Light and Bright Spring Decorating Ideas

Looking to add a light and bright feel to your home this Spring? I'm sharing several ideas to help you create an airy and Spring-ey vibe to your home, c'mon in!

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Welcome and Happy Spring! It's always fun to decorate for the seasons and I invite you to tour my living room and kitchen spaces today! I've added so many light and bright spring ideas and can't wait to share them with you!

I am joining some of my favorite blogging buddies this week to share our Best Spring Home Tours with you! This popular series, hosted by Kelly of The Tattered Pew, is a wonderful way for you to get spring decorating inspiration as you get the opportunity to step into our homes to see what we're doing! You'll find direct links to everyone's tour below. If you hopped over here from Lora at Lora Bloomquist, welcome! I always enjoy seeing how Lora decorates with her vintage finds.

I've been spring-ifying our home for the past few weeks and have already shared many decorating and crafting ideas with you, both here and on my Instagram feed. You can catch up the projects below:

Let's start in the living room, the first room you see when you walk in our front door.

Living Room Spring Decor

I hung a basket on the mirror right inside our entryway and filled it with my favorite faux tulips and daffodils. The mirror reflects the display and makes it look even more dramatic. It's a display we can enjoy from many rooms. 


I miss the huge brick fireplace and mantel we had in our Texas home (you can see how I decorated it for Spring last year here). The mantel was some major decorating real estate that I don't have in our current home. In fact, the TV is mounted right above our mantel so there is nowhere to decorate, which leads me to my first tip.

Spring Decorating Idea No. 1 - Free TV Art

One trick I use when I don't want to stare at that big black box is turning it into free TV art! This is easy to do with YouTube. Head to YT with your remote, then type in "vintage tv art". Several screens will come up with different designs that you can choose from! I found several spring designs with flowers. I am drawn to the vintage style ones but you can find more modern designs too! The designs rotate every few minutes, which protects your tv from having the image burned into the screen.

This is a great trick to use when you're having guests over. The art adds color and lightness to the otherwise big black hole!

Spring Decorating Idea No. 2 - Decorate the bookshelves

Because I'm extremely limited in what I can add to the mantel, I get creative with the white built in bookshelves. You don't see any books on the bookshelves do you? Haha, sometimes I add some, but I choose to use the shelves for decor! I find if it's styled well, it actually draws your eye away from the tv.


I added pieces from my vintage ironstone collection, keeping mostly to white. A little texture from a wicker basket and some soft spring colors keeps it from looking too sterile and draws the eye in to explore all the visual goodies! These bookshelves are full of stuff but feel light and airy because of the mostly white color.

Kitchen Spring Decor

The kitchen opens up from the living room, and my favorite area to decorate is my coffee bar. The kitchen didn't come with a coffee bar, in fact our counter space is quite limited! However, we added a an old white dresser to the breakfast nook. That brings me to my next tip.

Spring Decorating Idea No. 3 - Reimagine a Dresser as a Coffee (or Tea) Bar

This piece happened to be the perfect fit here, but think about where it started, in my in-laws' bedroom. Then I painted it white and we used it as a TV console for years. Now it's in a kitchen. Are you getting the idea? There are no rules with furniture! Use a piece where it makes sense to you in your current home. I don't paint every piece white, but love the brightness that lighter colored foundation pieces gives to a home!

To keep our home feeling light and bright, I gravitate towards light furniture. You should have seen this dresser before - it was dark wood, and so were the kitchen table and chairs. With a little bit of work, and white chalk paint, I created a mismatched set that works for us! If you're new to chalk paint, I've written several helpful articles. I'd suggest you get started here with Chalk Paint 101, an overview for beginners.

To create a coffee bar, I added my coffee maker to the top of the dresser. Supplies are in the drawers below. We hung a mug rack next to it, which is another favorite item to decorate seasonally. You can see the mug rack decorated for Christmas here, for Fall here and for summer here.


I added touches of spring to the coffee bar with rabbit mugs, a large rabbit from Hobby Lobby (that I painted so it would better match my decor), an egg basket filled with my faux ironstone eggs and some DIY rag eggs. The French rabbit hanging cost me just $5 to make, you can see the tutorial here. Millie, our Shih Tzu Poodle mix, likes to be the center of attention, at all times

Spring Decorating Idea No. 4 - Keep collections together

I've found many blue and white vintage dishes at the thrift store over the years. If you're looking to make a big impact in your home decor, keep your collections together.

The blue and white teacups, mugs and pitchers are displayed together on my black metal mug rack. See that little elephant creamer in the middle? It's my favorite piece because my mother-in-law has owned it since she was a little girl. It was made for her by a family member and has her name painted on the front! It's so special when we can decorate with pieces that are part of our history and hold memories.

Wall Cubby Spring Decor

Behind the table I've hung a craft cubby that I painted and repurposed years ago so I could display my small ironstone creamers better. For Spring this year, I decided to take it in a different direction and this leads me to my next tip.

Spring Decorating Idea No. 5 - Decorate with gardening supplies

You might not have thought of using terracotta flower pots or other gardening items indoors as Spring decorations, but they're perfect! Not only are terracotta pieces very popular right now, but they're affordable and easy to find as people across the country are starting seedlings and planning their gardens. 

