How to Make an Inexpensive Eucalyptus Heart Shaped Wreath

I'm sharing an easy tutorial for turning a wire hanger and $9 of faux eucalyptus stems into a darling wreath that's bursting with farmhouse charm!
sunroom with cottage decor
Updated 02/2023

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Who else loves a thrifty home decor project? I made this sweet DIY heart shaped eucalyptus wreath for less than $10 and am so excited to share it with you today! It was so affordable to make and requires just a few basic supplies.

It's also February's installment of Thrifty Style Team. We are a group of thrifty loving bloggers who bring you new ideas each month! Thanks to Julie from Redhead Can Decorate for leading this group and keeping us on track each month You'll find links to all our projects at the end of my wreath tutorial.

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We love wreaths here in the DIY Beautify household (you can SEE all our DIY wreaths HERE) and have made a LOT of them over the years but this was my first attempt at making a heart shaped wreath.

Update: Click HERE to see my tattered fabric and lace heart shaped DIY wreath 

How to Make a Heart Shaped Eucalyptus Wreath

Do you remember wire hangers? I think most of us have 'graduated' to padded or felt hangers, but I still had a couple wire hangers left in my closet, and that's what I used as a base for this wreath.

wire hanger


*Please note that if you purchase eucalyptus or other greenery stems elsewhere, you want to get the longer stems as in the link above; otherwise you may need to purchase additional pieces

** You could also use a eucalyptus garland to make this wreath even easier! Get some inspiration from my Valentines coffee bar and how I created a heart shape from garland

faux eucalyptus stems

That's it! The only thing I purchased was the eucalyptus stems, and they were only $3 each. So this heart wreath cost a whopping $9!! 😃

Make the wreath base

Okay, I'm not gonna lie...I had a hard time untwisting my hanger and creating a heart shape out of it! In fact, I almost left it until Mr DIY got home from work, but in the end I pushed through and won the battle of the hanger! If you have really sensitive hands, please wear gloves for this step.

turning a coat hanger into a heart shape

I don't have a lot of pictures of this step because I was hard at work! But basically I used the pliers to untwist the hanger at the top and pulled that straight (you can see that piece indicated by the arrow above). Then I created an inverted tear drop (rounded on the top and pointed at the bottom).

I used craft wire to adhere the two ends of the wire together at the base (they are overlapping).

Next, I created a heart shape at the top by bending the wire in the middle. It's not perfect, but that's not going to matter, I promise!

bend into heart shape

If you can find an inexpensive wire heart shape, then I say go for it! It will definitely save you in frustration and sore hands! Or use the craft wire that I linked to in the supplies, it's bendable but still sturdy enough to hold its shape even with the greenery attached.

Lay out greenery

Now that I finally have my hanger bent into a heart shape, it's time to 'test' the greenery. Because the eucalyptus stems are wired, I was able to bend them to mimic the bend in the hanger. Before attaching anything, I did a dry run to make sure I liked how it looked, and to make sure I had enough greenery.

add eucalyptus

Wire greenery onto base

I started by attaching the greenery at the top of the heart where it dips in the middle. The end of the eucalyptus stem looked good here and I used craft wire wrapped around the hanger base a few times to adhere it.

wire eucalyptus to hanger

Every 6-8 inches I wrapped another piece of craft wire around both the stem and the hanger to keep them secure, working my way around the wreath to the base, overlapping the next piece of eucalyptus over the stem from the previous piece.

twist wire to secure

Once I finished the right side, I moved on to the left and did the same thing. Once my heart wreath was all secured, I had one small piece of eucalyptus left.

wrap eucalyptus around entire base

I pulled the leaves off and hot glued them to any spots where the wire was visible on my wreath.

hot glue leftover leaves to hide wire

And that's it! $9 to a really sweet eucalyptus wreath!

DIY eucalyptus heart wreath

This DIY wreath is darling for Valentines Day, but it's also great for anytime. I don't consider it seasonal, because it's got great farmhouse style! It's currently hanging on the white cottage dresser in our sunroom.

Update: click here to see the tiny heart garland I made for this eucalyptus wreath!

heart wreath on cottage dresser

close up of eucalyptus heart wreath

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eucalyptus heart shaped wreath on white cottage dresser

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  1. This is adorable, Cindy, and I agree that it is perfect to display in any season.

    1. Thanks Paula, it took a little figuring out and sore fingers but I love it!

  2. Love this so much! I've been on the hunt for decent faux eucalyptus and that Walmart stuff doesn't look too bad! It looks like it's out of stock here in Canada though, so boo. Thanks so much for the wreath inspiration! You may see one of these on my front door soon. :)

    1. Thank you Courtenay, hope you find the eucalyptus! Check Michaels too!!

  3. This is so pretty and perfect for Valentine's Day! <3

  4. That turned out so pretty. I love it. Simple, elegant, perfect for any spot in the house.

  5. This is such a cute wreath. I've never made a heart shaped one either but might have to try it for next year. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  6. What a pretty way to decorate for Spring! A great price, too. Thanks Cindy. I hope you had a wonderful trip.


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