Decorating Spring Flowers in Baskets

Woven baskets add texture and interest to flower displays! Tips and ideas for using baskets to display flowers to add Spring color and charm to any space!
pine cabinet, white ironstone, hanging basket of flowers
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Hi friend! If you love baskets and flowers, I've got some great tips for you today because we're going to combine the two to create something beautiful! You don't need a green thumb or any special skills!

The title may say these ideas are for Spring flowers, but really you can use these tips any time of the year, and even use greenery rather than flowers! But, if you're looking for some beautiful and affordable faux Spring flowers (that I own and recommend), be sure to check out my Favorite Spring Blooms on my Amazon storefront.

Amazon Spring flowers

How to use faux flowers in baskets

I'm sharing these tips today for Pinterest Challenge, a once/month challenge when a group of blogging friends gets together to remake a Pinterest image/project. Cindy of County Road 407 comes up with our challenges, and this month it is a basket of Spring flowers. If you hopped over here from County Road 407, I'm sure you loved Cindy's idea for creating the perfect Mother's Day gift! Be sure to check out how the rest of the team interpreted this fun challenge. You'll find all the links at the end.

Pinterest Challenge logo

Pinterest Challenge Inspiration

Our inspiration this month comes from Karen at Sanctuary Home Decor. She shared tips for using real flowers in a hanging basket, and I'm positively drooling at her beautiful display! The basket of peonies on the floor is equally as charming! I think the wood beam with all the white and those pops of pink are what I love best!

white room, rustic beams, baskets of flowers

Making it my own

The purpose of the Pinterest Challenge isn't to completely replicate the inspiration idea, but to make it work in our homes and using what we have. Here are the items I'm taking away from this image and making my own:

  1. rustic wood element
  2. woven baskets
  3. pink and white flowers
  4. white accents

Man, I wish I had those rustic beams in our home, but I don't. However, using wood items can give a similar feel and my primitive pine cabinet is standing in for those beams. The warmth of the rustic wood adds a cozy feel to our diningroom.

pine cabinet, baskets of flowers, beige check curtains

I love filling this hutch with vintage white ironstone pieces that I've collected from thrift stores across the country! There is something so soothing about a white and wood color palette that I love!

pine cabinet, white ironstone, green bottles, hanging basket

Hanging basket tips

When I saw the inspiration pic, I laughed out loud because it bore a striking resemblance to the hanging basket of faux flowers I put together for my Spring home tour! I simply moved it from the mirror in our entry to one of the doors of my hutch.

Using faux flowers in a hanging basket is very easy but here are a few tips to make sure your flower basket looks as real and professional as possible:

  • Stuff the bottom of the basket with some plastic bags, foam peanuts or brown paper to fill it up a little. We don't want the flowers to get lost in the basket!
  • Add faux flowers in small bunches, separating colors or leaving them together depending on the look you want (I kept all my faux daffodils to the back of the basket, with the tulips in front)
  • Don't be afraid to bend the stems! Faux stems have a wire middle and are easy to bend. This adds a lot of realism rather that stems that are all stick straight! I made sure to bend some of the faux tulips so they look like they're spilling out of the basket. This also softens the edges of the basket for a more visually appealing look!
  • Fill the basket! You want a full look not a skimpy one. I used three bunches of faux flowers in this narrow hanging basket. It may seem like a big investment, but by purchasing nice faux blooms, I've been able to get many years out of them.
faux tulips spilling from hanging basket

The pink and white flowers I used, with just a touch of yellow, are perfect for Spring!

Floor basket tips

Let's talk about using a basket on the floor for flowers. It's fun to think outside the box! I recently purchased this woven dot trash can from Target for our guest bathroom because it was so cute! However, I felt it wasn't appreciated in the bathroom and decided to separate the plastic liner (which I left in the bathroom) and use the pretty woven basket to hold flowers!

You could repurpose any woven trash can in this way, and I'll bet you can think of other 'vessels' you could repurpose to hold flowers!

Other vessels for flowers:

  • vintage wood ice cream churn
  • old crock or pottery
  • metal pail
  • olive bucket

How to use a floor basket with flowers

This tip applies to both real and faux flowers. It's much easier to get flowers to stay together in a wide basket if you use a mason jar or other jar to hold the flower stems together. Simply center the jar inside the basket, arrange flowers in the jar and you're done! If you're using real flowers you can add water to the jar.

adding flowers to floor basket
Of course I had to take several pretty pictures and share them here with you! Keep reading for some FAQs about hanging items on cabinets and mirrors!

hanging basket of tulips and daffodils, ironstone tureen lids on wall

gauzy ruffled table runner

Spring dining room, pine cabinet, baskets of faux flowers, beige check curtains

If you are looking for more ideas for using baskets in home decor, be sure to check out these articles:



How do you hang a basket or wreath on a cabinet or mirror?

I love to use Command Strips hooks to hang things all over my home! If you watch this short video (back when I was 20 pounds lighter) 😒 you can see me demonstrate this tip! And you may get a few giggles as my son, behind the camera, makes me laugh!

How can you invisibly hang something on a cabinet front or mirror?

Follow the tip above but use clear fishing line to hang your item!

How can you hang a wreath or basket on a glass front door?

Use a long strip of coordinating ribbon around the top of the wreath or basket. Staple the ends to the top edge of the door. Use multiple staples to hold firmly. When you're ready to change out the wreath, firmly pull the ribbon off the door frame and remove any staples left behind.

I have used these tips for years and they've never failed me and I've never had something fall!

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basket of blooms hanging on front of hutch, ironstone dishes

Marty of A Stroll Thru Life is next and I love how she decorated her Spring door basket! You can click on any of the links below to see what everyone else is sharing ❤

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  1. Hi Cindy, Looks great! Love the basket! FYI.. the ads are popping like popcorn. It was hard to see the images on this post. xo laura

  2. Cindy, I love the idea of hanging the basket on the china cabinet door! It looks adorable. Plus, your dotted basket is beautiful! I will check it out on my next visit to Target! :-)

  3. So many great tips Cindy! Your arrangement is gorgeous.

  4. I love the idea of your hanging basket on the hutch, how clever and so pretty. The tulips really do look real. Great idea.

  5. I adore the fact that you hung your basket on the hutch, so sweet and the faox flowers sure look real.

  6. Cindy, This is all just so pretty! I love all of the details. The tablescape is gorgeous as well. Hugs to you.

  7. Great tips, Cindy. Love the basket on your hutch. It blends beautifully. Love the basket on the floor.


  8. Love how your basket looks on your cabinet! So charming! By the way excellent tips on arranging faux flowers. I always have such a hard time making them look realistic, so thank you!

  9. Both your baskets look so pretty, Cindy! Those tulips are beautiful!

  10. Excellent styling tips, Cindy! Love the beautiful combo of textures you've got here-white dishes, rustic wood, baskets and flowers. Your pics are stunning!

  11. I agree - there's just something so soothing about wood and white together. Your hutch is styled beautifully and both baskets are amazing. I need to go to Target now. Love the polka dots! You hit this out of the park my friend. Love it all. Thanks for joining in. pinned

  12. Wow, this blog post really ignited my creativity and made me excited to decorate my home with spring flowers in baskets! The author's tips on using faux flowers and adding rustic wood elements are genius. I especially loved the idea of repurposing a woven dot trash can for a floor basket. I can't wait to try these ideas and bring a fresh and charming atmosphere to my dining room!


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