the thrift store, I pick up mason jars for cheap because I know I can turn them into the cutest decor for my home!

farmhouse living room with Valentines decor in blush and black

neutral Valentines decor

Pin for later

painted mason jar for Valentines decor
I'd love to know if I inspired you to paint a mason jar for Valentines Day! Let me know if the comments how you plan to use it!

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