DIY Frosted and Crystallized Hearts

Give ordinary pipe cleaners a frosted look with DIY crystals using a common household ingredient! A fun and science-y DIY perfect for Valentines Day!

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I just can't help it 💗 It seems to be the month of heart crafts and I can't get enough! I don't normally post on a Saturday, so consider this a bonus Valentines day craft!

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Have you ever made crystal snowflakes using Borax and pipe cleaners? This project is the same but the crystals are added to sweet little hearts. I love the frosted look it gives them.

I was inspired to make these when I saw the hearts that Emily at My Weathered Home made.

It was a craft that I hadn't tried before and so I set aside a few minutes to make these fun frosted crystal hearts.

I wasn't planning to write a blog post so didn't take many process pictures along the way, however I did share a video in my Instagram highlights, and you can watch the video here. You can follow me on Instagram here.

I'm going to walk you through the steps, as well as some tips based on little issues that I had.

Easy DIY Crystal Hearts

One thing that I really love about these DIY hearts, is how the crystals toned down the color. They're a very soft red that is quite appealing to me.


Start by shaping the pipe cleaners into hearts. I cut my stems in half to make smaller hearts. Twist the tops together to secure.

Use another pipe cleaner to make a hanger simply by twisting one end very loosely around the top of a heart. Repeat for all hearts. Wrap the other end around a wooden skewer.

Add 3 Tbsp Borax to each mason jar, then pour 1 cup boiling water over top. Stir well until fully dissolved. Insert the hearts into the water, ensuring they're fully immersed. The skewer rests along the top. You may need to adjust the length of the hanger. You want the hearts fully submerged, but not resting on the bottom of the jar. See image below for reference.

Now you wait. I was expecting it to take 24 hours until the crystals had fully formed, however it didn't take that long. I think I removed the hearts after about 15 hours. It's fun to peek and see how the process is coming along.

A few tips about making crystal ornaments

  • make sure you don't make heart too big because it will be difficult (if not impossible) to remove it from the mason jar as it hardens
  • hearts should be fully submerged (crystals won't form on any parts that are sticking out of the water - I found this out the hard way!)
  • don't wrap the pipe cleaner hanger too tightly or you may not be able to remove it; I had to cut some because they grew their own crystals that were completely attached to the heart!
  • the Borax gets hard! I wasn't sure I'd be able to remove the excess from my jars, it formed a solid chunk at the bottom. Even scrubbing didn't remove. What I did was boil water and pour that in the jars, let them soak for a bit and then was able to loosen the Borax with a butter knife.

When you remove the crystal hearts, they'll need to dry before you craft with them. I just set mine on a double layer of paper towels for a couple hours.

I hung the hearts from my little Valentines tree that I made as a centerpiece for my casual Valentines breakfast table. But then I played around with the decor on my craft cubby that I display cups and ironstone on. I switched the blue transferware for pink, and decided to hang the crystal hearts as a little garland from the front. You can see all the details of my craft cubby turned kitchen collectibles display here.

I like this so much! The hearts add color to the cabinet and the garland looks so sweet. From a distance, the crystals make the chenille stem hearts almost look furry, lol!

This was such a fun project, I can't wait to try it again. Wouldn't green shamrocks look cute? What shape would you crystalize?

This little corner of our kitchen feels so happy and festive! If you don't decorate for Valentines day because you don't want to spend the money, I hope I've inspired you to see that you don't need to buy commercial decor, you can make your own!

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