5-Minute Lavender Lemon Sugar Scrub Gift Idea

A great gift idea, this sugar scrub has dried lavender and lemon as well as essential oils, and takes just minutes to make.
 dried lavender buds, glass jars filled with lavender lemon sugar scrub

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If you're like me, you're always looking for affordable gift ideas. Whether it's for a friend's birthday, Mother's Day or teacher appreciation, handmade gifts are a great way to let someone know you appreciate them.

This sugar scrub could not be simpler to make! It's made with easy to find, real ingredients and it smells divine! And it's so much better than store-bought scrubs, because you know exactly what is in it, no harmful chemicals or nasty toxic ingredients!

I'm sharing the simple recipe to make lavender lemon sugar scrub, as well as a free printable label for subscribers, so if you choose to gift jars of this scrub, they look just as amazing as store-bought ones, dare I say even better!

Ingredients for sugar scrub

  • 3 cups white sugar
  • 3/4 cup coconut oil
  • 2-3 Tbsp dried lavender flowers
  • 1-2 Tbsp dried lemon rind
  • 35 drops lavender essential oil (adjust to your preference)
  • 6 oz glass jars with hinged lids (I found this set of four at Big Lots, but here are a couple of options from Amazon, a 4-pack of 3 oz jars and set of 12 7 oz jars)
The above recipe makes enough for 4 6-oz jars. Recipe can be halved, doubled or even tripled as needed.

sugar scrub ingredients

A couple of quick notes about the ingredients

If you have lavender in your yard, you can absolutely use the flowers! Keep in mind they will take several days to dry after harvesting. The best time to harvest lavender is when the flowers are bright purple, that way their oil is preserved and they smell the strongest!

Lemon rind
I zested two large lemons, spread the zest out onto a paper towel and let it dry. It took about 2 days.

fresh and dried lemon zest, lavender buds

Essential oils
Feel free to use your favorite brand, there is no need for the oil to be food-grade as it won't be ingested. You could add lemon oil to this scrub as well! I actually meant to and then completely forgot!

Coconut oil
The coconut oil needs to be either melted, or close to. Take the lid off the jar and heat it in microwave until it can be poured. If you are making this for the holidays during colder weather and your coconut oil is solid, the best thing to purchase is fractionated coconut oil. The difference is that FCO has been processed to separate out certain fatty acids, so it stays liquid at room temperature, no matter what temperature!


Mix sugar and warm coconut oil until blended. Add in essential oil(s), lavender flowers and lemon rind. Carefully fill jars.
mixing sugar scrub
So easy, it literally takes just minutes to mix this sugar scrub!

jars filled with sugar scrub, lavender, lemon

Decorative labels

If you will be gifting jars of this sugar scrub, I recommend making pretty labels for them, it makes them look so professional! If you're a subscriber to DIY Beautify, you'll be able to find the free lavender sugar scrub labels in my Resource Library. If you're not a subscriber, you can sign up here! That way you'll never miss another great DIY post.

I designed the label to fit onto a 2" round label and I'm using white thermal labels and the mini thermal printer from Munbyn. I'll be sharing more about this printer and how you can use it to make beautiful decor for your home in a few days! I want to show you how to get a couple different looks with the round label.

You may not own the printer I'm using, but you can still create these labels using round label sticker paper like this.

Labels with color

The first label is enhanced with a little color from purple and green markers. The lines on the lavender are small, so it was fast to just dab a little color here and there! Just that little bit goes a long way, and you can see what a difference this made!

sugar scrub label with colored lavender

labels, jars, spoons

I added the colored labels to the tops of the jars, along with a little wooden spoon (I found a package of 6 at Hobby Lobby), and wow they look great!

sugar scrub labels on tops of jars, mini wood spoon tied around jar

Natural labels

If you want to create more of a nature label, print it in black and white. Then simply give it a little coffee (or tea) stain! I mixed a little instant coffee with water and brushed it over my labels. These labels are waterproof, so there is no bleeding. If you're printing on an ink jet printer, you'll need to set the ink first. I like to stick my project in a folder in the freezer for a few days so the ink doesn't run when I apply something wet. If it's still not working for you, take it to a print store like Office Depot because they use laser printers.

coffee stain labels

I wanted to hang these labels from the jars, so once the coffee stain dried, I stuck the labels to a piece of stiff craft paper (like a cereal or cracker box), and cut out the label. Then I punched a hole and strung kitchen twine through and wrapped the label around the jars, along with the mini wood spoon.

labels tags, coffee stain

jar of sugar scrub with coffee stained label

I'd love to know which one you like best! 

This sugar scrub was inexpensive and so easy to make. It smells amazing and I can't wait to gift it (I have a few people in mind already who are going to receive a jar!).

lavender lemon sugar scrub jars with wood spoons

giftable sugar scrub jars

sugar scrub with lavender buds and lemon

What are the benefits of sugar scrub?

Sugar is a natural ingredient and a great exfoliator! You can even use it on your face because it's so mild. Use it in the shower or bath to gently remove dead skin cells, or keep a jar beside the sink to use on hands. The oils provide moisture to dry skin!

What is the difference between salt scrub and sugar scrub?

You could definitely make this recipe with salt instead of sugar. Sugar is less abrasive, so it's best for using on tender areas of the body. If you are wanting to soften tough skin on feet, a salt scrub is better. Salt scrubs also act as more of a detoxifier. With both scrubs, don't use on broken, sunburnt or super sensitive skin!

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