Christmas Tree Hack When Your Stand is Broken

Here is a simple way to support a Christmas tree even if the stand is broken! This easy trick will save your tree from the landfill and save you money!


Christmas tree stand before and after fixing

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It happens. Trees fall over. 

And tree stands break.

Maybe it was an arm wrestle that got out of control, or your cat knocked your tree over. I would actually love to hear about it! Drop a comment below and tell me how your Christmas tree stand broke! If I get enough responses, I may actually do a contest and a giveaway!

Save a broken Christmas tree with this easy hack

Whatever caused the stand to break, there's no reason to take your tree to the curb just yet.

Try this simple hack to save your tree and your wallet!

Just click to watch the video below and I'll show you how I salvaged this curbside tree that had a broken stand. Then come back here and read my helpful tips below before you try this at home!

Read these tips before you try this hack at home

1. This is a great save for a smaller, lightweight tree. Just make sure you use enough bricks (or weights) so the bottom is supported and the tree doesn't tip over.

2. You also want to make sure you have at least 2-3 bricks stacked on top of one another. The tree trunk should sit comfortably inside the holes of the bricks but still touching the bottom of your basket.

3. If your tree is larger than 4 feet, I would suggest doing the following instead of my hack:

  • purchase a bucket, pvc pipe that is slightly larger in diameter than your tree's trunk, and a bag of quickset concrete
  • cut the pvc pipe to fit the bottom of your tree's trunk up to 3 or 4 inches below the first set of branches
  • mix up the concrete and set the pvc pipe in the middle of the bucket
  • have someone hold the pipe while you pour the concrete into the bucket, around the pipe
  • once it sets, place bucket into a larger, decorative basket or vessel and then place the tree's trunk into the pvc pipe for support
  • it's okay if the pipe extends a couple inches above the rim of the bucket, it will be hidden inside the decorative basket

Please let me know if you found this tree hack helpful! I'd love to know if I helped you save your Christmas tree!

You can see the tree I saved in the video, styled for the holidays in my vintage inspired Christmas sitting room. The gorgeous tree in my dining room was also a curbside find (and save), and I also rescued this small flocked tree that I found at Goodwill years and years ago. It was also suffering from a broken tree stand, You can see that little tree on my current Christmas porch!

I shared another Christmas tree save on my FB page today. If your light-colored tree has discolored in the attic, don't throw it out! Try this easy $12 solution instead!

I'm a firm believer in trying to come up with clever solutions to "fix" decor problems and doing everything possible before throwing an item in the garbage! I hope I've inspired you today!

And don't forget to leave a comment telling me how your Christmas tree stand broke 😉

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  1. I have been using the brick idea for years even with tree stands that are NOT broken! I just take them off so that I can put my trees outside in plant pots to flank my French doors in my driveway!
    I have also rescued just tree tops and use them on the top of cupboards to provide greenery behind my decorations!

  2. Mine came that way. LOL. Got it marked down due to broken leg.

    1. That's a great way to get a discounted tree! How did you stand it up?


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