Cut Your Family's Hair at Home

Save money at the salon by giving your daughter an easy, at home haircut! Follow my tips for the best results that you'll both love!
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Have you ever wondered if you could cut your kiddos hair at home?

I am by no means a hair stylist and haven't watch videos or had any training of any kind. The first time I cut anyone's hair was my older brother Tim's. We were both teenagers and he was complaining about his hair being too long but he didn't want to pay money to get it trimmed. I think I jokingly said, "I'll cut it for you", and from then on, it was my job LOL! He would sit on the edge of the tub, with his feet inside the tub, and I would cut from behind! That way, the majority of the hair fell into the tub and was easy to wash down the drain (I know, I know, the things we did as teens hahaha).

Tim's hair was relatively easy to cut because his hair had quite a lot of wave and was very thick, so it wasn't easy to mess up. Mistakes were disguised by all that hair!

Fast forward a few years and I was in college and dating Mr DIY. He needed a haircut, and I was feeling ever-so-confident because I'd cut my brother's hair several times by now so I offered to do it. Welp, it didn't go so well because his hair was much different than my brother's hair. No curl or wave whatsoever, so precision was crucial. To make a long story short, I ended up giving him a little bald spot on the side of his head and we had to call in an expert to fix it! Needless to say, I've never cut his hair again haha.

You CAN cut your kids' hair at home

I'm telling you these stories so you see that I'm just a mom trying to save some money. I'm not an expert, I've made lots of mistakes on my kid's hair, but I have learned a few things along the way and I'm here to tell you that ABSOLUTELY, YES! You can save so much money by giving your children haircuts at home!

A girl's long hair is the easiest of all to cut! We couldn't believe how long my daughter's hair had grown and she was begging for a fun, swingy, shorter haircut. This little peanut in these pictures is now a freshman in college, but I cut her hair all the way up through high school until the last year when she decided to go to a salon for some layers.

before and after at home haircut

I found that having the right tools makes all the difference when you want to cut your girl's long hair at home. Don't use the scissors you use for everything else, please don't do it!

If you invest in a couple of tools, you'll be able to cut your kid's hair whenever it's getting too long or shaggy, and from the comfort of your own home! You'll enjoy all the money you save over the years! 
 before and after girls long hair haircut at home
before and after boy's at home haircut

Here are the tools I recommend, you can buy everything on Amazon, and nothing is very expensive!

Home hair cutting recommended tools

* I recently discovered this spray and love it! It detangles in literally seconds and keeps the hair wet for longer, which is just what you want when you're trimming hair!

I love the money I save, no appointments or waiting in line, being able to cut my kids hair in the comfort of our home, and not having to get dressed up to take them out, haha!

This is an older post that I've updated for Home and Decor Encore. To read the full tutorial with my simple hair cutting tips, please click here Easy Tips for Cutting Long Hair at Home.

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