French Rabbit DIY Wood Hanging Sign

How to make a vintage French chippy rabbit sign from a $5 store-bought wood rabbit cutout.

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Don't you just love the Target Dollar Spot? You never know what you might find and when I spotted this wood rabbit for just $5, I grabbed it! 

Unfortunately I can't find a link for this exact wood rabbit but if you're unable to find it in your Target Dollar Spot, you can buy this one, also from Target. It's quite a bit larger but would still be great for this Spring DIY project, and it's only $20!

I say "spring" but really, I'm seeing rabbits in home decor all year 'round, and I think this French-i-fied rabbit would look cute anywhere, any time! 😉

It wasn't until I got home that I realized my little wood rabbit board was labeled as a "rabbit charcuterie board". Well, I had other plans for it!

How to make a French rabbit DIY sign

The steps are really quite simple, and if you're a crafter and have supplies, you probably won't even need to purchase anything additional!


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Step 1 - Wax and paint rabbit

I knew that I wanted my sign to be chippy, so I followed the easy steps I shared here Chippy White Spindles in Minutes.

Because this rabbit board already has a stained base, that saved me a step! I waxed it by rubbing a white candle across the top and edges. This allows the paint in the next step to be scraped off, resulting in an authentically chippy look!

I painted the board with two coats of chalk paint, allowing the first coat to dry before repainting. Then I scraped it with a razor blade to create the chippy look; don't forget the edges!

Step 2 - Create and cut design

While the paint was drying, I moved onto creating my design. I love my Silhouette machine and use it for everything (best investment ever!). I thought long and hard about what to say. I wanted to keep it simple and in the end decided on "the little white rabbit". In French it sounds so much better, "le petit lapin blanc". Everything sounds better in French, right? Did you know I grew up taking French in school in Canada?

One thing I love about creating your own designs with the Silhouette is customizing the exact size that you need for your specific project! After flipping the text, I cut it out onto HTV.

Now I realize that not everyone has a Silhouette or Cricut. Don't let that stop you from creating a similar sign! Look for vintage style French stencils that you can use with basic black acrylic craft paint. Here's one with several designs that might work.

Why heat transfer vinyl?

HTV is normally used for fabric projects, but I love it for wood DIYs as well! The HTV will give your projects crisp edges, and is especially favorable with thin lines. The easy method of ironing it on ensures that the entire design transfers without much effort.

I used HTV on my Man in the Moon signs and it worked so well, I decided to use it again for this French rabbit sign! Of course, if you don't have HTV, feel free to use regular matte black vinyl.

Step 3 - Iron design onto rabbit sign

I have a Cricut Easy Press, which heats to the exact temperature you set. I used an pressing cloth between my sign and the iron and pressed the iron into the board in 15 second intervals.

You want to allow it to lightly cool and then test an edge to see if the design is staying put or peeling off the backing. Look at all that chippy white goodness up close! Don't you love it?

Is it safe to iron on wood?

Yes! We're not holding the heat onto the board for more than a few seconds, so it's totally safe, even using on a painted surface.

Just be sure the chalk paint is totally dry before ironing the HTV design onto the surface.

Step 4 - Make holes for hanging

The last step before hanging up this chippy French rabbit sign is to make holes for hanging. I marked where I wanted the holes and Mr DIY used a drill with a tiny bit to make holes for me. 

We used small threaded eye screws and screwed them into the holes and then I tied on a long piece of jute cord because I like the rustic look.

This chippy rabbit sign was simple to make and it looks so cute hanging on the antique arch window above my coffee bar in the kitchen.

It felt like too much white on white, so I hung a greenery wreath on the window, with the rabbit hanging on top of it.

Isn't this the cutest thing? A French rabbit wood sign for just $5! I'm seriously in love with it.

You can take a tour of my Spring coffee bar, kitchen and living room here.

And if you're looking for more ideas for using this chippy paint technique, here are a few projects you might like to try.

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  1. I love your little French rabbit! So cute and such a great DIY! I wanted to go see your spring coffee bar and kitchen but the link didn’t work.

    1. Thanks so much Melanie, the link will be active on Friday! Hope you stop back 😉

  2. Perfection, I love this project, I love how you finished it.


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