I have several pots that I painted and aged, and love pairing them with real terracotta for great contrast. I found the stacks of mini seedling cups last year but they're out of stock everywhere! So, per my DIY style, I'm in the process of coming up with a way to make them, keep an eye out for that project!


Whether you have a cubby or not, decorating with flower pots and gardening items (think beautiful seed packages) can be done anywhere! Create a little vignette in a tray or down the center of your table. Tuck moss into the pots, stack the pots, use vintage floral frogs if you have them! I downsized and printed out some sweet floral images from The Graphics Fairy to add to my display. 

I hope my Spring decorating ideas didn't overwhelm you, but inspired you to create some special spaces in your home! Next up on the tour is Suzy of Worthing Court and she's sharing ideas to decorate with greenery. Below are links to all the tours, I hope you enjoy visiting!

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  1. Cindy! Your home is gorgeous for Spring!! I especially like what you did with the wall cubby!!! It gave me ideas for a little cubby that we have!!! Happy Spring!! XoXo

  2. Cindy! Your home is gorgeous for Spring!! I especially like what you did with the wall cubby!!! It gave me ideas for a little cubby that we have!!! Happy Spring!! XoXo Aliya

  3. You're so lucky to have shelves next to the mantel, and what a beautiful display you created for spring! I'm admiring your cup rack display too. Love the mix of bunny mugs, with your blue and white cups and creamers. How cute to add a rolling pin too!

    1. Thank you Michelle, the mug rack gets changed out seasonally, I just can't help myself ;)

  4. What great tips for keeping things light and bright, Cindy! Your home looks just lovely. I love the way you've displayed your blue and white cups and the story behind the sweet elephant pitcher.

  5. Cindy, Your tour is lovely. That basket with tulips caught my attention immediately. So fun doing these together.

  6. Cindy, I love that you have the shelves next to the fireplace. As much as I love the light come in through our windows, I would much rather have shelving on each side of my fireplace. I found with an open concept home, space for displaying items are limited. Your home is beautiful. I love the quilts on top of the vintage dresser.

  7. Cindy your new home looks beautiful! I especially love your ironstone collection displayed in the bookshelf and the wall shelf garden pot display - pinning!! And I've also recently discovered the TV art on YouTube. Isn't it great?

    1. Thank you Kate! Yes, the TV art is a game changer!

  8. Hi Cindy! It's a pleasure to visit your charming home. I especially love your pretty door basket and mug rack--pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  9. You have really put your touch on this house since you moved in last year! Looks great Cindy.

  10. Your tour is pretty and the basket filled with the tulips grabbed my attention immediately. Pinned

  11. The light/bright colors make everything look so open and welcoming! Your home looks gorgeous and I love how you decorated for Spring. Pinned!!

  12. The light/bright colors make everything look so open and welcoming! Your home looks gorgeous and I love how you decorated for Spring. Pinned!!

  13. Thanks so much for the YouTube art idea!

  14. Love seeing how you've turned this new house into a home with your amazing DIY and decorating skills. The crisp blue and whites look so fresh for Spring. Great idea to turn the dresser into a coffee bar; I love using furniture in different ways than what they were intended for. Dog right in the middle of it all; that's my life, too!

  15. Your home is so pretty for spring Cindy. The hanging basket with tulips is gorgeous! I love how you've styled your shelving next to your fireplace. Every detail is so beautiful my friend. Happy Spring!

  16. I had to go and read the story of the dresser. It looks great in your eating area! I would never have guessed it was anything other than a buffet side table. Great job on all of your spring decor.

    1. Thanks so much Melanie! Paint can truly transform anything!

  17. Your home is so lovely, my friend. I love your style. It was so fun hopping with you this week. Happy Spring!

  18. Cindy I love your spring decor! I saw so many pretty vignettes and I love all of your vintage flower frogs. I collect those too and so I am always looking for ways to display and style them. Beautiful tour, thanks for joining me this week!

  19. Your new home has come together so beautifully, Cindy! You have such an edited touch to your decor, and it's perfect! Pinned!

  20. Your home is spring perfection, Cindy. Everything is so beautiful. My favorite is that gorgeous door basket with the tulips! Happy to be hopping with you. Pinned!


  21. Cindy, your spring home tour is lovely! You have such a talent for styling everything so beautifully! There is so much inspiration in each picture. I am so happy to be sharing with you this week. Happy Spring, my friend!

  22. Your home is an inspiration, as you have so many little areas with beautiful things but it doesn't appear cluttered. I have a large basement room were just completing and need ideas. Love your style.

  23. Hello There! Your light and bright spring decorating ideas are an absolute breath of fresh air! The combination of soft pastels, vibrant pops of colour, and botanical elements creates a truly captivating and inspiring atmosphere. Thank you for sharing such remarkable DIY inspiration!

  24. I absolutely LOVE decorating my house, especially seasonal decorating makes my heart get warmer! I love bright color palette you used here. By the way, my favourite time of the year is spring – it is the time when you feel like your life started again an it is time for RENOVATION hahaha. Mentally it is also so, so I love adding some brighter shades to keep myself away from winters grayness. I always buy flowers, too. You can like literally feel the smell of spring that is coming to the town and that is so sweet! I loved what you did at your house, thank you for sharing!


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