Fall Faux Terracotta Pot Wreath

Make a budget-friendly faux terracotta wreath using peat pots and dollar store supplies!

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I love a good wreath, especially one I can make myself for just a few bucks! When Mr DIY spotted peat pots on clearance at Home Depot, I knew just what I wanted to make with them! A faux terracotta pot wreath for Fall!

Terracotta pumpkins and wreaths have never been more popular! I have a couple versions of a terracotta pot wreath that I've made, like this one and this one with painted and aged white pots. And this year I upcycled some foam dollar store pumpkins into terracotta beauties, you can see them here.

My faux terracotta pot wreath didn't take long to make, I'm going to walk you through all the steps below!

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Fall crafting and DIYing is so much fun! I am usually very budget conscious with my seasonal crafts, that's why I'm able to make so many things for my home!

This faux terracotta flower pot wreath has been hanging outside on our back patio that we recently cleaned and decorated for the season - you can see  all the cosy fall vibes we added HERE.

How to Make a Faux Terracotta Pot Wreath

Right now is a great time to get many of these supplies! The box stores are clearing out their summer items to make room for Fall (and even Christmas!) so now's a great time to get a package of peat pots for just a buck or two! I'll link to as many products as I can on Amazon.

Supplies needed:

Let's make a faux terracotta flower pot wreath!

You can see these steps in picture form below the instructions.

Prep peat pots
The first step is to make a small hole in the bottom of each peat pot. I used a scrapbooking tool for this, but anything will work (try the end of a paper clip!)

Paint peat pots
Next, take the pots outside and spray them with the warm caramel spray paint. Try to paint the insides as well as the outsides. This spray paint does a fantastic job of adding warm terracotta color to the pots.

Wire pots to wreath form
Using craft wire, poke it through the hole you made and wire the peat pots, one at a time, to the wreath form. Don't pull too tightly on the wire or you can damage the pots.

Tip: try to vary the direction of the pots as you're attaching them to the wreath. This will give your finished wreath the most interest! If you have different sized pots, that is even better!
Now it's time to add the fall elements.

Decorate wreath
Hot glue clumps of moss to the wreath, between the pots as well as inside the edges of a few of the pots.

Glue fall leaf stems (I pulled off individual leaves from the bush), and mini pumpkins to the wreath.

I even added a few small pinecones at the last minute, as well as some wired berries. All the pieces look as though they're spilling out of the terracotta pots, even though they're actually glued in place!

Make bow
Make a burlap bow and wire it to the wreath wherever you think it looks best! Let me know in the comments below if you'd like a bow tutorial!

This wreath is quite easy to make, and you can go full on fall colors like I did, or I think neutral decorations would be just as beautiful!

I hope you make your own faux terracotta wreath! Send me a picture if you do!

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