How to Make Frosted Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornaments

See how easy it is to make DIY Christmas ornaments from foraged pinecones. These frosted pinecones will look beautiful hanging on your Christmas tree, complete with a velvet ribbon hanger.

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When we lived in Texas for 5-1/2 years, one of the things I missed the most was finding pinecones strewn on the ground. There just weren't many near the Gulf where we lived, and if I found some, they were tiny.

Since moving to north Mississippi this year, I've been relishing all the seasonal things, like changing leaves, cool crisp mornings, and foraging for pinecones on our daily walks!

I brought a couple sacks of pinecones home to craft with and left them in the garage until I knew just what I wanted to do with them.

Bleaching Pinecones

One of the things I've always wanted to do is bleach pinecones, and I followed these directions to bleach about a dozen of my foraged, free pine cones. I had them drying outside when we were hit with a couple weeks of below average temperatures. The pine cones closed up in the freezing, wet temps and I knew I'd have to do something to be able to craft with them.

Baking Pine Cones

I brought the pine cones inside the house, laid them out on a couple of cookie sheets and baked them in a 200° oven for several hours, until they completely opened back up again.

What this also did is effectively kill any bugs that were living in my pinecones!

Crafting with Pinecones

Once they were all dry and opened, I was ready to make some DIY pine cone ornaments. It was so easy to do, but I'll share the tutorial below for anyone who likes to have step by step directions.

How to make frosted pine cone ornaments

You can make pinecone ornaments with any pine cones that you can forage or buy. If they're foraged, I recommend following the baking steps above to kill any critters before using them for these DIY ornaments.


I used a mix of bleached and regular pinecones for my Christmas ornaments. I like the variety of colors and textures.

Step One: Create a hanger

The first thing you want to do is create a hanger for your pinecone ornament. I decided to use a variety of velvet ribbons that I had in my stash. I love the rustic elegant mix that the velvet adds to these pine cones.

Several of my pinecones had a divet in the bottom, so I first hot glued the velvet ribbon together at the ends, and then glued that piece into the divet. Holding it for a minute or two until the glue sets up is key to the ribbon staying in place.

Optional - you can tie an additional piece of velvet around the hanger or not, it's up to you.

Step Two - Add snow

There are several artificial snow products on the market, but I had some of this Snow-Tex on hand and wanted to try it. It creates dimensional and quite realistic looking snow. I carefully mixed the product with a craft stick, and then used that stick to gently tap the 'snow' onto the pine cones. I applied it to the top third of the pinecones, where the snow would naturally gather.

Step Three - Add glitter

To add a frosted look to the pinecones, I shook some glitter onto the Snow-Tex while it was still wet and then hung the pine cones up to with ornament hooks to completely dry. Make sure to have a paper towel under your surface to catch the excess glitter. You can simply return it to the jar for another use.

This really couldn't be easier! The frosted pine cone ornaments were ready to hang the next morning and I love the rustic elegant look they add to my Christmas tree!

The frosted snow sparkles in the glow of the twinkle lights and makes it look just magical!

Have you ever made frosted pinecone ornaments? Maybe, like me, this is the year.

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