Easy Yarn Wrapped Patriotic Hearts Bowl Filler

Easy patriotic hearts made with styrofoam hearts, yarn and ribbon take just minutes to make. Use as cute bowl filler, table scatter or even an easy garland!

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These adorable yarn wrapped hearts are so easy and thrifty to make and they take just minutes and limited supplies!

Are you convinced yet lol?

This July 4th craft is brought to you by a new store I discovered in Memphis called pOpshelf. Have you heard of it?

Growing up in Canada, I'm familiar with pic-a-pop and that's what I thought this store was...until I went in! pOpshelf is like an amazing dollar store! Most items are under $5, and they have oodles of trendy home decor pieces as well as crafts, party supplies, cleaning products and even snacks! I found Mrs Meyers products there, as well as EPIC bars and our family's favorite meat sticks - Country Archer turkey rosemary.

I spent a happy hour strolling the aisles, filling my cart with goodies (until I remembered we had a moving truck filled with goodies on the way and lots and lots of boxes to unpack!) and I put most of it back.

When I hit the crafting aisle however, and saw the styrofoam hearts, this project was born! Hey, I had to buy something!!


How to make yarn wrapped hearts for July 4th

Of course, these hearts can work for any time of the year, but I especially like them right now because I'm decorating our new home for summer, and usually that means red, white and blue!

Step 1
Start by adding a small dab of hot glue to a heart, and attach the end of the yarn to the glue. Hold it in place for a few seconds.

Step 2
Next, just start wrapping the heart with yarn. Wrap until the entire heart is covered.

Work your way around the heart in one direction. The top sides of the heart can be a little tricky to cover completely, so use a dab of glue to help hold the yarn here and there but I don't advise too much glue (it tends to show!)

Tip: Make sure you're wrapping the yarn tightly so it doesn't slip off! 

You'll know you're finished when you cannot see any more of the white styrofoam. Add a small dab of hot glue to the back of the heart, place the yarn on it, hold it for a few seconds and then cut the yarn.

Embellish yarn wrapped hearts

You can leave the hearts as is, or wrap them with a little ribbon. I haven't unpacked my craft ribbon yet, but I did find a small remnant of blue gingham fabric.

I used my scissors to make an inch long snip at the end of my fabric, and then I ripped it all the way down to create a strip of  'ribbon'. Ripping fabric will give you a perfectly straight edge every time, and also allows the edges to fray nice and evenly! Plus it's Way easier than cutting!

You'll just need to remove the threads from the edges, very easy to do by running your hand down the fabric strip. And just like that you have fabric ribbon!

Wrap a strip of ribbon around a heart and tie a double knot. Snip the ends and you are finished!

Didn't these yarn hearts turn out cute? I added a single mini flag to one of the hearts.

I added them to a wall mounted cubby, decorated for July 4th. You might also enjoy seeing how I added Americana decor to my pine hutch. I hope you're following so you don't miss any posts!

So fun, and so easy!

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  1. What is a meat stick? LOL. Is that like jerky? Not sure I've had that. Love this DIY. You are so clever! pinned

    1. Thank you! Cindy, it's just like a pepperoni stick, only made with turkey! So, healthier (and really yummy with the rosemary!) Appreciate the Pin!

  2. Welcome to the Memphis area! I live in Germantown and be sure to try Sheffield's in Colllierville for all kinds of goodies, when you finish unpacking your truck goodies!

    1. Thank you Debbie! Ooh, we certainly will, sounds fun! Thanks for the tip!


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