The Easiest Buffalo Check Christmas Sign

A super easy way to make a buffalo check sign with heat transfer vinyl onto a canvas. You are going to love this sweet farmhouse Christmas sign!

painted buffalo check sign

It is beginning to look a lot like Santa's workshop had an accident with his loaded sleigh over here! 😄

Total Christmas chaos! 

We're decking the halls and putting up trees and swapping out rugs...and I've sent Mr DIY out on errands to get more lights and groceries and some supplies for our Christmas front porch which I'll be sharing in a couple weeks!

You can click here to see last year's Christmas home tour. There were lots of fun projects but I'm switching things around this year and can't wait to show you everything!!

I'm pushing it to try to get all the Christmas decor up lickety split because we're leaving town for Thanksgiving. We haven't seen Mr DIY's family in North Carolina in well over a year.

While we were making our travel plans, I had a request to fulfill - something that's been on my bucket list for years...visiting Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC while it's decorated for the holidays.

Have you been?

If you have, I need all your tips! I've already purchased our tickets and cannot wait! So we'll get to do Biltmore and then drive a few hours to be with family. I'm so happy I could literally cry! This whole year has been so crazy and it's separated families like nothing else!

Canvas Sign Ideas for Christmas

I know you like to craft and make pretty things for your home...but you don't like to spend a lot of money. We're a lot alike my friend!

That's why I've come up with several ideas for transforming a plain old canvas into Christmas decor and signs! They're each unique and they're oh so inexpensive!

Today I'm sharing the first canvas sign I made. 

How to Make a Buffalo Plaid Christmas Sign with Heat Transfer Vinyl

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There are lots of ways to paint buffalo plaid. You can just freehand it like I did with my buffalo check painted mason jars. Or you can use tape to create your pattern.

Or, you can go the easy route like I did and use a pre-made stencil! This Kraft stencil was great because everything is marked off for you, and it comes with two different sizes. I'll include the supplies list at the end of my project.

To start off, I cut the canvas from the wood frame at the back with a craft knife. I separated the canvas from the frame, flipped the frame over and removed the staples from each corner. Note: you don't need to remove the staples from the back of the frame!

how to deconstruct a canvas

Here's the fun thing you may not know about canvases. The backside is a really great linen-looking fabric! Perfect for farmhouse decor and signs. So that is the side that I painted my buffalo check pattern onto.

pounce paint onto stencil

I lined up the stencil and lightly loaded my foam dauber with red paint and then pounced it onto the stencil. You want to avoid too much paint or the stencil won't have clean lines. 

Is it perfect? No!

But that's what makes farmhouse decor so's a little rustic looking!

Here's how it looked once I was finished. I set the canvas aside to dry while I worked on my heat transfer design.

buffalo check painted canvas

If you're new to heat transfer vinyl, it's a special vinyl that you iron onto fabric. I already had this Old St Nick Candy Company design, and I sized it to fit my canvas and then cut it out. 

Once my buffalo check canvas was completely dry, I used my Cricut Easy Press to iron on the HTV design to the canvas. Right over the buffalo check! Just a note about iron-on won't have success using a regular iron, believe me, I've tried! It looks like it works, but the design starts to peel off and certainly doesn't last through a washing cycle. The Easy Press is the bomb...seriously one of my favorite tools that makes crafting so much easier! Click here to see all my favorite DIY tools.

adding HTV design onto canvas with Easy Press

I asked for the Easy Press two Christmases ago, and have used it so much since then! I've made t-shirts with HTV and DIY kitchen towels and lots of home decor and gifts. I recommend also getting the heating pad, it provides the perfect heat-proof surface to iron onto.

After pressing my design, I let it cool for a minute or two and then gently peeled off the clear plastic. That's it! It was so easy to attach the HTV (heat transfer vinyl) to the canvas!

peel off plastic

To reattach the canvas to the frame, you can hot glue it or staple it to the back of the frame. I left the frame in its original natural look because I wanted to add a row of split wood beads along the edge. I simply hot glued the wood beads evenly around the frame.

The split beads are just half circles which makes them so easy to glue onto projects like this pizza pan wreath I made last month.

glue wood beads around edge

My buffalo check Christmas sign turned out SO cute! Are you ready to see the whole thing?

farmhouse Christmas vignette

Christmas vignette with buffalo check sign

Isn't it adorable? I admit I had a moment when I wondered if I should have ironed the design onto a piece of plain drop cloth so it would be more visible. But, if I'd done that then less of the buffalo check pattern would have shown.

Now I just have to decide if I should hang it up or give it away as a gift! 

This farmhouse Christmas sign was so inexpensive because I purchased a value pack of 7 canvases so it worked out to only $2 per canvas. Not too bad right?

Like I said I'll be sharing several more ideas for creating amazing Christmas signs using a canvas in the upcoming days and weeks as we head toward that magical time of the year!


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buffalo check sign with HTV on canvas

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