9 Creative Ways to Use Baskets in Home Decor

Whether thrifted or store bought, baskets can be incorporated into your home decor and be both functional and decorative! Here are 9 creative ideas for decorating with baskets.

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It's Pinterest Challenge again! A group of bloggers give our own spin to an inspiration image. This week's challenge is to decorate with a summer basket or bucket. Thanks to Cindy of County Road 407 for hosting this fun challenge each month!

If you're coming from Our Southern Home, welcome! I always love seeing Christy's ideas and DIYs and her summer picnic basket vignette is so pretty!


Here is the inspiration image from Anderson and Grant. Jamie transformed a broken picnic basket with paint. You can read more details about Jamie's basket makeover by clicking here. I love her tip for using wax to make it easy to get a chippy look. I used this same technique when I made my chippy spindles.

Rather than simply recreating this look, I decided to take it a step further and demonstrate 9 creative ways that you can use baskets in home decor.

I have lost count of all the baskets that I have in my home! I literally use them for everything! The majority of my baskets are either thrifted or were found for deep discounts at HomeGoods, Target, Marshalls, etc.

There are countless ways to use baskets around your home, I'm sure you can come up with even more ideas. These are just a few ways to use them creatively that maybe you haven't thought of.

9 Creative Uses for Baskets in Home Decor

1. Baskets on the kitchen counter

Kitchen counters have a way of getting messy really fast! I find I use many assorted vessels to corral like items together to manage the chaos. You can read all my tips for adding style and function to a small kitchen here.

When I wrote that post, I forgot all about this pretty basket with blue and white tiles that I received as a gift years ago. It was tucked away at the back of one of our island cabinets, which I recently cleaned out!

I chose to add this basket to the awkward space behind my corner sink because it matches the other vintage blue and white decor that I'm using to bring a little color and vibrancy to this corner. 

This basket is a great size for holding napkins but it works equally well to hold large fruits and/or veggies while they ripen.

A basket keeps round items from rolling around on your counter tops!

2. Show off glass jars

I have had this vintage chippy wire basket for years. The open sides makes it ideal for showing off my collection of vintage blue mason jars. I love to see the light reflect off the glass.

If you want to 'close the holes' up to make the basket more functional, you can use strips of fabric like I did with this open weave fabric basket trash can tutorial.

3. Decorate with picnic baskets

Picnic baskets are wonderful to hold pretty much anything! The lid can be closed to hide what's inside, or throw the lid open and display the basket on top of a hutch. Fill it with decorative objects for a charming look.

4. Fill a basket with vintage books

I love to collect vintage books, especially when they're in colors that match my home. This thrifted basket was just the right size to hold a small stack of books as well as some tiny thrifted dishes.

The book filled basket makes a charming display on a cane chair in my dining room.

5. Display a large plant/tree in a basket on the floor

My three fiddle leaf fig trees have grown so much since I rescued them. I recently repotted them, but the pot is unattractive so I'm using this large basket that I found at Ross. At Christmas, I repurpose these wicker baskets to hold my smaller Christmas trees

The wicker is perfect for my home's shabby cottage farmhouse style, and it's a much more attractive way to display my fig trees!

6. Corral pillows and throws

As I'm decorating my home for summer, I'm finding myself drawn to the colors of the US flag. Reds and blues are classic summer decor. I'll be sharing more ideas with you soon so make sure you're following along!

Using a large basket to corral a few throws, a pillow and some books makes a charming statement to any corner. Keep the decorative throw on top ( similar throw here) and pull a corner over the edge of the basket to show it off.

7. Baskets to hold snacks

Our vintage inspired daybed gets a lot of use, and this flat willow basket with handles is a great way to hold a snack.

I inserted a dinner plate so that the mason jar of iced tea and the snacks would have a solid surface to rest on.

The handles make it easy to move this tray basket when I'm finished snacking!

8. Thrifted basket to display ivy

I scored this basket recently at the thrift store. I just noticed that I forgot to clean off the sharpie price mark on the side even though that's not what I paid! I was thinking about painting this basket white, but now that it's displayed I really like the natural color with the green. What do you think?

A small handled basket like this is a great size to display a fresh plant like ivy. To keep the ivy from getting lost in the basket, I first placed a cereal bowl inside the basket and then set the ivy on top to elevate it.

To find out how I get my African violets to bloom almost continuously, click here.      

9. Baskets filled with vintage dishes

My love affair with vintage dishes is strong, especially blue and white dishes. I've collected quite a few, most of them thrifted.

When I was transitioning my dining room decor from blue and white to beachy colors of summer, I used this handled basket to hold all the dishes as I cleared the table. When I was done, I liked how it looked so much that I've left this basket filled with vintage dishes out as decor.

The farmhouse pew in our entryway is adjacent to the dining room, so having a basket of dishes out on display doesn't feel weird!

A stack of vintage dishes in a pretty basket is so charming!

My friend Paula at Sweet Pea is next on the list. Please stop by to see how she interpreted this fun challenge, and make sure to visit all the links below for more summer basket and bucket ideas from the Pinterest Challenge team!

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  1. HI Cindy, I love all of your ideas. I really like the basket idea for trees! Thank you for so much inspiration! laura

  2. You have so many great ideas for decorating with baskets, Cindy! I am inspired to add more baskets to my summer home decor.

    1. Thank you Paula, I love baskets for so many things!

  3. After seeing all your fabulous ideas I want to go shopping for more baskets. Love the two handle basket with the blue and white dishes! So pretty! Pinning!

    1. Thank you Michelle, I've found several at our local thrift store and like that they have an older, vintage look!

  4. Okay, this might sound insensitive but I promise, it's not! If you die before me, can you put me in your will for the basket with the vintage dishes? Don't forget the dishes. LOL! Seriously, love each and every idea. On another note, I have the ugliest backsplash in America. The builder put a large brown fruit basket tile right behind the stove top that is so not me. But you've given me hope. I'm going to find a large ceiling tile and lean it back there. Yay! Thanks so much for joining us. Pinned.

    1. Haha, Cindy this made me laugh!! So glad you liked my ideas and were inspired enough to want to be added to my will, LOL!

  5. So many wonderful ideas for using baskets in your home decor, Cindy! Love the way the pretty linens make the one basket look like it's weaved with the linens (or is that just my eyes?). LOL! Pinned!

    1. Thanks Julie, I actually did weave fabric through the baskets holes for that look! I ripped an old sheet into strips!

  6. Love all your great ideas, Cindy! But that handled wicker basket on the pew, stacked with blue and white dishes is beautiful!

  7. Cindy,
    I loved all your creative basket ideas. I really like all the blue dishes. I pinned for future reference. Great job. These are so fun to do together.

  8. Cindy I adore all of these inspiring ideas! The blue dishes are fabulous. Have a gorgeous day!

  9. Love your baskets, Cindy! The basket filled with blue dishes are my favorite, too. I use baskets and even a trunk-sized wicker basket to hold blankets, down comforters and extra pillows until needed again.

    Enjoy your pretty collection,
    Hugs and hugs,
    Barb :)

  10. All of your basket ideas are lovely, but if I have to pick a favorite I think it's the blue plates in the basket. Simply stunning and unexpected, too. Love it. Pinned!
    Niky @ The House on Silverado

  11. Cindy, I love every single one of your basket vignettes. Each one is unique, functional and practical. The blue tile basket is awesome. Lots of inspiration. Pinned!

  12. Cindy, So many great ideas with this month's challenge. I absolutely adore the basket with the blue and white china. It speaks to my obsession. LOL!

  13. I love all the ways you use baskets in your home! I especially like the one with the blue and white dishes! So beautiful!!


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