Make a July 4th Ribbon Wreath With Just Two Supplies!

You'll just need ribbon and a wreath form to make this darling wreath for July 4th! Watch the video tutorial and be sure to read the extra tips included here.

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I love making seasonal wreaths, and here at our new MS home, my nine-foot door was in need of a brand new wreath! With July 4th just around the corner, I was inspired to make this ribbon wreath.

My girlfriend in TX just made a similar wreath and shared it with me. That's all it took for me to decide our new front door needed a patriotic wreath!

Watch the video tutorial HERE then read my tips below!

The supplies couldn't be simpler, but be sure to shop around because ribbon can get pricey, and you do need a fair amount! I found patriotic ribbon 70% online at Joann's, but when I drove to our local store to see if they had any, it wasn't on sale (and they wouldn't price match). So I went out to my car and ordered it online and picked it up later that day. If I paid full price for the 8 rolls of ribbon I purchased, it would have been over $50! By shopping the online sale, I paid right around $16, which as you can agree, is a huge savings!

Supplies for a ribbon wreath

*Note:  you'll need about 32 yards of 1-1/2" ribbon to fill a 14" wire wreath form

This was my first time making a ribbon wreath, and I wasn't sure which wreath form I would use. I cut my ribbon to 9" lengths, and found it wasn't going to work for the foam wreath form. You can see below how the same size ribbon looks different on each form. I would have needed to use longer strips of ribbon for the foam base, which is why I opted to use the wire form. Not only that, but the wire form is larger (with the ribbon on it measures about 16"), and looks better on my tall front door.
This is one of those wreaths that looks really easy (and it is), but it's helpful to watch someone actually make it. So I put together a video showing you exactly how I made this wreath, from the beginning to the end, and including tips along the way.

For instance, I chose to remove the wire from my ribbon because it was too difficult to tie it properly, but that is optional. Watch the video to see exactly how I did this.

How to make a ribbon wreath

A ribbon wreath is quite simple to make, once you cut all your fabric strips! Put on some tunes and have fun crafting.

You're simply tying the ribbon to the form, being sure to pull tightly and tie double knots. I cut my first batch of ribbon only 8" and struggled to tie a double knot, so just made a single knot but was sure to pull it as tight as possible.

Be sure to leave about 1/4 of the wreath to tie your blue ribbon.

Tip: I couldn't find enough red striped ribbon, so had to supplement with red gingham. It worked out perfectly, but be sure to watch the video as I explain how I made it work!

The finished wreath even looks beautiful from the backside!

And here she is hanging on my front door. So pretty and perfect for July 4th!

I hope you're inspired to make your own patriotic ribbon wreath this summer! Let me know if you do.

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  1. This is such a beautiful wreath! Thank you for the easy to follow instructions. This will be a keeper!

    1. Thanks Marci, I'm so happy you like it! Happy summer to you!

  2. Love how your porch looks! The wreath is lovely and I want to make one...hopefully before the 4th!!

    1. Thanks so much Cecilia, now's the perfect time to buy your ribbon on sale! Lmk if you make one!

  3. Cindy,
    this is just adorable. I love how festive it is.

  4. So cute! I was given a rotary cutter and mat for Christmas that I still haven’t used. I may buy some patriotic material and cut it into strips to make this wreath. Thanks for sharing this great DIY.

    1. Oh that would be so cute Melanie! Perfect use for the rotary cutter!

  5. I purchase 100 % cotton clothing, sheets, and pillow cases from the $1.00 rack at thrift stores. Launder everything once I get home.Then tear them into strips to make wreaths.


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